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Best Riddles And Jokes About Cooking | Kitchen | Dinner Party

Here are some of the best cooking trivia and riddles to play with kids or adults to have a fun time.

Amazing Cooking Puns

What does a nosy pepper do?
“Get jalapeño business!”

What did the pickle say to his fans?
“I’m kind of a big dill!”

Why did the condiment go to jail?
“A salt with a deadly weapon!”

What’s a dessert’s favorite actor?
“Robert Brownie, Jr!”

What’s a foodie’s favorite country?

What did 50 Cent say on National Ice Cream Day?
“Go shawty, it’s sherbert day!”

What do you call a flirty macaroni?
Mackin’ cheese!”

What did the fruit say to the vegetable?
“Bitch, peas!”

What’s a fruit’s favorite pick up line?
“This may sound bananas, but I find you appealing!”

What’s Adele’s favorite dessert?
“Jello from the other side!”

dinner party Puns

What did the DJ say at the dinner party?
“Lettuce turnip the beat!”

What’s a foodie’s favorite book?
“The lunch-back of Notre Dame!”

What did the pig say to his lover?
“Don’t go bacon my heart.”

What’s a pepper’s favorite song?
“Spice spice baby!”

What do you call cheese that isn’t yours?
“Nacho cheese!”

What did the baby corn say to its mom?
“Where’s my pop corn?”

Why couldn’t the sesame seed leave the casino?
“He was on a roll!”

What do you call a fake noodle?
“An im-pasta!”

Why don’t eggs tell jokes?
“They’d crack each other up!”

What did the mushroom say when he wasn’t allowed in the bar?
“Why not? I’m a fun-gi!”

Tomato Salad Puns
Tomato Salad Puns

Why was the tomato blushing?
“It saw the salad dressing!”

What’s an egg’s least favorite day of the week?

Did you hear the joke about the peanut butter?
“I’m not telling you. You might spread it!”

Why do the French eat snails?
“Because they don’t like fast food!”

What kind of nut always seems to have a cold?

Why did the banana go to the doctor?
“It wasn’t peeling well!”

How do you make a walnut laugh?
“Crack it up!”

Why did the egg regret being an omelet?
“It wasn’t all it cracked up to be!”

Why shouldn’t you commit a crime on a farm?
“Because the potatoes have eyes and the corn has ears!”

Why do peppers hate winter?
“They get a little chili.”

How do you make a milkshake?
“Give it a good scare!”

What kind of lettuce has killed the most people?

How do Italians say goodbye?
“Pasta la vista, baby!”

What happens when fruits die?
“They get berried!”

What did the hotdog say to the bun?
“It was nice to meat you!”

Potato Cooking Puns
Potato Cooking Puns

What’s a potato’s worst enemy?
“Darth Tater!”

What’s a foodie’s favorite TV show?
“Breaking Bread!”

What did the mom say when her kid dropped their hotdog?
“It could always be wurst!”

What do you call cheese that’s gone crazy?
“Out of it’s rind!”

How do eggs show affection?
“They shower each other with quiches!”

What do you call a spacey drink?

What makes lettuce so special?
“Nothing, it’s just arugula vegetable!”

Why did the girl quit her job at the doughnut company?
“She was fed up with the hole business!”

Why did the butcher work extra hours?
“To make ends meat!”

What do you call friends you meet at culinary school?
“Taste buds!”

What’s a fruit’s favorite celebrity?
“Melon Degeneres!”

What did Taylor Swift say to the melon?
“Look what you made me dew!”

What did the bread say to the butter?
“You’re my butter half!”

What do you say to a herb that’s running late?
“It’s about thyme!”

What do you call a good corn harvest?
“Polenta to go around!”

Funny Cooking Jokes For Adults | Skillet | Salad

These funny cooking puns include the recipe, kitchen, baking, or foodie captions.

Lettuce Cooking Jokes

Lettuce us celebrate!

“Thyme is money.”

“Becoming a vegetarian is a huge missed steak.”

“Doughnut take us lightly.”

“The path of yeast resistance.”

“Another one beats the crust.”

“Pickle for your thoughts.”

“A salt with a deadly weapon.”

“Batter up!”

“Robert Brownie Jr.”

Good morning Puns
Good morning Puns

“Good morning Viet-nom!”

“Let’s give ’em something to taco ’bout!”

“It’s nacho your problem.”

“I’m a weirddough.”

“What the hell am I doughing here?”

“I doughnot belong here.”

“This may sound bananas but I find you a-peeling.”

“Chill today, hot tamale.”

“Making ends meat.”

“Salami-get this straight.”

Ice Puns
Ice Puns

“Iceberg! Straight ahead.”

“Lime yours.”

“Pasta la vista, baby!”

“Penne for your thoughts.”

“It feels like you don’t carrot all.”

“Berried alive.”

“Hope to see you again so we can ketchup.”

