33 Funny Duck Puns That Will Quack You Up 2024

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Here we have the best duck puns and jokes that you can share with friends and family to have a fun time with them.

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Therefore, we have made these amazing animal puns that are funny and clever duck captions puns to use today.

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Funny Duck Puns & Jokes: Question and Answer

Here we have collected the best question answer duck puns that you can share with kids or friends to have a fun time. Also, these duck puns are perfect jokes to use for up jokes, donald duck puns, or duck captions jokes. Have a look and pick the suitable puns for duck. Enjoy!

Funny Duck Puns

What did Mrs. Duck say when she bought a new lipstick?
“Put it on my bill.”

Platypus enters a restaurant that is owned by a duck. He finishes his meal and asks for his check. What did the duck do?
“Duck-billed platypus.”

Ducks cannot handle stressful situations, why?
“Unfortunately, they quack under pressure.”

Kids, do you know why ducks have feathers?
“To cover its butt quack.”

Do you know why ducks don’t carry spare change?
“Coz they only carry bills.”

I’ve heard ducks make good detectives?
“Well, they always quack the case.”

What do you call a duck that is disabled?

Is there a special church for ducks?
“Birds of Pray.”

If our president is about to be attacked?
“Secret service(yells): “Donald, duck!”

What do you call a duck addicted to drugs?
“A quack-head.”

duck fired from his job

Why was duck fired from his job?
“I heard he was addicted to quack.”

A duck bought a drink for a chick. Guess what he said to the bartender?
“Just put it on my bill.”

What is duck’s best show on TV?

I know a duck that can fix anything. Do you know what’s his name?

Guess what duck wore at the prom night?
“A duck-sedo.”

Guess who broke into our house last night and steal our stuff?
“A robber duck.”

Why does a rubber duck go into the pool?
“Coz he is chill as duck.”

What does a duck say to her teacher?

How are 1 year old and duckling different?
“The first one is the whiny toddler and the second one a tiny waddler.”

My duck dropped a dish in the kitchen and said?
“I hope it didn’t quack.”

duck was disqualified

Why duck was disqualified from the game?
“Yeah, he fowl played.”

What did Scientist Duck discover in an atom?

Ducks in the park attacked my dog?
“I guess this is the disadvantage of getting a pure bread dog.”

Name that clever duck who could solve all problems?
“A wise-quacker.”

What do you call a crocodile that ate a duck?

Why was the duck arrested?
“It was selling quack.”

Unseen Word Rhymes & Miss Spelled Duck Puns Ideas

If you looking for duck puns that rhyme with duck or duck-related words then these are perfect to use. Have a look and pick the suitable wordplay duck joke and puns. Enjoy!

The duck side of the moon

Dark/Duck: “The duck side of the moon”

Dock/Duck: “Charging duck”

Tuck/Duck: “Nip and duck” 

Deck/Duck: “All hands on duck” 

Truck/Duck: “By the duckload”

What’ll/Waddle: “Waddle we do without her?”

Crack/Quack: “Not all it’s quacked up to be”

Father/Feather: “The founding feathers”

Peek/Beak: “Sneak beak“

Peak/Beak: “Beak performance” 

Girl nest door

Next/Nest: “Boy/girl nest door” 

Foul → Fowl: “By fair means or fowl”

Fell/Fowl: “In one fowl swoop”

Poetry/Poultry: “Poultry in motion”

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