70+ Best Christmas Icebreaker Questions For Games | Printable 2024

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What are some good icebreaker questions?

Holiday parties are fun, especially at Christmas Eve dinners and get-togethers.

However, it can be hard sometimes to talk when people either know each other too well or are strangers.

Therefore, here I have compiled a list of Christmas icebreaker questions to make it super easy to start a conversation.

Moreover, funny icebreaker games can be really helpful to get your party moving at Christmas Eve dinner parties and gift-giving to family/friends.

Take a look below to pick your favorite Christmas icebreakers that suit the mood or occasion and there are free printables at the last to download.

Or try this huge collection of riddles and trivia to suit different moods and situations.

Best Christmas Party Icebreaker Questions 2024

Here are the best Christmas icebreaker questions to ask at a party or get together.

Best Christmas Party Icebreaker Questions

“What is your least favorite thing about Christmas?”

“What is your favorite thing about Christmas?”

“Have you finished your holiday shopping yet?”

“What is your favorite holiday food? Least favorite?”

“What is good on the buffet table?”

“What is your favorite Christmas carol?”

“What is your family’s funniest holiday story?”

“What is the best Christmas party you have ever been to?”

“What was the worst Christmas party you have ever been to?”

“What is your favorite part of a Christmas party?”

“Describe your perfect Christmas party?”

“What is the best Christmas party you have ever been to? The worst?”

“What is your favorite Christmas cocktail?”

“Do you prefer to go out for New Year or stay in?”

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“Did you find any good holiday sales this season?”

“What would you be most excited to see at a Christmas party?”

“What do you hope will be in your Christmas party swag bag?”

Funny Christmas Icebreakers Questions Games2024

Here are handpicked funny Christmas icebreaker questions to play games at a Christmas party. Pick suitable Christmas party jokes and icebreakers.

Funny Christmas Icebreakers Questions Games

“What is your favorite holiday joke?”

“What is your favorite bad holiday movie?”

“What is your holiday guilty pleasure?”

“What is your “never again” holiday story?”

“Have you ever regifted a present?”

“What would your elf name be?”

“What Christmas carol gets stuck in your head the most?”

“What Christmas-themed food do you think is the grossest?”

“Which of your coworkers is most likely to be an elf in disguise?”

“Which of your coworkers would be the best department store Santa?”

“What would you be most offended to receive as a Christmas gift?”

“What is the most controversial Christmas opinion you have?”

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“What would be the strangest thing to see inside a snow globe?”

“What would be the worst thing to find in your Christmas stocking?”

“Describe what your ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future would look like.”

Best Christmas Icebreaker Questions2024

“Describe your ideal Christmas.”

“Do you send Christmas cards?”

“What gift would you love to unwrap?”

“What is your favorite Christmas story?”

“What is your favorite Christmas recipe?”

“Which holiday decoration goes up first?”

“Do you have a favorite Christmas ornament?”

“How early do you start Christmas shopping?”

“Have you ever celebrated Christmas in July?”

“Did you ever try to stay up and wait for Santa?”

“How do you celebrate Christmas with your pets?”

“What is your favorite holiday movie? Least favorite?”

“Do you put up your tree before or after Thanksgiving?”

“How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa?”

“What Christmas miracle would you most like to see happen?”

“If you could spend Christmas with any one person, who would it be?”

Free Printable Christmas Icebreaker Questions Games2024

Here are some of the best holiday icebreaker questions that can be useful for Christmas as well as New Year’s Eve. Pick suitable free printable Christmas icebreaker game questions for engaging conversations.

“What’s your favorite holiday? Least favorite?”

“Share one vivid Christmas memory, good or bad.”

“What’s the best gift you’ve ever given someone?”

“The true meaning of Christmas is (fill in the blank).”

“What was Christmas like when you were growing up?”

“What’s your favorite – or least favorite – Christmas song?”

“Name three words that best describe Christmas for you.”

“Describe a funny Christmas card you have given or received.”

“What holiday movie or special do you watch over and over again?”

“What’s the weirdest/ugliest Christmas decoration you’ve ever owned?”

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“Who is the toughest person you have to buy for this Christmas?”

“What one thing are you most grateful for this holiday season?”

“If you could travel anywhere for Christmas, where would you go?”

“What’s your least favorite item on your Christmas to-do list?”

“What’s the best – or worst – Christmas present you’ve ever received?”

“Describe a Christmas present you wanted badly as a kid, but never received.”

“If you could only have one type of Christmas candy this year, what would you choose?”

“What’s your favorite character from a Christmas-themed movie, book, or TV special?”

“Would you rather have three feet of snow for Christmas, or no snow at all?”

“What’s the most memorable thing that’s happened to you since last Christmas?”

I hope these Christmas Icebreaker questions are a fun activity at the Christmas eve dinner, party, or get together to have a nice conversation.

Moreover, check out these jokes, memes, and riddles on food, animals, and love to get more ideas that suit different moods and situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are some fun icebreaker games?

    ​Two Truths and One Lie, Draw your Coat of Arms, ​Have you ever? (Stand up if), Break the ice with the help of your key, etc are some of the best fun icebreaker games.

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