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Are you looking for egg and chicken puns, jokes, and riddles?

Here we have the best chicken jokes to share with kids and adults to have a fun time.

However, it can be hard sometimes to think of a funny chicken pun that can go well with the mood or moment.

Therefore, we have made these amazing jokes, trivia, and memes on chicken to use today.

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Funny Chicken Puns | Jokes | Riddles

Here we have collected the best chicken riddles to play with kids or adults for a fun time.

Awesome Chicken Puns & Jokes

Why do chickens hate winter? 
“Because they always feel so cooped up!”

What do you get when you cross a chicken and a four-leaf clover? 
“The cluck of the Irish!”

Why is it easy for chicks to talk? 
“Because talk is cheep!”

What do you get when you cross a dog with a chicken? 
“A hen that lays pooched eggs!”

What do hens say on Halloween? 
“Chick or treat!”

Why did the chicken cross the playground? 
“Because she wanted to get to the other slide!”

What does a chicken need to lay an egg every day? 

Why don’t chickens have computers? 
“Because they aren’t very good with teggnology!”

Where are the most eggs hatched? 
“In Chick-ago!”

What do you call an excited chicken? 

What do you call a crazy chicken? 
“A cuckoo cluck!”

What do you get when a chicken lays on top of a barn? 
“An eggroll!”


Where is the best place to find out about chickens? 
“The hen-cyclopaedia”

What does a chicken wipe its beak with? 
“A henkerchief!”

How do baby hens dance? 
“From chick to chick!”

Where do tough chickens come from? 
“Hard-boiled eggs!”

Why did the chicken cross the beach? 
“To get to the other tide!”

What did the chicken do when the light turned green? 
“They egg-celerated!”

How do eggs run? 
“They scramble!”

Why did the chicken join a band? 
“Because he already had the drumsticks!”

What is a hen’s favorite type of movie? 
“A chick flick!”

What chicken is at the top of the pecking order? 
“Attila the hen!”

Why do chickens lay eggs? 
“Because if they dropped them, they’d break!”

Why did everyone hate the local chicken groomer? 
“Because he always ruffled everyone’s feathers!”

chicken families do

What do chicken families do on sunny afternoons? 
“They go on peck-nics!”

Is chicken soup good for your health? 
“Not if you’re the chicken!”

What happened to the chicken that misbehaved at school! 
“He was egg-spelled!”

What do you call a chicken in a shell suit? 
“An egg!”

Why does a chicken coop have two doors? 
“Because if it had four doors it would be a chicken sedan!”

What do you call the door to a chicken barn? 
“The hen-trance!”

What do chickens eat at birthday parties? 

What is an egg’s favorite Shakespeare poem? 
“Shell I compare thee to a summer’s day!”

How do chickens communicate? 
“With fowl language!”

What is a chicken’s favorite city? 
“New Yolk!”

Which side of the chicken has the most feathers? 
“The outside!”

What do you call a bird that’s too afraid to fly? 

egg shell

What kind of chicken lives by the sea? 
“An egg shell!”

What was the chicken racing driver’s favorite part of his car? 
“The eggs-elerator!”

Why did the chicken disappoint his mother? 
“Because he wasn’t all he was cracked up to be!”

What do chickens study at school? 

Why can’t you tease egg whites? 
“Because they can’t take a yolk!”

What did the chicken say when it laid a square egg? 

How do comedians like their eggs? 
“Funny side up!”

What happened to the chicken that found a four-leaf clover? 
“He had good cluck forever!”

What do you get if you feed fireworks to a chicken? 
“An eggsplosion!”

What is it called when the sky rains chickens and ducks? 
“Fowl weather!”

Why don’t chickens like people? 
“Because they beat eggs!”

Why did Mozart hate chickens? 
“All they ever say is Bach-Bach-Bach!”

egg puns

How many eggs can you eat on an empty stomach? 
“Just one, then your stomach won’t be empty!”

What do you get when you cross a chicken and a bell? 
“An alarm cluck!”

What do you get when you cross a chicken with a guitar? 
“A chicken that makes a sound when you pluck it!”

What do you get when you cross a chicken with a ghost? 
“A poultry-geist!”

What holy men do chickens fear the most? 

What do you call a chicken school test? 

What is a chicken’s favorite movie? 
“A Cluckwork Orange!”

What time do chickens have lunch? 
“At twelve o’cluck!”

Why did the baby chick cross the road? 
“Because it was take your child to work day!”

Why was the chicken always upset? 
“He had a n-egg-ative mindset!”

Why did the chicken cross the basketball court? 
“Because the referee kept calling fowl!”

Why did the chicken cross the internet? 
“To get to the other site!”

How do chickens bake cakes? 
“From scratch!”

What is Superman’s real identity? 
“Cluck Kent!”

Why does a rooster watch TV? 
“For hentertainment!”

Why did the rooster cross the road? 
“To cockadoodle dooo something!”

Unseen Word Rhymes & Miss Spelled Chicken Puns Ideas

If you looking for chicken puns that rhyme with chicken, or chicken-related egg words then these are perfect to use. Have a look and pick the suitable wordplay chicken joke and puns. Enjoy!

Chick a sickie

Chuck/Chick: “Chick a sickie,”

Trick/Chick: “Bag of chicks,”

Thick/Chick: “As chick as thieves,”

Comedian/Comedi-hen: “You’re a real comedi-hen” 

Fell/Fowl: “In one fowl swoop”

Fall/Fowl: “A fowling out,”

Vowel/Fowl: “The owl without a fowl.”

Joke/Yolk: “Inside yolk”

Poltergeist/Poultrygeist: “Peeves the poultrygeist.” 

Click/Cluck: “Cluck on that button” 

“The cluck is ticking”

Clock/Cluck: “The cluck is ticking”

Free*/Fry*: “Symbol of frydom” 

Fry/Fly: “Bigger fish to fly,”

Father/Feather: “The founding feathers”

Peek/Beak: “Beak-a-boo” 

Ring/Wing: “Alarm bells began to wing,” 

Next/Nest: “Better luck nest time”

Messed/Nest: “You done nest up.”

Flattery/Battery:  “Battery will get you nowhere”

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