100+ Funny Thanksgiving Jokes For Kids Will Gobble Up | Turkey Puns | 2023

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Thanksgiving is the best time of the holiday season because you get to celebrate quality time with your relatives, kids, family, or friends.

Here we’ve compiled the best funny Thanksgiving jokes for kids to lighten the mood at your dinner table.

These jokes feature puns to one-liners, knock knock to turkey country jokes that fit for Thanksgiving memes, Turkey Day jokes, etc.

Pick suitable jokes for kids for the best Thanksgiving puns to make everyone smile.

Enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving!

Funny Thanksgiving Jokes For Kids 2023

Funny Thanksgiving Jokes For Kids

What do you wear to Thanksgiving dinner?
“A har-vest.”

Funny Jokes On Thanksgiving For Kids

Why didn’t the cook season the Thanksgiving turkey?
“There was no thyme!”

Funny Turkey Jokes For Kids

What’s a turkey’s favorite Thanksgiving food?
“Nothing—it’s already stuffed.”

Funny Thanksgiving Holiday Jokes For Kids

Which holiday is Dracula’s favorite?

Thanksgiving Funny Jokes For Kids

What’s the best dance to do on Thanksgiving?
“The turkey trot.”

Thanksgiving Jokes For Kids Funny

What instrument does a turkey play?
“The drumsticks!”

Thanksgiving Holiday Jokes For Kids

What kind of key can’t open doors?
“A tur-key.”

Funny Jokes For Kids On Thanksgiving

What kind of noise does a limping turkey make?
“Wobble, wobble.”

What do you call a sad cranberry?
“A blueberry.”

Best Funny Thanksgiving Jokes For Kids
Funny Thanksgiving Jokes For Kids

Why couldn’t the Thanksgiving band perform?
“Somebody ate the drumsticks.”

What Thanksgiving side dish could be given out at Halloween?
“Candied yams!”

What smells the best at a Thanksgiving dinner?
“Your nose!”

What’s a Turkey’s Favorite Dessert?
“Apple gobbler!”

What did the family serve after grandma sat on the turkey?

Why did the sweet potatoes get so embarrassed?
“They saw the turkey dressing!”

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What’s the best thing to put into a pumpkin pie?
“Your teeth!”

What side dish tells the worst jokes?
“Corn(y) bread!”

When is turkey soup bad for your health?
“When you’re the turkey.”

What do salt and pepper say at the table?
“Seasonings’ greetings!”

What role do green beans have during Thanksgiving dinner?
“The casse-role.”

What’s the best music to play while preparing Thanksgiving dinner?
“All About That Baste”

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When do you serve rubber turkey?

What do you get when you cross turkey with dessert?
“Peach gobbler.”

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Best Kids Thanksgiving Jokes 2023

Best Kids Thanksgiving Jokes
Funny Thanksgiving Jokes For Kids

Why did Johnny get such low grades after Thanksgiving?
“Because everything is marked down after the holidays”

What do you call a dumb gobbler?
“A jerky turkey.”

What has feathers and webbed feet?
“A turkey wearing scuba gear.”

What kind of potatoes go oui-oui-buzz-buzz?
“French flies.”

What kind of vegetable would you like on thanksgiving?
“Beets me!”

Can a turkey jump higher than the Empire State Building?
“Yes – a building can’t jump at all.”

What do you get when you cross a turkey with an octopus?
“Enough drumsticks for Thanksgiving.”

How can you make a turkey float?
“You need 2 scoops of ice cream, some root beer, and a turkey.”

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Who is not hungry at Thanksgiving?
“The turkey because he’s already stuffed!”

Why do pilgrims pants keep falling down?
“Because their belt buckles are on their hats!”

Funny Kids Thanksgiving Jokes
Funny Thanksgiving Jokes For Kids

Which side of the turkey has the most feathers?
“The outside.”

What kind of music did the Pilgrims like?
“Plymouth Rock.”

How do you keep a turkey in suspense?
“I’ll let you know next week.”

Why did the police arrest the turkey?
“They suspected it of fowl play.”

What’s the key to a great Thanksgiving dinner?
“The turKEY.”

What did the turkey say before it was roasted?
“Boy! I’m stuffed!”

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Where did the first corn come from?
“The stalk brought it.”

Why did the Indian chief wear so many feathers?
“To keep his wigwam.”

What happened to the Pilgrim who was shot at by an Indian?
“He had an arrow escape.”

How did the Mayflower show that it liked America?
“It hugged the shore.”

Best Kids Thanksgiving Jokes

Why did the turkey cross the road?
“It was the chickens day off.”

Why did the Pilgrims want to sail to America in the spring?
“Because April showers bring MayFlowers.”

If they took Thanksgiving Day off the calendar, what would you have?
“One week with only six days in it.”

Why is Thanksgiving Day such a beloved holiday for millions of people?
“Little Boy: My dad says it’s because he can fart all evening with good reason.”

How can you make a turkey disappear fast?
“Invite all of my relatives over for Thanksgiving dinner.”

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Why did Johnny come to school late on the day after Thanksgiving?
“Because it was Black Friday, and he gave himself 50% off the school day.”

When is the best time to eat a turkey?
“When it is cooked and on the dinner table.”

Who gets full quicker during Thanksgiving dinner?
“The turkey because it comes to the table already stuffed.”

What happens if there is no turkey at the Thanksgiving table?
“No need to worry, we’ve already invited Uncle Bob.”

Why did the turkey pack his gear, and leave the farm?
“He had gotten tired of all the fowl language.”

Best Kids Thanksgiving Jokes

Why do turkeys gobble?
“Because they are not human, and can not talk.”

When can a turkey be entertaining?
“When they are making people smile and happy on Thanksgiving Day.”

