Best 89 Turkey Puns For Fun On Thanksgiving 2021


Are you looking for Thanksgiving turkey puns and jokes?

Here we have compiled the best turkey puns and turkey jokes that you can use now. Turkeys make an easy target for jokes, you don’t need any reason.

Moreover, turkeys humor includes puns made directly on them or related things to turkeys. Also, the word ‘turkey’ comes in many English phrases and rhymes with words that can be useful for making jokes.

All in all, most American thanksgiving tables during holidays bring many phrases associated with turkey jokes and sayings. Therefore, if you are looking for turkey puns or jokes that include wild puns, country puns, Christmas puns, hunting puns, name puns, or bird puns, etc. then you can use this ultimate list of puns on turkey and enjoy!

Best Turkey Puns: Question-Answer You Can Use Today

On every thanksgiving table, turkeys are popular when people have get together with family and friends. Not just a tasty meal, turkey can be a good source for funny turkey jokes, turkey captions for get together Instagram pics or selfies.

Moreover, you can make good pick up lines using these questions-answer turkey puns. Either you need puns to have fun with family, friends, or kids during holiday time, you can use these best turkey puns and laugh out loud. Enjoy!

Best Turkey Puns: Question-Answer You Can Use Today
Best Turkey Puns: Question-Answer

What do you call a rude turkey?
“A jerk-key!”

What does a one-legged turkey say?
“Wobble wobble!”

Why did the turkey cross the road?
“To prove he wasn’t chicken!”

What do you call a group of featherless turkeys?
“A cluster pluck!”

What do all the gobblers down on the farm like to drink?
“Wild Turkey!”

What do turkeys drink out of?
“A gobble-let!”

What is the turkey’s favorite type of tree?
“The poul-tree!”

Why do turkeys make bad baseball players?
“They only hit fowl balls!”

What do you call a bird that’s bad at bowling?
“A gutter ball turkey!”

What do you call an over-caffeinated turkey?
“A per-key!”

Why did the turkey break up with his girlfriend?
“He couldn’t get to first baste!”

What’s the most popular videogame among turkeys?
“Turkey Tetris-zzini!”

Best Turkey Puns: Question-Answer You Can Use Today
Best Turkey Puns You Can Use Today

What do you get when you teach a turkey witty rejoinders?
“A turkey that roasts you!”

What’s the best thing to do with cold turkey?
“Make turkey chilly!”

What do you call a sarcastic turkey?
“A smir-key!”

What do you call a fat gobbler that can sing?
“Turkey Meatloaf!”

What did the turkey dress up as for Halloween?
“A gobblin’!”

Did you hear about the guy who was found dead at a turkey farm?
“They suspect fowl play!”

What do you do with a stoner turkey?
“Make turkey pot pie!”

What do you call an offbeat turkey?
“A quir-key!”

What’s the number one key to a great Thanksgiving?
“The tur-key!”

What do turkeys and people have in common on Thanksgiving?
“They both get stuffed!”

Turkey Puns:
Question-Answer Turkey Puns

What do you call a Thanksgiving turkey that comes back to haunt you?
“A poultry-geist!”

Why did the cranberries turn red?
“Because they saw the turkey dressing!”

What is the most important key to having a memorable Thanksgiving Day for everyone?
“Of course, it is the tur – key!”

When we cross a turkey and an octopus for Thanksgiving Day, what do we have?
“Enough drumsticks for the dinner! Yummy!”

Have you ever heard of the conservative turkeys?
“They have 2 right wings.”

Do you know that turkeys also have their own musical instrument?
“It is their drumstick.”

On Thanksgiving Day, what will the turkey sing?
“God save the kin.”

What sound will a turkey make in the space?
“Hubble, Hubble!

Do you know what side of a turkey features the most feathers?
“It’s outside.”

What would the father turkey say to his stubborn child?
“If your mom would see you now, she would be turning you over in her gravy!”

Do you know why the Pilgrims kill the turkey?
Because they were in the fowl mood.

Turkey Puns:

What would the leftover turkey say after you wrap it up and put it into the fridge?
“Foiled again”

If a turkey has an iPhone, what sound would it make?
“Wing, wing.”

What do we call a turkey without any feather on the body?
“It is a Thanksgiving dinner!

Who are you most likely to get compliments from on Thanksgiving?
“The sweet potatoes.”

What did the turkey say to the hunter?
“Quack, quack, quack.”

