100+ Best Otter Puns That Are Otter-ly Cute 2024

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Funny Otter Puns & Jokes For Birthday, Names, Etc. 2024

Here we have collected the funny otter puns that you can share with kids or friends to have a fun time. Also, these jokes are perfect for kids and friends. Look below and have fun with puns for otter. Enjoy!

otter puns
Otter Birthday Puns

What is the best animal to be on a cold day?
“A little otter.”

What did the pup’s mum say when he had been naughty?
“You otter be ashamed of yourself.”

When type of otter says”moo”?
“One that is learning a new language.”

What happened when the girl’s friend convinced her that certain aquatic mammals don’t exist?
“She was left in otter disbelief.”

Why did the otter cross the road?
“To get to the otter side.”

Where do otters keep their money?
“In a riverbank.”

What type of cars do otters drive?

Why did the otter join NASA?
“She wanted to get to otter space.”

What is the name of the famous book about a wizard otter?
“Harry Otter.”

Why didn’t the little otter come back in time for dinner?
“She wanted to continue playing as she was having an otter fun.”

What type of cars do otters most like driving?

What does an otter look like after it has shaved its fur off?

cute otter puns
Puns On Cute Otter

Why did the seal cross the road to the zoo?
“To get to the otter slide.”

Where do otters like to relax?
“In the otter tub.”

What type of roads do German otters drive on?

What did the otter say when he was fed up with moving house?
“I’m otterly bored with all this logging around.”

What did the grape say when the otter stood on it?
“Nothing, it just let out a little whine.”

What did the weasel say to the badger?
“We should always be kind to otters.”

Why did walrus marry the whale?
“Because she wasn’t like all the otters.”

Why did the zookeeper let the dog into the water enclosure?
“Because it played well with otters.”

What did the otter say to the judge?
“Put it on the log that my otterney told me to plead innocent.”

What do otters have on their toast?
“Otterly butterly.”

funny otter puns
Funny Otter Jokes

What did Noah say when he realised some animals were missing from the arch?
We need to wait for the otters.”

What type of animals are best at flying planes?
“Otter pilots.”

What do you say when you see a famous otter?
“Please can I have your ottergraph!”

What animal would you most like to be on a cold day?
“A little otter…”

What did the seal say to the walrus after dating him for three months?
“I think we should sea otter people.”

Why do Otters swim on their backs?
“To keep their nuts dry.”

What do you call a maternal Turkish robot water weasel?
“An Ottoman otter-mom automaton.”

What’s the difference between an otter and a navy aircrewman?
“At least the otter knows he’s not a seal.”

Why did the chicken go to the zoo?
“To get to the otter slide.”

Why did the otter cross the river?
“To get to the otter side.”

Where do otters come from?
“Otter Space.”

Why did the otter cross the road?
“To prove to the possum that it could be done!”

Clever Otter Pun
Clever Otter Pun

What do you drive in a river?
“An otter-mobile.”

What do you call an otter with a carrot in each ear?
“Anything you want as he can’t hear you!”

How does an otter get into an honest business?
“Usually through the skylight.”

What kind of car does an otter drive?
“A Furrari.”

What do you call a kids book about otters?
“Harry Otter.”

Where do otters keep their money?
“In the river bank!”

Does Mr. Otterton listen to Gazelle?
“Yes he’s a rabid fan.”

How do you save a drowning otter?
“Take your foot of its head.”

An otter and an otter are in a car, who’s driving?
“Animal Control.”

What would you rather be, a polar bear or a little otter?
“A little (h)otter.”

What do you call a food stamp inside of a burrito?
“An otter fortune cookie.”

Best One-Liners Otter Puns And Otter Jokes For Kids 2024

These are the best one line otter jokes to post funny pics or selfies with matching otter captions. Moreover, share these puns with friends and family. Look and pick the matching otter puns for Instagram captions for birthday, kids, one liners, catchphrases or slogans, etc. Enjoy!

otter love puns
Otter Love Pun

You should have seen the otter guy.