“Well, well, well. Would you look at the thyme?”

“You butter back off, pal.”

“I’m kind of a big dill.”

“Don’t go bacon my heart.”

“Lettuce turnip the beet!”

“I get a little chilli.”

“Blurred limes.”

“Wu-Tang Flan.”

“Don’t leek my secrets.”

“You’re so absinth-minded!”

“I love Melon DeGeneres!”

“There’s Polenta go around!”

“You’re my butter half!”

Mochi Pun
Mochi Pun

“I love you very mochi.”

“We make a beautiful pear.”

“The s’more I know you, the s’more I love you.”

“Thanks for pudding up with me.”

“Here’s my number, so Kale me maybe?”

“Bean there, done that.”

“You’re a has bean.”

“John Lemon.”

“You’re a real pizzawork.”

“You look radishing today.”

“Y’all bready for this?”

“I donut understand food puns.”

“I only have fries for you.”

“You’re acting unbeerable.”

“Jello from the other side!”

“If you were a fruit, you’d be a fine apple.”

“The Carbdashians.”

“Just beet it.”

“Turnip for what?”

“Olive you.”

“I don’t believe you. You’re an impasta!”

“I value our friend-chip.”

“I have so mushroom in my heart.”

“Donut you know you’re special?”

“You’ve stolen a pizza my heart.”

“Soda think you can help me out?”

“Pretty peas?”

“Thanks a latte.”

“Kiwi be friends?”

“I love you from my head tomatoes.”

“That’s what cheese said.”

“I’m a real funghi!”

“I’m muffin without you.”

“Water you doing?”

“Gurl, peas.”

“I am berry excited!”

“Gouda luck!”

“It’s fry-day!”

“Thank you very matcha.”

“I’m so mad ice cream!”

“I’m your biggest flan.”

“Donut ever leave.”

“I’m the wurst.”

“Don’t settle for mediokra!”

“You’re the apple of my ribeye.”

“I tiramisu already!”

“Udon know me!”

“Control your tempura please!”

“Feeling a little melon-choly.”

“My heart beets for you.”

“I ap-peach-ate you.”

“I know it’s corny but you’re a-maize-ing.”

“I don’t feel like forking. Wanna spoon instead?”

“You are brew-tiful.”

“You’re souper!”

“You Butter Believe It”

“Nice to Meat You”

“A Hole New Ballgame”

“Pepper Sprayed”

“Let’s Cut to the Cheese”

“I Hope You Find Inner Peas”

“Making Fish Puns for the Halibut”

Best Cooking Puns Pick Up Lines | Dinner | Food

Here are some of the best cooking-related wordplay jokes like kitchen, baking, restaurant, recipe, foodie, chef, or similar. Pick the suitable word play cooking joke and puns. Enjoy!

Bake Puns
Bake Puns

Back/Bake: “Bake in my day…”

Break/Bake: “Bake out into a cold sweat”

Boil/Boyle: “Susan Boil”

Rest/Roast: “No roast for the wicked”

Arrest/A roast: “You are under a roast.”

Girl/Grill: “You go grill!”

Gorilla/Grilla: “The silverback grilla is native to this area.”

Thrilled/Grilled: “We’re grilled to have you here.”

Bill/Grill: “These are my grillable hours”

Filled/Grilled: “Grilled with happiness”

Even/Oven: “Don’t get mad, get oven”

Kitten/Kitchen: “The internet is full of cute kitchen pictures.”

My crow wave/Microwave: “Microwave at me with its wing.”

Push/Poach: “Don’t poach your luck”

Summer/Simmer: “The long, hot simmer.”

Skillet Puns
Skillet Puns

Skill at/Skillet: “I admire your skillet chess.”

Rise/Rice: “Rice and shine.”

Hate/Heat: “I heat to say it, but …”

Seem/Steam: “It’s not as bad as it steams”

Esteem/Esteam: “Self esteam”

Seam/Steam: “Bulging at the steams”

Scheme/Steam: “In the grand steam of things”

Team/Steam: “Dream steam”

I’ll/Oil: “Well, oil be”

Pep her/Pepper: “We need to pepper up with some music before her big race.”

Often/Oven: “Do you come here oven?”

Stuff/Stove: “Don’t sweat the small stove.”

Work/Wok: “Wok hard, play hard.”

Sup/Soup: “Soup man, how’s it going?”

Male/Meal: “Meal chauvinist pig”.

Man, you/Menu: “Menu need to see someone about that.”

Source/Sauce: “That’s an unreliable sauce.”

Carry/Curry: “Keep calm and curry on.”

Though/Dough: “You look as dough you’ve seen a ghost!”

Spies/Spice: “I think I’m being followed by Indian spice.”

Nice/Knife: He/she is a knife person.”

East/Yeast: “I’m heading over yeast for a holiday.”

Least/Yeast: “Last, but not yeast.”

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