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Best Whale Puns: Question & Answer

Here we have collected the best question answer whale puns that you can share with kids or friends to have a fun time. Also, these whale puns are perfect jokes to use for up jokes or whale humor. Have a look and pick the suitable puns for whale. Whale hope you like them! Enjoy!

octopus make the whale laugh

How did the octopus make the whale laugh?
“With ten-tickles!”

What did the dolphin say to the blue whale?
“Cheer up!”

Who helps injured whales?

What do polite whales say?
“You’re whale-come!”

What was the Orca’s favourite game show?
Whale of Fortune!”

What do you call a whale from Notre Dame?
“Humpback of Notre Dame!”

What do whales like to eat?
“Fish and ships!”

Why do whales like salt water?
“Pepper makes them sneeze!”

Where do whales sleep at bedtime?
“In water beds!”

What is a whale’s favourite film?
“The Humpback of Notre Dame.”

What time is it when a whale jumps into your boat?
“Time to get a new boat!”

What do you call a whale in nursery?
“A little squirt!”

What do whales need to stay healthy 
Vitamin Sea!

What do whales need to stay healthy?
“Vitamin Sea!”

Why was the whale so sad?
“It was a blue whale!”

What type of whales can fly?
“Pilot whales!”

Why did the killer whale go to jail for stealing all the treasure?
“Because he was the one who orca-strated the heist!”

How do whales make decisions?
“They flipper coin!”

Why did the whale call the detective?
“Because he saw something fishy going on!”

What do you get when you cross a cow with a whale?

What birthday party game do whales like to play?
“Salmon says!”

Why do whales sing?
“Because they can’t talk!”

Where does a killer whale go to get braces?
“The orca-dentist!”

How do you make fish laugh?
“By telling them a whale of a tale!”

Why aren’t whales afraid of pirates?
“They like being made to walk the plankton!”

What did the mummy whale do when her daughter stayed out too late?
“She flipped!”

If whales lived on land, which country would they live in?

What do whales like to chew?
“Blubber gum!”

What do whales listen to

What do whales listen to on long journeys?

What is a whale’s favourite band?

How do whales prepare for a party?
“They orca-nise it!”

What is a whales favourite sandwich?
“Krilled cheese!”

Why do killer whales find it hard to make friends?
“Because they’re too orc-ward!”

Why did the two whales get married?
“Because they were head over fins in love!”

Why don’t whales play basketball?
“Because they’re afraid of the net!”

Why did the whale cross the ocean?
“To get to the other tide!”

What did one whale say to another whale?
“Nothing, it just wailed!”

How do you get a whale off the beach?
With a whale-barrow!”

What do you call a whale with bad posture?
“A hunchback whale!”

What do humpback whales do during quarantine?
“Netflix and Krill!”

What did one beached whale say to the other beached whale?
“Long time no sea!”

Why was the Whale bank heist so successful?
“Because it was a whale orca-strated plan.”

How do you circumcise a whale?
“You send down four skin divers.”

What do you get if you cross a whale with an elephant

What do you get if you cross a whale with an elephant?
A submarine with a built-in snorkel.”

What did the dolphin say to the blue whale?
“Cheer up!”

Why did the whale cross the ocean?
“To get to the other tide.”

What’s an orca’s favorite TV show?
“Whale Of Fortune.”

What do polite whales always say?
“You’re whale-come.”

Have you ever seen a fish cry?
“No, but I’ve seen a whale blubber.”

What’s a whale’s favorite James Bond movie?
“A License To Krill.”

What’s a whale’s favorite meal?
“Fish and ships.”

What did one beached whale say to the other beached whale?
“Long time no sea.”

How do you find out how heavy a whale is?
“Take them to a whale-weigh station.”

What do whales do when they get angry?
“They blow up and then let off steam.”

How do you get two whales in a car?
“Start in England and drive west.”

What’s the difference between a marine biologist and a dog?
“One tags a whale, the other wags a tail.”

What’s a whale’s favorite movie?
“The Humpback Of Notre Dame.”

What do you call a group of whale musicians?
“An orca-stra.”

Funny One Liners Whale Puns And Whale Jokes For Instagram Captions

These are the best one line whale humor puns for Instagram captions to post funny pics or selfies with matching whale captions. Moreover, you can share these puns on the whale with friends and family over text or use them directly with them. Have a look and pick the matching whale puns for Instagram captions on a ocean puns, sperm whale puns, dolphin, etc.

We fin you’ll love these humorous & clever whale puns. Enjoy!

I whale always love you!

“I whale always love you!”

“Get whale soon!”

“Whale you be mine?”

“Can I tail you something?”

“I’m going in for the krill!”

“I whale if I want to!”

“If there is a whale there is a wave!”

