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Here are some of the best handpicked cold weather jokes for kids and adults to enjoy winter with funny jokes!

Moreover, these jokes are on cold weather but winter and holiday as well to add more fun and they are clean and safe for all ages.

Take a look and pick your favorite cold weather jokes and riddles to spread to giggle around in your communities and joke about winter.

Or check out these jokes and memes on Christmas or New Year, and share some smiles with loved ones. Enjoy!

It Was So Cold Weather Jokes One-Liners 2024

It Was So Cold Weather Jokes One-Liners

“It is so cold outside that my words froze as I was speaking!”

“It is so cold outside that I was breathing out snowflakes!”

“It is so cold outside that even time has frozen!”

“It is so cold outside that even the snowmen are wearing sweaters!”

“It is so cold outside that I saw a thief with his hands in his own coat pockets!”

“It is so cold outside that my father was using the ice pack to keep himself warm!”

“It is so cold outside that even polar bears are wearing thermal wear!”

“It is so cold outside that Jack Ryan turned into Jack Frost!”

“It is so cold outside that I even saw a hipster not trying to do anything cool!”

“It is so cold outside that even Siberians are feeling cold and shivering!”

“It is so cold outside that my grandpa’s teeth were chattering in the glass of hot water!”

“It is so cold outside that even Chuck Norris is thinking of wearing a top!”

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“It is so cold outside that I heard my neighbor had his tooth chipped while having soup!”

“It was so cold outside that even revenge felt like it had been served hot!”

“It is so cold outside that my knee cap is slowly transforming into a snow cap!”

Clean Cold Weather Jokes And Riddles 2024

Clean Cold Weather Jokes

What is the only dessert you should have in the cold winter?
“You should have ice cream!”

Where is the place where snowmen have got to go dancing during the cold weather?
“They go dancing at the snowball!”

What happened when I met my friend after ditching him in the cold weather?
“He gave me the cold shoulder!”

What should you call a snowman who tells false stories about the cold weather?
“You call him a snow-fake!”

What is the best Mexican food to have during the cold weather?
“You should have a brrrrr-ito!”

How did the archer shoot arrows in the cold weather?
“He used the snowbows!”

Why is today not the best day to joke about the cold weather?
“Because today is the snow joke day!”

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What kind of cell phones should you be using during a cold day in winter?
“You have got to get yourself a snow-mobile!”

What is the cosmetic product that has been manufactured in the Arctic for a long time?
“It is a cold cream!”

What is the thing that many of us want to eat for lunch in winter?
“We like to get the ice-berger!”

What did the reindeer say when it turned blind due to the cold weather?
“I really have no eye deer!”

What do you call the friendly ghost during the cold weather?
“You get to call him Cas-brrrrrr!”

How did the boy say he called for dessert during the cold weather?
“He said, “Ice cream for dessert!”

Why do seals like to swim in saltwater?
“Because they don’t really like chilly water!”

Why do Eskimos not like Instagram?
“Because it is just an IG without any loo anywhere!”

Funny Jokes On Cold Weather 2024

Funny Cold Weather Jokes

How did the vampire bite his prey in the cold weather?
“With the help of frost bite!”

What does the Eskimo use in cold weather to seal his house?
“They use the i-glues!”

What kind of topping would you get on your dessert in the cold weather?
“You would get icing on the cake!”

What was the cause for Santa’s elf helper to be depressed and sad?
“It was because he had low elf-esteem!”

What happens when someone gets very angry in cold weather?
“That person has a meltdown!”

During the cold weather, what gives off negative vibes?
“You get negative vibes from the temperature”

What kind of beverage should we have during the cold weather?
“We should have a fros-tea!”

What should you call the famous survivalist during cold weather?
“You should call him Brrrrrr Grrrrryllssss!”

What is the nationality to which Santa Claus belongs?
“He is of a North Polish ethnicity!”

What kind of pictures would two people like to take during the cold weather?
“They would definitely take polar-oids!”

How should people confront their enemy in the cold weather?
“They have got to confront each other with an icy stare!”

What is the only letter missing from the English alphabet during the time of Christmas?
“There is Noel during Christmas!”

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What should everyone be calling the jack-o-lantern during cold times?
“We should just call it Jack Frost!”

When should we have crackers in the cold weather?
“When the weather is crispy for everyone!”

Why was the Eskimo angry about global warming?
“Because he had no privacy in his igloo due to global warming!”

How did the snowman say that he saw a ghost in the extreme cold?
“He says, “I thaw a ghost!”

What kind of seasoning would you want to put in your food during times of cold? “People usually use chilly sauce!”

What is the name of the country that is really cold but lies close to the equator?
“Of course, it is Chilly!”

What did Jake Peralta say when the snow finally melted after a few months?
“He said, “Noice!”

I hope these winter jokes about cold weather are fun to share with friends and others like kids and adults.

Moreover, check out these jokes, memes, and riddles on food, animals, and love to get more ideas that suit different moods or situations.

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