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Are you looking for orange puns or related to orange jokes?

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Amazing Orange Puns | Jokes | Riddles | Memes | 2024

Here are the best riddles on orange that you can share with kids or friends to have a fun time. Pick the suitable puns on the orange. Enjoy!

Amazing Question-Answer Orange Puns

Why don’t oranges go around blind?
“Because they take Vitamin See!”

Why did the worker get fired from the orange juice factory?
“Lack of concentration.”

What can a whole orange do that half an orange can never do?
“Look round!”

Why was red in awe of orange?
“Because orange blue green.”

Why did the orange stop rolling down the hill?
“It ran out of juice.”

What is the healthiest fruit?
“An orange It takes Vitamin See!”

What do you call fake oranges?
“Pulp Fiction”

Where were the first orange trees planted?
“In Orange County.”

What does an orange sweat?
“Orange juice.”

Why didn’t the apple and orange get married

Why didn’t the apple and orange get married?
“Because fruit cantaloupe.”

Why did the citrus fruit join the military?
“Because it was a navel orange.”

Why did the Orange go out with a Prune?
“Because he couldn’t find a Date!”

Why did the orange lose the race?
“Because it got Im-peached.”

Why was the girl staring at the carton of orange juice?
“It said concentrate.”

Why did the fruit bat eat the orange?
“Because it had appeal.”

Why did the orange go to the doctor?
“It wasn’t peeling well.”

Tobacco companies have made an orange flavored cigarette?
“They call it “Nico-tang”

What do you call a fruit riding a motorcycle?
“An Orange County Chopper.”

Funny One Liner Orange Jokes For Instagram Captions 2024

These are the best orange jokes one-liners you can use for Instagram captions with matching fruit, and citrus captions. Enjoy!

Orange you going to say anything
Orange jokes on sayings

“Orange you going to say anything?”

“Bitter late than never.”

“Don’t sweet the small stuff.”

“I’ll be there in half a sour.”

“Could you help me orange the fruit bowl?”

“Pip, pip, hooray!”

“You’ve got a bit of a pip on your shoulder.”

“All you seed is love.”

“I’ll stay as long as you seed me to.”

“A hop, pip and a jump.”

“My favorite color is tangerine- isn’t that orange-inal?”

“Get juiced to it.”

“Mind your own squeezewax!”

“Life’s a squeeze.”

“I’m juiced around the corner.”

Squeezed as punch orange jokes
Squeezed as punch orange jokes

“Squeezed as punch.”

“I’m at a bit of a juice end.”

“Squeeze don’t go!”

“Squeeze the day!”

“All the zest.”

“You’re my zest friend.”

“Time to put these oranges to the zest.”

“You look like you’re zest for success.”

“All zest up, with no place to grow!”

“Laughter is the zest medicine.”

“I zest my case.”

“I love your orange party zest!”

“I was stunned by their beauty, it was very a-zest-ing.”

That's a bit of a peel breaker for me.
That’s a bit of a peel breaker for me.

“That’s a bit of a peel breaker for me.”

“Just another way to sweeten the peel.”

“Peel the burn.”

“I would love an orange slice, they are just such an a-peel-ing fruit.”

“I’m head over peels in love with orange squash.”

“I’m going out of my rind!”

“Absolutely a-peel-ing!”

“Don’t call us…peel call you.”

“We are going rind in circles.”

“You are driving me rind the bend!”

“Keep your eyes peeled.”

“Random acts of rindness.”

“I couldn’t believe it either- it’s un-peel-ievable!”

Unseen Orange Jokes & Puns 2024

If you looking for orange puns or jokes about oranges like fruit, citrus, or similar then these are perfect to be used. Pick suitable orange jokes for adults. Enjoy!

“Help me orange things around here.”
“Help me orange things around here.”

Arrange/Orange: “Help me orange things around here.”

Aren’t/Orange: “Orange you glad you met me?”

Food/Fruit: “Comfort fruit”

Boot/Fruit: “Tough as old fruits”

Hoot/Fruit: “Don’t give two fruits”

Root/Fruit: “Lay down fruits”

Shoot/Fruit: “Don’t fruit the messenger”

Beauty/Fruity: “A thing of fruity is a joy forever”

Goose/Juice: “Loose as a juice.”

Loose/Juice: “All hell broke juice”

Use/Juice: “Be careful how you juice it!”

Pale/Peel: “A whiter shade of peel”

Pile/Peel: “Peel it high and sell it cheap”

“A bitter peel to swallow”
“A bitter peel to swallow”

Pill/Peel: “A bitter peel to swallow”

Deal/Peel: “A big peel”

Meal/Peel: “Make a peel of it”

Seal/Peel: “Keep your lips peeled”

Steal/Peel: “Beg, borrow or peel”

Steel/Peel: “Nerves of peel”

We’ll/Peel: “Don’t call us, peel call you.”

Wheel/Peel: “Asleep at the peel”

Palpable/Pulpable: “A pulpable feeling.”

Reap/Ripe: “Ripe the rewards”

Pipe/Ripe: “A ripe dream”

Bees/Squeeze: “The birds and the squeeze”

Ease/Squeeze: “Squeeze up”

Round/Rind: “All year rind”

Novel/Navel: “A real navel of a text message.”

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