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Are you looking for bean puns and bean related jokes?

Bean puns and jokes are a way of spicing up your coffee.

They add whimsy to your coffee and make people stop for another cup, no matter how long you’ve been there.

There are many different types of beans like baked beans, green beans, coffee beans, jelly beans, etc therefore there are plenty of bean jokes.

Here I have compiled the best bean jokes, riddles, and memes for you.

Begin with bean puns for Instagram or one liner bean jokes.

Have a look and pick the suitable puns on the bean for you today Enjoy!

Cute Bean Puns, Jokes & Riddles | Jelly | 2024

Here are the best bean puns riddles to share with kids or friends to have a fun time. Have a look and pick the suitable puns for the bean. Enjoy!

Bean Puns Jokes

What do you call a bean that was previously famous?
“A “has bean”.

What’s an alternate ending to the famous fairy tale?
“Jack and the beans talk.

What do you call a group of trendy beans?
“Cool beans.”

What did the bean say to its friend who returned from a holiday?
“You’ve bean gone! How have you bean?”

Do you think I’m funny?
“I’ve bean practicing jokes all day!

Cute Bean Riddles
Funny Runner Bean Caption

What do you call an athletic bean?
“A runner bean.

Ah, you like Star Trek?
“Well, bean me up, Scotty!”

What do you call some beans that’s been out in the sun?
“Baked beans.

What did Hamlet say?
“To bean or not to bean, that is the question.

What do you call a pea that works in the circus?
“A tra-peas artist.”

Funny Bean Jokes & Riddles
Funny Noisy Eaters Captions

Why do peas dislike noisy eaters?
“Because they want peas and quiet.

What do you call executive peas?

What did the cup say to the coffee?
“Where have you bean all my life?

What happens to coffee beans when they have a similar experience?
“Having a deja brew.”

What did the bean of coffee say to its wife?
“You are brew-ti-ful.”

Funny Baked Bean Jokes 2024

Baked Bean Jokes

“I decided to eat my baked beans through my nose. In Heinz sight, it was a terrible decision.”

Why do baked beans want to move to Queensland (Australia)?
“Because they all want to live in Cairns!”
(a city in Queensland Australia, for non aussies)

How can you tell the difference between a can of soup and a can of baked beans?
“Read the label.”

What did they call Muhammad Ali after he had baked beans?
“Gaseous Clay”

What do you get when you eat peanut butter and baked beans?
“A fart that sticks to the roof of your @SS”

“During my school days I was living on baked beans. A house would probably have been a smarter option.”

What do you call it when a car full of Mexicans catches fire?
“Baked beans”

How does a baked bean learn from its mistakes?
“It uses Heinz sight.”

What can u make with onions and baked beans?
“Tear gas”

What do you call a bunch of high Mexicans?
“Baked Beans”

What happens when you stick your hand in a jar of jelly beans?
“The black ones steal your watch.”

Best Bean Fart Jokes For Adults 2024

Bean Fart Jokes

How many beans are in Irish bean soup?
“Two-thirty-nine. One more and it’d be too farty.”

What is invisible and smells like bean?
“A bean fart.”

“Love is like a fart. If you have to force it, it’s probably crap.”

What’s the definition of a surprise?
“A fart with a lump in it.”

“Fart jokes are funny, But eye jokes are cornea.”

“Success is like a fart. It only bothers people when it’s not their own.”

“I didn’t fart…My butt likes you so much it blew a kiss.”

How would you biologically describe a fart?
“It is a kiss from the intestines.”

“My partner said he wanted to heat things up in bed. So I farted under the sheets.”

Funny Green Bean Jokes Riddles 2024

Green Bean Jokes

Why do green beans meditate?
“To find inner peas!”

Why did the green bean go to jail?
“He was disturbing the peas.”

What made the green bean turn red?
“It saw the salad dressing.”

What can’t hide in the garden?
“Seen beans.”

What green vegetable comes from Europe?
“Pole Beans.”