Why did the police arrest the turkey?
“They suspected it of foul play.”

Will I eat leftovers for a week?
“Well I cran, and I will.”

Perfect Turkey Puns & Jokes For Instagram Captions On Pics

These are perfect puns and turkey jokes for captions to post funny Instagram selfies or pictures during thanksgiving. Whether you need Christmas puns, bird puns, or turkey name puns, these puns on turkey can help you find the suitable captions for your get together pictures.

Have a look and pick the matching puns that are punny Thanksgiving foodie captions and ideal for your pun game on Instagram this November. Enjoy!

Perfect Turkey Puns & Jokes For Instagram Captions On Pics
Perfect Turkey Captions

“Gobble gobble.”

“Time for the turkey to get basted.”

“Feast your eyes.”

“Smir-key, Per-ky, Quir-key Turkey.”

“My gobble-let overfloweth.”

“Gravy train to freedom.” Barack Obama

“No fowl play involved in carving this turkey.”

“This pumpkin pied to be here tonight.”

“This stuffing is the tur-key to my heart.”

“To watch football or Butterball, that is the question.”

“When turkeys get into a fight, they get the stuffing knocked out of them!”

“You used to let me break the [wishbone].” Darcadiaa on Twitter

“You know it’s all about that baste.”

“Pie am so very grateful for this turkey.”

“Pour some gravy on that turkey.”

“Fam knows the tur-key to my heart is pumpkin pie.”

“Stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey.”

“Am I the turkey tonight? Because I am stuffed.”

Perfect Turkey Puns & Jokes For Instagram Captions On Pics
Turkey Puns & Jokes For Instagram Caption

“Mom! You put our Thanksgiving turkeys to shame with these juicy legs.”

“I and you go together like cranberry sauce and turkey.”

“Most turkeys learn how to dance and sing at the Butterball.”

“Do not stare at the dressing of the turkey because you would make it blush.”

“A big turkey is called a gobbler, so a small turkey is called a goblet.”

“A bird that is bad at bowling is called a butterball turkey.”

“On a sunny day, chances are the turkeys will have a pek – nic.”

“When a turkey is using the computer, he might say Google, Google.”

Awesome Word Rhyme & Miss Spelled Turkey Puns And Jokes

These are miss-spelled jokes on the turkey that are made words rhymes with turkey or related to turkey. You can use these as turkey captions for social media posts such as Instagram selfies, family, or friends’ pics from Christmas or Thanksgiving table. Have a look and pick the suitable turkey puns captions that go well with moments or moods, you need to post on Instagram or any other social media. Enjoy!

Awesome Word Rhyme & Miss Spelled Turkey Puns And Jokes
Miss Spelled Turkey Puns And Jokes

The Key/Turkey: “Lock him up and throw away turkey.”

Goblin/Gobblin’: “Gobblin‘ down a vegan feast.”

Foul/Fowl: “No harm-no fowl.”

Fell/Fowl: “In one fowl swoop.”

Fall/Fowl: “Easy as fowling off a log.”

Vowel/ Fowl: “The owl without a fowl.” Bill Mlkvy

Chuck/Chick: “Chick a sickie.”

Help/Yelp: “A cry for yelp.”

Click/Cluck: “Cluck on that button.”

More Turkey Puns Captions For Thanksgiving You Can Use

More Turkey Puns Captions For Thanksgiving You Can Use
Turkey Puns Captions For Thanksgiving

Every turkey likes fowl weather.

“Turkeys cannot attend church simply because they can only use fowl language.”

“The only difference between a turkey and a chicken is that a chicken can celebrate Thanksgiving.”

“The question is should we watch Butterball or football?”

“The best way that we can do to stuff a turkey is to serve him a lot of ice cream and pizza.”

“I would like to baste the turkey.”

“My friends keep telling me to stop telling jokes at Thanksgiving. But I tell them that I can be hard for me to quit cold turkey.”

“The turkey dreams of becoming a professional drummer in the future because he already has drunk sticks.”

“When we cross a turkey with a banjo, we will have a turkey that could pluck itself.”

“Turkeys are so good at math because they have to count the number of days until Thanksgiving Day.”

“A turkey looks like a ghost because it is a gobbling.”

“A turkey breaks up with his girl just because he could not get to the first baste!”

“Turkeys lay eggs because they could break when they drop them.”

“The most popular game title for turkeys might be Turkey Tetris – zzini!”

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