“Otter news.”

“I don’t have a significant otter.”

“I really otter know better.”

“If I hear an-otter pun I’m gonna be otter-ly dissapointed.”

“I’m otter-ly dumbfounded at the lack of responses.”

“You otter come up with some better puns then.”

“You’re my significant Otter”

“My girlfriend is Otter than yours.”

“Hey, hold up! Wait for the otters.”

“We need to leave now, otterwise we’ll be late!”

“I hope one day we can explore otter space.”

clever otter pun
Clever Otter Pun

“We ottermaticaly became friends.”

“Hello, can I please get your ottergraph?”

“I absolutely otter you, my dear.”

“Aww, this otter meme is so otterable!”

“It was otter chaos.”

“I otter know better.”

“Stop ottering things under your breath.”

“That’s otter nonsense!”

“It’s like a scene otter a horror film!”

“This cafe has an unusual otter-mosphere.”

“I holt her in high regard.”

“Production was brought to a holt.”

“We otter stop and help him.”

Word Rhymes & Miss Spelled Cute Otter Puns 2024

If you looking for otter jokes memes that rhyme with the otter or otter-related words then these are suitable otter jokes and puns. Enjoy!

Other/Otter: “You should have see the otter guy!”

Others/Otters: “Hey, hold up! Wait for the otters!”

Otherwise/Otterwise: “We need to leave now, otterwise we’ll be late!”

Otherworldy/Otterworldly: “There’s some otterworldly feeling about this place.”

Utter/Otter: “You’re otterly deplorable!”

Utterance/Otterance: “There was a gasp at this public otterance of the forbidden word.”

Attorney/Otterney: “My otterney advised me to plead guilty.”

Outer/Otter: “I hope one day we can explore otter space.”

Out of/Otter: “This is boring, I’m otter here.”

Eternal/Otternal: “Otternal life may be possible at some point in the future.”

clever otter pun
Clever Otter Pun

Outermost/Ottermost: “The ottermost layer is the hardest.”

Iterate/Otterate: “We need to otterate through this array of integers.”

Attraction/Otteraction: “There is otteraction between the magnets because of their magnetic fields.”

Attractive/Otteractive: “Religion isn’t otteractive to the younger generations.”

Attribute/Otteribute: “Climate change has been conclusively otteributed to human actions.”

Atmosphere/Otter-mosphere: “The otter-mosphere is composed mostly of oxygen and nitrogen.”

Atrocity/Otterocity: “The otterocities committed during WW2 are deeply saddening.”

Atrocious/Otterocious: “Only the most otterocious otter puns have made it into this list.”

Ought-ta/Otter: “Ten minutes otter be enough time.”

Hold/Holt: “Can you please holt off on the otter puns?”

Halt/Holt: “Holt! Who goes there?”

Sprained/Spraint: “I tripped and spraint my ankle.”

Otter One Liner
Otter One Liner

Mum will/Mammal: “I’m working late, so mammal pick you up tonight.”

Selfish/Shellfish: “Share some with me – stop being so shellfish.”

The other/Sea otter: “But sea otter guy punched first!”

Automatically/Ottermatically: “We ottermaticaly became friends.”

Autobiography/Otterbiography: “She finished the otterbiography just before she passed.”

Automation/Ottermation: “The ottermation of many repetitive jobs has already happened.”

Autopilot/Otterpilot: “I’ve switched the plane to otterpilot mode.”

Autopsy/Otterpsy: “The otterpsy suggests it was a tumor.”

Autocracy/Ottercracy: “We’re living in an ottercracy. These damn otters!”

Autograph/Ottergraph: “Hello, can I please get your ottergraph?”

Auto/Otter: “Grand theft otter.”

Outdoor/Otter: “I really like my new otter furniture set.”

Odder/Otter: “Scientology is odd, but not much otter than most other religions.”

Adore/Otter: “I absolutely otter you, my dear.”

Adorable/Otterable: “Aww, this otter meme is so otterable!”

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