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Funny Sheep Puns Jokes To Have Play Time

Here we have collected the best question answer puns and funny sheep names puns that you can share with kids or friends to have a fun time. Also, these are perfect jokes to use for up jokes, wool puns, or baa sheep jokes. Have a look and pick the suitable puns for sheep. Enjoy!

sheep puns
Lamb Pun

Where do sheep get their wool cut?
“At the baa-baa.”

What do you call a sheep covered in chocolate?
“A chocolate baa.”

What do you call a dancing sheep?
“A baa-lerina.”

Why are sheep bad drivers?
“Because they’re always making ewe turns.”

Who is a sheep’s favorite singer?
“Britney Shears.”

What’s a sheep’s favorite magical creature?
“A ewe-nicorn.”

What do you get if you mix a sheep with a kangaroo?
“A woolly jumper.”

What’s a sheep’s favorite newspaper?
“The Wool Street Journal.”

What do you call a sheep with no legs?
“A cloud.”

Where do sheep go on holiday?
“To the Baaaahamas.”

What cars do sheep like to drive?

Why did the lamb call the police?
“He had been fleeced.”

the baaaa-th tub sheep puns
EWE Puns

Where do lambs take a bath?
“In the baaaa-th tub.”

Where do sheep go to watch funny videos?
“Ewe Tube.”

What do you call 100 sheep rolling down a hill?
“A lamb-slide.”

What do you call a lamb that does karate?

How do sheep greet each other at Christmas?
“Merry Christmas to ewe.”

What Do You Get If You Cross An Angry Sheep And A Moody Cow?
“An animal that’s in a baaaaaad moooooood.”

What Do You Call A Sheep With A Machine Gun?
“A b-aa-aa-aa-d situation.”

How Do Sheep In Mexico Say Merry Christmas?
“Fleece Navidad.”

What Do You Call Shaving A Crazy Sheep?
“Shear madness.”

What Instrument Do A Pair Of Sheep Play?
“The two-baaaaa.”

Why Was The Sheep Arrested?
“Because he made an illegal ewe turn!”

What’s A Sheep Favorite Song?
“Baby don’t herd me now.”

Where Do Sheep Go Shopping?

How do you greet a sheep on Christmas?
“Merry Christmas to ewe!”

How to sheep say “Merry Christmas” in Mexico?
“Fleece Navidad!”

What do you call a dancing sheep?
“A baa-lerina!”

Where do sheep get their wool cut?
“The baa-baa shop!”

Why are sheep such bad drivers?
“They always make illegal ewe turns!”

wool puns
Sheep One Liners

What is a sheep’s ultimate goal?
“To wool the world!”

Why did the eye skip the family reunion?
“It was always the black sheep of the family!”

Why can’t sheep stop injuring themselves?
“I don’t know, they just keep ramming into things!”

Why was the lamb hiding from everyone?
“It was feeling sheepish!”

What do you call an old sheep?
“Pasture prime!”

Why didn’t Gordon Ramsey upvote the picture of the lamb Steak?
“Because it was rawww.”

Why didn’t the lamb want to play with their friends?
“He was a little sheep-ish.”

Who does a lamb go to if it has back pain?
“The gyropractor.”

What do you call it when lambs fall down a mountain?
“A lambslide.”

Why did the lamb go to rehab?
“Because he had a gambolling problem.”

Did you hear about the dwarf fortune teller that’s on the lamb?
“He’s a small medium at large.”

What do you call a frugal lamb?
“A sheepskate.”

What happens at the end of Silence of the Lambs?

Where Do Sheep Get Their Hair Cut?
“The baa-baa shop.”

What Did The Sheep Want To Do?
“To wool the world.”

What Animal Sounds Like A Sheep But Isn’t?
“A baaaa-boon!”

What Do You Call A Religious Sheep?
“A baaaptist.”

Where Do Sheep Go To Die?
“The baa baa que.”

Clever One Line Sheep Puns For Instagram Captions

These funny sheep one-liners are guaranteed to cheer ewe up if you’re having a baa-d day. Oy, use them for Instagram captions to post funny pics or selfies with matching sheep captions. Look below and pick the matching sheep puns name, humor, happy birthday, Shaun the sheep, or baa jokes, etc. Enjoy!

sheep pun captions
Sheep Pun Captions

“I’m here for some sheep thrills.”

“I will always love ewe.”

“Ewe are one in a million.”

“Wool always be friends.”

“Accidents wool happen.”

“Sheep up or ship out.”

“That sheep has sailed.”

“Abandon sheep.”

“Go down with the sheep.”

“Go out on a lamb.”

“Torn lamb from lamb.”

“Between ewe and me.”

“Don’t wool them out.”

“All sheeps and sizes.”

“Time wool tell.”

“Shear up baby, Everything wool be alright.”

jokes about sheep
jokes about sheep

“You herd it here first.”

“Baby don’t herd me.”

“Wool you be my valentine?”

“The sheep of things to come.”

“All’s wool that end’s wool.”

“I’ll always be there for ewe.”

“Wouldn’t ewe know it.”

“All sheeps and sizes.”

“The sheep of things to come.”

“Abandon sheep!”

“That was a sheep shot.”

“Time wool tell.”

“Ram the point home.”

“Shear up, darling. Everything will be alright.”

“You herd it here first.”

“Baby don’t herd me.”

“Ewe are one in a million.”

“Wool you be my valentine?”

Cute Word Rhymes & Miss Spelled Jokes About Sheep

If you looking for sheep puns that rhyme with sheep, or sheep-related words then these are perfect to use. Have a look and pick the suitable miss-spelled sheep joke and puns. Enjoy!

“Of all sheeps and sizes

Shape/Sheep: “Of all sheeps and sizes”

Ship/Sheep: “The mother sheep”

Cheap/Sheep: “Sheep and nasty”

Will/Wool: “Against my wool”

Well /Wool: “Alive and wool”

Wall/Wool: “A fly on the wool”

While/Wool: “Every once in a wool“

Limb/Lamb: “Go out on a lamb”

Flees/Fleece: “Suddenly, there is a loud crash and everyone fleece from the store.”

You/Ewe: “Do ewe read me?”

Eww/Ewe: “Ewe that’s gross.”

Use/Ewes: “No ewes crying over spilled milk”

Sheer/Shear: “Shear force of will.”

Cheer/Shear: “Oh shear up, darling. Everything will be all right.”

Bar/Baa: “Raise the baa”

“Hoof you spoken to so far”

Who’ve/Hoof: “Hoof you spoken to so far?”

Half/Hoof: “Is the glass hoof full or hoof empty?”

Heard/Herd: “I overherd them speaking about …”

Hurt/Herd: “You herd my feelings”

Hey/Hay: “Hay, what’s up?”

Who f*/Hoof*: “Hoofeels hungry right now?”

Her before/Herbivore: “I’ve never met herbivore.”

Could/Cud: “Cud you stop it please?”

Man you’re/Manure: “Manure making some awful puns today.”

Remnant/Ruminant: “I haven’t a ruminant of pride left after making all these terrible goat puns.”

Prominent/Pruminant: “She’s a pruminant member of our group.”

Permanent/Pruminant: “I’ve accidentally used pruminant marker on the whiteboard.”

Walk/Hoof it: “We missed the bus and had to hoof it home.”

Go to sleep/Hit the hay: “It’s late. I better hit the hay.”

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