What role do green beans play in Thanksgiving dinner?
“The casse-role.”

What vegetable can tie your shoes?
“String beans.”

What vegetable comes from outer space?
“Green beings.”

What’s the best thing to put in green bean casserole?
“Your teeth.”

Why couldn’t the green bean play the violin?
“It was stringless.”

What appliance stressed out the green beans?
“The pressure cooker.”

Coffee Jokes & Puns That Will Surely Interesting 2024

Coffee Jokes

What’s the opposite of coffee?

What’s a coffee’s favorite spell?
“Espresso Patronum!”

What’s a barista’s favorite exercise at the gym?
“The French press.”

How is divorce like an Espresso?
“It’s expensive and bitter.”

What do gossiping pots do?
“Spill the beans.”

What is a bean’s favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving?

What did the coffee say to their date?
“Hey there, hot stuff!”

What’s a barista’s favorite morning mantra?
“Rise and grind!”

How does an IT guy drink coffee?
“He installs Java.”

How do cups greet each other?
“With mugs and kisses.”

What did the coffee say about its late assignment?
“Better latte than never!”

Why was the coffee-shop worker fired?
“He kept showing up in a Tea-shirt.”

Why did the coffee shop close for the day?
“Because a storm was brewing.”

Funny One Liner Bean Jokes | Dirty | Dad | 2024

These are the best jokes about beans to share funny pics or selfies caption puns with coffee beans, Chicago puns, or jelly bean jokes. Pick a suitable bean joke one liner for Instagram captions. Enjoy!

Funny One Liner Bean Jokes
I Like You A Lot Captions

I like you a latte.

“Before you go, I would like to send you a whole latte love.”

Coffee beans must have low self-esteem because they’re always being roasted.

“Sorry I’m latte!”

“I can’t espresso how much you mean to me.”

“No words can espresso how much you bean to me.”

“He loved bean around.”

“Eat beans not beings.”

“The favorite bean for a zombie is a human bean.”

“Its all beans????”

Funny Black Lives Matter Bean Joke
Funny Black Lives Matter Status

“Black Beans Matter”

“Pirates of the carib bean”

“Lettuce Pray.”

“Bean nice”

“Yellow beannana”

“I’ve bean thinking about you.”

“You and I are meant to bean.”

“I’m just looking for the beaning of life.”

“Always remember that you bean so much to me!”

“I’m happier than I’ve ever bean!”

You Are My Favorite Bean Joke
You Are My Favorite Bean Joke

“You are my favorite human bean.”

“Thanks for bean a good kid!”

“You have to go to school, bean there or bean square.”

“Mr. Beans just predicted the weather, and he says it’s going to be a bit chili.”

“You and I are meant to bean.”

“The religious bean is observing lent-il.”

“If you’ve pea’d on the floor, don’t worry. We’ve all bean there.”

“You can tell me a secret. I won’t spill the beans, I promise.”

“I think I put too many beans in my eyes. In Heinz sight, it was a poor decision.”

“You are soy beautiful!”

“If you throw legumes to the sky, they’re called air pods.”

“The pods took me out for drinks and we went to the “salad bar” instead of a pub.”

Punny Bean Jokes One Liners2024

If you looking for bean one liners jokes that rhyme with bean or bean-related wordplay jokes then these are perfect to be used. Pick the suitable bean jokes on coffee, fart, etc from below. Enjoy!

Punny Bean Jokes
Bin Jokes

Bin/Bean: “Bottom of the bean”

Been/Bean: “Bean and gone”

Bone/Bean: “A bean to pick”

Bun/Bean: “A bean in the oven”

Clean/Bean: “Bean up your act”

Seen/Bean: “Bean and not heard”

Rest/Roast: “Helps you work, roast and play”

Ghost/Roast: “Not the roast of a chance”

Post/Roast: “I’ll keep you roasted”

Toast/Roast: “The roast of the town.”

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