92 Best Candy Puns, Jokes & Riddles You Can’t Resse-ist 2024

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If you wonder what candy puns could be made that are funny, clever, or just simple jokes on candy wordplay.

Here we have the best candy puns and jokes that you can share with friends, family, and kids to have a fun time with them.

You can begin with candy puns for Instagram or one line candy jokes to share with others.

We have also included one liner candy puns for Instagram, puns for students, thank you puns, puns for work, physics puns, cotton candy puns, puns for teachers, lifesaver puns, and many more.

Have a look and pick the suitable food puns on candy that you can today. Enjoy!

Best Candy Puns ,Jokes & Riddles 2024

Here we have collected the best question answer candy puns that you can share with kids or friends to have a fun time. Have a look and pick the suitable puns on the candy. Enjoy!

Best Candy Puns
Question Answer Candy Puns

Why was the German boy sad when his sister ran away with his 3-Musketeers Candy Bar??
“Because he was Far-from-nougat!”

What is a Sith Lord’s Favorite Candy?
“Dark Side chocolate”

What type of candy is always late?
“A choco-late”

While I was buying some candy the other day, I told the employees a joke?
“Got some snickers.”

What’s a happy cowboy’s favorite candy?
“Jolly ranchers”

Funny Candy Jokes
Funny Candy Puns

What is a maggot’s favorite candy?
“Feces Pieces”

What candy made the astronaut cry?

Why was the farmer so happy that he turned into a piece of candy?
“Because he was a jolly rancher”

Why didn’t the mummy finish his Halloween candy?
“Because he was stuffed!”

What is candy for birds called?
“A sweet tweet.”

Funny Candy Riddles
Cannibals Candy Puns

What’s a cannibals favorite candy?

Why did the magician have a candy bar on his shirt?
“He needed a couple of twix up his sleeve”

What’s a Mortician’s favorite candy?
“Hearse-y Bar”

What is a comedian’s favorite candy?

What kind of candy do they have in the Middle East?
“Chewish ones.”

Best Candy Bar Jokes Riddles
Candy Bar Jokes

What do you get when you smash two candy bars together?
“You’ve got yourself a Portmanteaublerone!”

How do you spell candy with 2 letters?
“C and Y”

What do you call a candy bar that speeds up a chemical reaction?
“Kit Katalyst”

How did the magician make a candy bar appear out of thin air?
“He had a lot of Twix up his sleeve”

Why wasn’t the candy at the party yet?
“It was chocoLATE”

Candy Memes Images
Macaca Candy Joke

What’s Macaca mulatta’s favorite candy?
“Rhesus pieces”

What is a bugfix update to a candy-themed game called?
“A sour patch.”

What kind of candy comes from feet?
“Candy corns”

What was President Taft’s favorite candy?
“Laffy Tafty”

What’s the Lone Ranger’s favorite flavor of candy?
“Butter Rum Butter Rum Butter Rum Rum Rum”

What do you call a list that keeps track of toffee candy bars?
“A Heath Ledger”

Funny & Cute Candy One Liner Sayings For Instagram 2024

These are the best one line candy puns for Instagram captions to post funny pics or selfies with matching romantic love puns on candy, cotton candy, lifesaver candy captions. Moreover, you can improvise or modify these hilarious puns to share with others or friends and family over text or use them directly.

One Line Candy Puns
Cute One Line Candy Puns For Captions

Have a look and pick the matching candy puns one liner for Instagram captions, funny candy for teacher, etc. Enjoy!

“Thanks for your KING-SIZED help”

“You are always there for me in a CRUNCH”

“You and I are like two PEEPS in a pod”

“Hope you feel BUTTER soon – until then, don’t lift a FINGER”

“You bring me so much JOY”

“You and I are MINT for each other”

“I love you to REESE’S PIECES”

“Sorry I’m such an AIRHEAD sometimes”

“You always know how to make me SNICKERS”

“You’re a WHOPPER of a friend.”

Romantic Candy Love Jokes
Romantic Candy Love Pun

“I know it’s been a ROCKY ROAD lately. Thinking of you”

“Life can be hard, hope this helps you ROLO with the punches”

“Everything happens for a RIESEN”

“Happy Anniversary/Birthday! Meet me AFTER EIGHT to celebrate.”

“Have a WHOPPER of a birthday”

“Hey, you’re doing a great job, you’re really on a TOOTSIE ROLL!”

“You’re such a STAR, I could just BURST with pride”

“Thanks for going the EXTRA mile”

“Thanks for helping me work off my JELLY BELLY”

“Welcome to the world BABY RUTH”

FUN-SIZED Jokes On candy

“Congratulations on your FUN-SIZED bundle of JOY”

“I’m such a sucker for candy puns.”

“You are my special LOLly, you make me laugh out loud.”

“I have many Reese-ons to be grateful today.”

“I’m eager to show you a few twix I’ve learned.”

“I m bear-ly coping with your absence, I miss you.”

“You have worked so hard, you deserve a FAST BREAK.”

“You are my little kit-kat’s meow.”

“Thank you for being my sweet tamale.”

“Lovers don’t usually laugh, they snicker.”

I Love You Candy Puns & Jokes
I Love You Puns & Jokes

“I’m not playing Twix when I say I love you.”

“I can’t Resse-ist you.”

“My life would suck without you.” Kelly Clarkson

“Baby, you make my heart Starburst.”

“You are Extra special.”

“I love your commit-mint to being great.”

“You’re a superStar. I’m so thankful I could Burst.”

“Thanks, that mint a lot to me.”

“Here’s a little encourage-mint.”

“Thanks for bean here with us.”

“You’re a Smartie pants.”

“I’m nuts about you.”

“You Pop Rock my world.”

“No Snickers intended, you are the best.”

Punny Candy Jokes One Liners 2024

If you looking for puns that rhyme with candy or candy-related wordplay jokes like cotton candy, physics candy puns, or similar then these are perfect to be used. Have a look and pick the suitable word play joke and puns on candy. Enjoy!

Punny Candy Jokes One Liners
Word Play Candy Puns

Uncanny/Uncandy: “He had an uncandy feeling that she was being watched.”

Ghandi/Candy: As in “Mahatma Candy was an exceptional human being.”

Can they/Candy: As in “How candy hear if they don’t have ears?”

Handy/Candy: As in “This will definitely come in candy.”

Scant/S-candy: As in “They worked long hours but received only s-candy wages.”

Can these/Candies: As in “How candies people live like this?”

Suite/Sweet: As in “She was renting a 2-bedroom sweet for the summer.”

Sweat/Sweet: As in “Blood, sweet and tears”

Sweater/Sweeter: As in “A close-knit woollen sweeter for cold days”

Switch/Sweet-ch: As in “Bait and sweet-ch”

Sweet Candy Jokes
Sweetzerland Puns & Jokes

Switzerland/Sweetzerland: “Zürich is a lovely city in Sweetzerland.”

Seat/Sweet: “Backsweet driver”

Desert/Dessert: “The Sahara dessert.”

Does it/Dessert: “It’s comfy, but dessert make my bum look big?”

Can/Cane: “You cane do it!”

Gun/Gum: “A smoking gum” 

Gamble/Gumball: “He gumballed all his money away.”

Meant/Mint: “We were mint to be.”

Kinda/Kinder: “I’m still Kinder Surprised about that.”

Laugh/Snickers: “I snickered all the way to the bank.”

Race/Reese: “Reese you to the top?”

Hopefully, these candy puns & jokes are extremely funny, however, for more funny joke ideas, you try these animal puns, bread puns, chocolate puns, and other puns on food, animal as well.

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