135 Beery Best Beer Puns Jokes That You Can Barley Stand 2024

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Here are beer puns and jokes dedicated to the people who are so addicted to beer as a social activity, that they will never stop talking about it.

It should be obvious that we have got an obsessed group of people who love beer as much as we do.

I would like to wish you “Continued Success” as you enjoy all the chuckles you see every day!

Therefore, below are handpicked one liner beer jokes and puns for Instagram, beer puns names, birthday beer puns, beer puns for dad, beer puns team names, and many more.

Pick suitable jokes, trivia, and puns on beer that you can use today.


Best Beer Puns Riddles | Mop

Here are some of the best riddles and trivia on beer to play with kids and friends to have a fun time.

beer and mop puns

A skeleton walks into a bar and orders?
A beer and a mop.

Why do they never serve beer at a math party?
“Because you can’t drink and derive.“

What did the bottle write on the postcard?
Wish you were beer!

What is the definition of a balanced diet?
“A beer in each hand.“

What’s the difference between Bud Light and having sex in a Kayak?
“They’re both f*cking close to water!“

Future Planning Beer Puns
Future Planning Beer Puns

How does a man show that he is planning for the future?
“He buys two cases of beer.“

What do you never say to a policeman?
“Sure let me grab my license. Can you hold my beer?”

What did the beer sing on the beach?
“Don’t worry. Be hoppy.”

How do you know if someone likes craft beer?
“Don’t worry they’ll tell you.“

Why doesn’t Jesus buy beer?

How is a casino like a woman?
“Liquor in the front, poker in the back!“

What does a ghost drink?

What is a man’s idea of a balanced diet?
“A Budweiser in each hand!“

What does a man consider a seven course meal?
“A hot dog and a six pack of beer.“

What is the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts?
“Beer nuts sell for a dollar ninety eight, deer nuts are just under a buck.“

Alcohol Dissolves Marriages, Families & Careers
Alcohol Dissolves Marriages, Families & Careers

Why is alcohol the perfect solvent?
“It dissolves marriages, families and careers.“

What’s the difference between an Irish wedding and an Irish funeral?
“One less drunk.“

Why do drunks like Christmas?
“Because it’s the most wonderful time of the beer.“

A skeleton walks into to order?
“He orders a beer and a mop.“

Why do they never serve beer at a math party?
“Because you can’t drink and derive.“

What does a drunk walrus have in common with a woman at a tupperware party?
“They’re both out looking for a tight seal.“

Why was a man assassinated?
“Because he asked the bartender for a shot.“

A neutron walks into a bar and asks, “how much for a beer?”
“The bartender replies, “For you? No charge!”

A Roman walks into a bar to say?
“He holds up two fingers and says “give me five beers.”

What shouldn’t you say to a policeman?
“I can’t reach my license unless you hold my beer.“

What’s the difference between men and pigs?
“Pigs don’t turn into men when they drink.“

What do men and beer have in common?
“They’re both empty from the neck up.“

What do you call a man running with a beer?
“Edward Forty-hands.“

How many men does it take to open a Budweiser bottle?
“None. the lady should already have it open on the table!“

What has eight arms and an IQ of 60?
“Four guys drinking Bud Light and watching a football game!“

What do Russians get when mixing Holy Water with Vodka?
“The Holy Spirit!“

Funny Beer Puns Suitable For Birthday | Instagram

These are the best one line beer puns for Instagram captions to post funny pics or selfies with matching beer jokes, beer captions.

Robot Beer Puns

“Hoptimus Prime“

“Black Hops“

“Java the Hop“

“Cure what ales you“


“Imperial stout trooper“


“Hell Or High Watermelon“

“Hopportunity Knocks“

“Just the TIPA (my personal favorites)“

“Hoptical Illusion“

“Men in Bock“

“Genghis Pecan“

“Boom Shakalager“

“Groundskeeper Spilly“

Beer Cap Puns

“Mama’s Little Yella Pils“

“For Those About to Bock“

“There Will Be Black (I DRINK IT UP)“


“Stop, Hop and Roll“

“Alphaphylactic Hop“

“Dry Humpkin“

“Hoppy Seconds“

“Yippie Rye Aye“

“Citra Ass Down!“

“Spruce Willis“

“You Will Fail Ale“

“Goser the Gosarian“

“Apocalypse Cow“

“Pandora’s Bock“

“Me, My Spelt, and Rye“

“Wet Hop American Summer“

Miss Spelled Beer Puns Ideas | Lager | Barley

If you looking for beer play on words that rhyme with beer or beer-related wordplay jokes then these are perfect to be used.

Lager Puns
Lager Puns

Larger/Lager: “Lager than life”.

You/Brew: “Brew can do it!”

Bro/Brew: “What’s up, brew?”

Déjà vu/Déjà brew: “I’m getting déjà brew.

Hope/Hop: “I have high hops.”

Vain/Vine: “I worked so hard but it was all in vine.”

Vein/Vine: “My vines are bulging.” and “In the same vine …”

Fine/Vine: “It’s a vine day for a beer.”

Stain/Stein: “There’s a stein on your shirt.”

Sign/Stein: “Give me a stein, lord!”

Sidle/Seidel: “I seideled up to her apologetically.”

Picture/Pitcher: “A pitcher is worth thousand words.”

Cling/Clink: “Clink on tight!”

Kink/Clink: “C’mon, be honest.”

Hang over/Hangover: As in “Mind if I hang over at your place this morning?”

Cheers Puns
Cheers Puns

Tears/Cheers: “Blood, sweat and cheers.”

Hug/Chug: “Let’s have a group chug.”

Tippy-toes/Tipsy-toes: “I snuck in on my tipsy-toes.”

Dear/Beer: “Oh beer me”

Ear/Beer: “Grin from beer to beer.”

Peer/Beer: “Beer pressure”

Pier/Beer: “Take a long walk off a short beer.”

Bear/Beer: “Grizzly beer”

Bare/Beer: “The beer necessities”

Buyer/Beer: “She’s a regular beer at our shop.”

Beard/Beerd: “Neck beerd”

Bruise/Booze: “A boozed ego”

Moult/Malt: “I started malting as I got older.”

Wiser/Weiser: “None the weiser”

Car owner/Corona: “All coronas must pay annual car registration fees.”

Barely/Barley: “I’m barley getting by.”

Fresh Pun Names For Beer & Drinking

Pun Names For Beer & Drinking
Pun Names For Beer & Drinking

“Brew Jackmans”

“Robert Downie Schooners”

“Patrick Hazys”


“Natalie Porterman”

“Benedict Cumberbock”


“Bendystraw Cabbagepatch”


“Benefactor Conbeerbatch”


“Ale Pacino”


“Patrick Stout”

“Porter Dinklage”


“Rachel Weissbier”


“Swiggy Azalea”

“Morena Bockarin”

“Helles Mirren”


“Ryan Goseling”

“Oprah Tinfreys”

“Tin Diesels”

“Bradley Coopers”

“Shandy Samberg”


“Arnold Schweizenegger”

“Richard Beere”

“Tom Gueuze”

“Britney Beers”


“Brews Campbell”

“Brewhammad Ali!”


“Peter Danklage.”

“Brut Reynolds.”

“Steve Brewscemi”

“Sarah Jessica Porter”


Hopefully, these beery best beer puns & jokes that include barely, lager, mop, etc are a fun activity to share with kids and friends.