Do turkeys ever make wishes?
“Yes, they wish that people would find another entree for their Thanksgiving celebrations.”

Why were turkeys parading down the middle of main street dancing?
“They were marching to the beat of their own drumsticks.”

What did the mother turkey say to the younger turkey?
“I named you Antonio instead of Tom for a reason.”

If a turkey spent all night basking is a pool of fragrant oils, what would he be the next morning?
“Well marinated, and ready for the oven.”

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What are turkeys mostly thankful for at Thanksgiving?

Why do turkeys get nervous?
“Because they watch the calendars roll over to November.”

Thanksgiving Jokes and Riddles For Kids 2023

Thanksgiving Jokes and Riddles For Kids

What did the turkey say to the turkey hunter on Thanksgiving Day?
“Quack, Quack!”

Why did the farmer have to separate the chicken and the turkey?
“He sensed fowl play.”

What key has legs and can’t open a door?
“A turkey.”

Why did they let the turkey join the band?
“Because he had his own drumsticks.”

What happened to the turkey that got in a fight?
“He got the stuffing knocked out of him!”

Why shouldn’t you sit next to a turkey at dinner?
“Because he will gobble it up.”

If you call a big turkey a gobbler, what do you call a small one?
“A goblet.”

What do you call a running turkey?
“Fast food.”

What’s blue and covered in feathers?
“A turkey holding its breath.”

What’s the best song to play while cooking a turkey?
“All about that baste.”

Why did the turkey cross the road?
“He wanted people to think he was a chicken.”

Why was the turkey put in jail?
“The police suspected fowl play.”

What did the turkey say to the computer?
“Google, google.”

What do you get if you cross a turkey with a ghost?
“A poultry-geist.”

What kind of weather does a turkey like?
“Fowl weather.”

Funny Thanksgiving knock knock Jokes For Kids 2023

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Norma Lee.
Norma Lee who?
Norma Lee I don’t drink eat this much!

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Tamara who?
Tamara we’ll eat all the leftovers!

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Annie who?
Annie body seen the turkey?

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Arthur who?
Arthur any leftovers?

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Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Don who?
Don eat all the gravy, I want some more.

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Olive who?
Olive the stuffing too!

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Aida who?
Aida lot more than I should have!

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Phillip who?
Phillip a big plate and dig in!

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Aaron who?
Aaron you having more cranberry sauce?

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Dewey who?
Dewey have to wait long to eat?

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Emma who?
Emma real pig when it comes to eating turkey!

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Esther who?
Esther anymore gravy?

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Gladys who?
Gladys Thanksgiving. Aren’t you?

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Harry who?
Harry up, I’m hungry!

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Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Nadia who?
Nadia head when you say ‘Gobble! Gobble!’

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Odette who?
Odette’s a big turkey!

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Possum who?
Possum gravy on my potatoes

Knock knock!   
Who’s there?
Wilma who?
Wil Ma make lots of food again this Thanksgiving?

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Howie who?
Howie am I supposed to walk in this turkey costume?

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Ava who?
Ava seen a play about the first Thanksgiving?

The Funniest Jokes In Turkey Country For Kids 2023

What do you call a Turkish baby?

What do you call a Turkish cab driver?
“An Ottoman.”

What’s a nickname for Turkish police officers?
“The Fez”

Why is the Turkish President like Little Miss Muffett?
“They both have Kurds in their way”

How do Turkish Germans curse?

What’s the Turkish cannibals favorite meal?
“Organ Doner”

What’s the favourite toy of Turkish rulers?

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Turkish fundraising dinner
“Donor Kebab”

I sat on my Turkish friend yesterday.
“Now he’s an Ottoman.”

A small turkish family had a car accident.
“18 people died.”

How do you say “Hello” in Turkish?
“Gobble Gobble”

What are Turkish cattle best known for?

Funny Thanksgiving Puns For Kids 2023

“I’m all about that baste.”

“Stop, drop, and pass the rolls!”

“My family told me to stop telling Thanksgiving jokes, but I said I couldn’t quit cold turkey.”

“I only have pies for you.”

“Hey I just met you, and this is gravy, but here’s my stuffing, so carve me maybe.”

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“Let’s get basted.”

“Gobble ’til you wobble.”

“Oh my gourd, I ate too much.”

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Jokes 2023

If April showers bring may flowers, what do may flowers bring?

What’s a pilgrim’s favorite type of music?
“Plymouth Rock!”

What do you call a pilgrim’s birthday?

What do pilgrims bake with?

Where did the pilgrims first stand?
“On their feet”

What kind of cars to pilgrims drive?

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What do you call a pilgrim back from a beach vacation?

How do you weigh a pilgrim?
“In pil-grams.”

Who does a Puritan see just before he dies?
“The pil-grim reaper.”

Why did Pilgrims eat turkey at the first Thanksgiving?
“They couldn’t fit a whale in the oven.”

If British colonists are called Pilgrims, what do you call colonists from Spain?
“Spanish Acquisition.”

Did you hear about the pilgrims involved in a class-action lawsuit?
“They reached a settlement.”

Did you hear about the Roanoke residents?
“It was very unsettling.”

What’s the first ingredient in Pilgrim biscuits?

If they were alive today, what would the Pilgrims be famous for?
“Being 400 years old.”

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What do you call an accident-prone Pilgrim?
“A spill-grim.”

How do educated Pilgrims travel?
“On scholar-ships.”

Why didn’t the pilgrim want to make the bread?
“It’s a crummy job.”

What do you a call the age of a pilgrim?

Why do pilgrims’ pants always fall down?
“Because they wear their buckles on their hats!”

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I hope you have found these funny Thanksgiving jokes for kids to make everyone laugh and giggle.

Moreover, check out these jokes on food, animals, and love for more ideas that suit different situations and moods.

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