“It’s all a bit over-whale-ming!”

“Sea you later.”

“If there’s a whale, there’s a way!”

“Whale hello there!”

“When whale I see you again?”

“Everything whale be right!”

“Whale be ok!”

“You’re whale come!”

“Oh Whale!”

“Whale done sir whale done”

“Whale hello there”

“Whale come”

“Whale of a time”

Yes I whale

“Yes I whale”

“Can I tail you something”

“Whale you not judge me”

“Thorca whale of thunder”

“Oh whale”

“Whale be okay”

“I whale always love you”

“I Whaley love you”

“Shave the whales”

“Get whale soon”

“The humpback of Notre Danm”

“Marilyn Monwhale”

“I’m going in for the krill”

“We’re going whale-ever the winds blow”

“Oh my god you krill me”

“Everything whale be alright”

“I whale if I want too”

“I Whaley appreciate your kriller personality”

“Whale you stop”


Whale you give me a tissue

“Whale you give me a tissue”

“And she whale be loved”

“If there is a whale there is a wave”

“Job whale done”

“Looks like this whale got plankton”

“I’m Whaley hungry”

“Whale you kiss me under the mistletoe”

“Whale aren’t you special”

“My love whale blow you away”

“Whale rested”

“Have a whale of a birthday”

“I’m Irish so whale don’t you kiss me”

“Whale this is awkward”

“When whale I see you again”

“Oh whale better next time”

“Whale cop license to krill”

“I know a whale joke its a real kriller”

“Whale you go out with me”

“I’m Whaley worried about you”

“Don’t be such a beach”

Did you sea what i did there

“Did you sea what i did there”

“I’m shore you did”

“Sea you later”

“What did the ocean say to the other ocean?”

“Nothing it just waved”

“I took it in tide”

“This is getting out of sand”

“Stop giving sea shell”

“That seems a little fishy”

“Go take a dive”

“Water are you thinking”

“I got a lot on my brine”

“I’m current-ly the best at puns”

“I was about to drown in puns”

“That won’t float”

“Don’t get crabby”

“Let’s be anemones”

“Don’t be shellfish”

“Don’t get tide down”

“It’s good to sea you”



“Tony shark”


“Tis the sea-son”

“Way to be dolphinsive about it”


“Are you squiding me?”

“Shut the shell up”

“Oh the hu-manatee”

“U are my otter half”

“Son of a beach”

“I warship you”

“I feel like we are drifting apart”

“Maybe we should sea otter people”

“I think you’r fintastic”

Unseen Word Rhymes & Miss Spelled Whale Puns Ideas

If you looking for whale puns that rhyme with whale, or whale-related words then these are perfect to use. Have a look and pick the suitable wordplay whale joke and puns. Enjoy!

“I hope you and your family are whale.”

Well/Whale: “I hope you and your family are whale.”

While/Whale: “It’s been a whale since we last saw each other.”

Welp/Whalep: “Whalep! It’s time for me to go now.”

Wail/Whale: “The poor man is whaling over his dead husband.”

We’ll/Whale: “Don’t call us, whale call you”

Now I’ll/Narwhal: “Narwal have to think of another one.”

Fuel/Fuwhale: “We’ve run out of fuwhale.”

Cruel/Cruwhale: “That’s a bit cruwhale.”

Whirl/Whale: “Start the engine and take it for a whale.”

Way I’ll/Whale: “There’s no whale come with you.”

Way all/Whale: “There’s no whale this food is free?!”

Renewal/Renewhale: “Membership renewhale fees are due in January.”

Twelve/Twhaleve: “Oh gosh, look at the time, it’s twhaleve o’clock, I got to go.”

“William Whaleace was a Scottish hero.”

Wallace/Whaleace: “William Whaleace was a Scottish hero.”

Walrus/Whalerus: “In what context would the pun ‘whalerus‘ be useful?”

Walnuts/Whalenuts: “When will we be able to harvest the whalenuts?”

Whilst/Whalest: “Quit whalest you’re ahead.”

Wallpaper/Whalepaper: “What pattern should I choose for my bedroom whalepaper?”

Waltz/Whaletz: “Here’s my partner, just in time for the whaletz.”

Wilderness/Whalederness: “There’s something relaxing about the whalederness.“

Purpose/Porpoise: “I didn’t do it on porpoise!”

Killer/Kriller: “And that’s when the kriller whale attacked me.”

Mum will/Mum’ll/Mammal: “I’m working late, so mammal pick you up tonight.”

While her/Whaler: “We quickly sneaked away whaler parents weren’t looking.”

Flip her/Flipper: “Don’t you dare flip her off! That’s rude!”

While I/Whaler: “See just watched whaler was taken away.”

Way all/Whale: “It’s strange the whale these people are dressed the same.”

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