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Are you looking for the best shark puns, shark jokes, and shark sayings?

Here we have collected the best puns on a shark that you can use to have fun with kids, family, and friends.

Also, we have included a lot of shark Instagram captions, shark week puns, shark name puns, funny shark captions, funny shark quotes, shark puns for birthdays, and shark one liners.

We can say that shark jokes are nearly as famous as fish jokes you can find online, and that’s what is all about.

Amazing Shark Puns & Jokes For Adults | Dumb | 2024

These are perfect shark puns if you looking for question-answer puns for kids or friends.

What did the great white shark say to the cliff jumper

What did the great white shark say to the cliff jumper?
“Don’t worry, I’ll catch you.

What did the shark say to the surfer?
“Come on in, the water’s fine!”

How does a hammerhead shark tell his mom he passed his test?
Nailed it!”

What’s a great white’s favorite tune? Dun-uh.
“Dun-uh. Dun-uh.”

What did the momma shark say to the kid shark?
“Watch that sharkasm, young man.”

What song do sharks sing while they hunt for food?
“Don’t Stop Bleedin’”

What types of sharks are the shadiest sharks?
“Card sharks.”

How does a shark plead in court?

What did the hammerhead shark say to his drinking buddies?
“I’m hammered.”

What sharks are the shortest?
“Ground sharks.”

What does a hammerhead shark call a headache?
“A hammering head.”

What do you call two sharks who get married?
“Hooked for life.”

What does a dentist say to his shark patients?
“Let’s see those chompers.”

How do you throw a shark out of a bar?
“You cast it out.”

What did the shark say to his wife during a fight?
“You’re just being jaw-matic.”

What did the shark say to the spear fisherman?
“Please, spear me the pain!”

What candy must a shark with braces avoid?

What lie will a shark always tell a human?
“I promise to take just one bite.”

What do sharks working in fast food tell customers?
“Chumming right up.”

How do sharks greet the day?
“With the saying “time to rise and tide.”

How does a shark announce dinner’s ready

How does a shark announce dinner’s ready?
“Hot off the gill!”

What did the priest say to his wife at the beach?
“Let’s prey the sharks are sleeping while we’re swimming.”

What did one shark say to the other after an awkward moment?
Whale, that was weird.”

What did the 18-year-old shark ask his parents when they kicked him out of the reef?
Why are you casting me out?”

How do sharks stay up all night?
“They drink jaw-va.”

Where do country singing sharks try to make it big?

What did the shark get on his biology test?
“A sea-minus.”

What kind of sharks make good carpenters?

How did the shark plead in its murder trial?
“Not gill-ty!”

Where do sharks go on vacation?

What happened to the shark who swallowed a bunch of keys?
“It got lockjaw.”

What’s a shark’s favorite bible story?
“Noah’s Shark”

What do you can the mushy stuff stuck between a great white’s shark teeth?
“Slow swimmers!”

What do you call rubber bumpers on yachts?
“Shark absorbers.”

What kind of shark is always gambling?
“A card shark!”

How did the hammerhead do on his test?
“He nailed it!”

What kind of hobby does a shark-like best?
“Anything he can sink his teeth into.”

Who is the most famous shark playwright?
“William Sharkspeare!”

What do you get when you cross a shark with a snowman?

“What do sharks do when they have a big choice to make?
“Chews wisely.”

One Liner Funny Shark Sayings | Puns | Jokes 2024

Here are the best shark puns for Instagram and Facebook that can be useful for selfie captions or picture captions. Enjoy!

You’ve got me between a rock and a shark place.

“You’ve got me between a rock and a shark place.”

“This makome off as a surprise, but I don’t bite.”

“There’s some-fin special about you.”

“Stay jaw-some.”

“Water you up to, mate?”

“That shark attack really made a splash in the headlines, huh?

“If you can be fin-tastic, always be fin-tastic.”

“Sharks that steal always mako like a bandit.”

“Who’s the best baseball shark around?” Shark McGwire

“Go ahead and mako my day.”

“Don’t de-bait me. You won’t win this bite.”

Gangster shark to human Shark my words, you’re a dead man.

“Gangster shark to human: Shark my words, you’re a dead man.”

“Where’s my bloody dinner?”

“I’ve got no fin left to give!”

“I never said any fin!”

“Vanished into fin air.”

“You’re skating on fin ice.”

“I fink we should stop.”

“I head Fin-land has great shark puns.”

“Jawsome pun, mate.”

“Our little gill grew up so fast!”

“Look at that great white cloud”

“I was still shivering from shark.”

“Just hope and prey that no one gets eaten by a shark.”

“Shark repellent”

Ultimate Shark Jokes | Puns | Riddles | Memes | 2024

These are miss spelled shark puns and related shark jokes such as shell puns, tortoise, and many more. Pick the suitable one that matches your need. Enjoy!

“There’s some fin about the way he walks”

Something/Some fin: “There’s some fin about the way he walks”

Nothing/No fin: “I’ve got no fin left to give!”

Anything/Any fin: “I never said any fin!”

Thin/Fin: “Vanished into fin air.”

Think/Fink: “I fink we should stop.”

Issue/Fishue: “That’s not the fishue here though.”

Yours/Jaws: “I didn’t know it was Jaws!”

Awesome/Jawsome: “Jawsome pun, mate.”

Chump/Chomp: “Yeah, he is a bit of a chomp.”

Make a/Mako: “I’m trying really hard to mako shark pun here.”

Our little gill grew up so fast

Girl/Gill: “Our little gill grew up so fast!”

What an animal/Water animal: “Water animal you’ve become.”

My neat/Man-eat: “Man-eat puns are too good for you.”

Shock/Shark: “I was still shivering from shark.”

Thin/Fin: “Vanished into fin air.”

Shirk/Shark: “Stop sharking your responsibilities and get the job done.”

Pray/Prey: “Just hope and prey that no one gets eaten by a shark.”

Busking/Basking: “There was basker playing on my street today.”

Tiger Shark: “She’s a tiger on the tennis court.”

Clever Shark One Liners Phrases 2024

“Out of the jaws of death”

“Corporate shark”

“Chomping at the bit”

“A biting review”

“Devil and the deep blue sea”

“Flesh and blood”

“Ankle biter”

“Swim with sharks”

“Shark repellent”

“Shark bait”

“Armed to the teeth”

“Wouldn’t shout if a shark bit him”

“Jumping the shark”

“Voodoo shark”

“Set your teeth on edge”

“Easy tiger”

“Load shark”


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