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Guess what jokes is one of the most entertaining segments to flirt for him and her.

Moreover, these guess who or what jokes are the best to giggle with your family and friends on holiday or get together.

Also, these jokes feature questions for an adult crush that are short and funny that can help as a conversation starter on messages or on Instagram.

Therefore, take a look and pick an ideal guess what jokes or guess who jokes have fun with.

Hope these super funny jokes, memes & riddles help you kill time or impress your girlfriend/boyfriend.

Good Guess What Jokes For Adults | Subtle | Him-Her 2024

Here are some of the best guess what jokes for boyfriend, girlfriend, crush, etc. Take a look and pick suitable guess who jokes for adults.

Guess what jokes

I was dreaming of an orange ocean tonight. Guess what?
“It was a Fanta sea.”

Guess What Jokes For Him And Her

I was trying to solve a few equations on circles. Guess what?
“It was pointless.”

funny guess what questions

I noticed a Fairy Tail t-shirt at an extremely low price. Guess what?
“It was a fair retail.”

short guess what jokes

There was a certain knight who’d always endure all pains in battle. Guess what?
“He was a Sir Vivor.”

guess what jokes for adults

There’s a place where the English and French live peacefully. Guess what?
“It’s Canada.”

top guess what jokes

The cook gifted his girlfriend something she would like. Guess what?
“An onion ring.”

funny guess what jokes

Guess what I have right now?
“Your attention.”

Guess what’s ‘tiiiimmeeeee ABDE’?
“…yes, it is long time no see”

Guess what type on bees makes milk?

I saw a cut pig in the market. Guess what?
“It was porkchopped.”

“My girlfriend dumped me, so I stole her wheelchair, Guess who came crawling back”

The mathematician served something special for dessert. Guess what?
“It was a pi.”

I sneezed at the best time of the day. Guess what?
“It was at-choo-o’-clock.”

The teacher said that he caught something. Guess what?
“He caught my attention.”

A boy went up to the counter serving orange punch. He saw there was a huge line and so, he came back after an hour. Guess what?
“There was no punchline.”

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Military was standing outside my house, guess what I did?

I got a wooden bike with wooden handles and wheels, guess what?
“It woo-den start.”

The shooter who won the gold medal is opening a new store, guess what he named it?

I opened the creepy closet, guess what I found?
“Narnia business.”

I won a rain dance competition, guess what I got?

My mom is coming home after a work trip tonight, guess what I am getting?
“I am getting yelled at.”

One really famous tortoise lives next door, guess what it’s called?
“A shell-ebrity.”

New York is going to the Halloween costume party, guess what he is dressing up as?
“New Orleans.”

The frog parked his car at the no parking zone, guess what happened?
“His car got toad.”

Once there was a bear with no ears, guess what they call it?
A “B”.

Guess what happens to a frog’s car when it breaks down?
“It gets toad away.”

Two monkeys are sharing an Amazon account, guess what are they called?
“Prime mates.”

Guess what did the left eye say to the right eye?
“Between you and me, something smells.”

Guess what’s the best thing about Switzerland?
“I don’t know, but the flag is a big plus.”

Guess what?
“I said guess.”

The toast was having a sleepover. Guess what he was wearing?
“His favorite pa-jam-as.”

Guess what method of transportation self-driving cars use on their day off?
“A human driver.”

Guess what bands turbines love to listen to?
“Not sure, but they’re big heavy metal fans!”

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How do you accurately guess what you’re having for dinner?
“You cook it yourself!”

A girl won a Scrabble tournament. Guess what she got?
“A re-word.”

Guess why elephants always get the first word?
“Because their opinion carries a lot of weight!”

Can you guess who you should never lie to?
“An x-ray operator – they can see right through you!”

Can you guess where that famous painter’s ear went?
“Not sure, but I saw it get in a Van and Gogh!”

Can you guess what the calendar worker got fired for?
“He took a day off without telling anyone!”

Guess what volcanoes do when they have feelings?
“They lava each other for a long time.”

Guess who Dracula brings with him to movie premieres?
“His ghoul-friend!”

Guess what you call an alligator wearing a vest?
“An investigator!”

Can you guess why learning sign language is such a good idea?
“Because it is quite handy!”

Best Guess What Jokes FlirtyQuestions 2024

Here are flirty jokes on guess what is suitable to spice things up with your crush, gf, or bf. Pick suitable guess what jokes flirty for him and her.

guess what jokesfor adults

It was pointless. It has no life but it still dies, guess who?
“A battery.”

Guess What Jokes Flirty Questions

Guess what I have right now?
“Your ear!”

flirty jokes to make him laugh

It sits in a corner and still travels around the world, guess who?
“A stamp.”

flirty jokes to make her laugh

The mathematician served something special for dessert. Guess what?
“It was a pi.”

subtle flirty jokes

Guess what the chop said to the steak on their first date?
“It’s so nice to finally meat you!”

flirty jokes to tell a girl over text

It’s always coming but never comes, can you guess what it is?

funny flirty jokes for texts

The baby tomato was running late for school. Guess what his mommy said?
“Come on, ketch-up!”

One friend took the elevator while the other took the staircase. Guess what?
“Both were raised differently.”

A girl won a Scrabble tournament. Guess what she got?
“A re-word.”

Guess what coffee and motivational coaches have in common?
“They encourage people to espresso themselves!”

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A grumpy man spent an evening with his friends at a comedy club and asked his doctor for a course on antibiotics. Guess what for?
“He thought laughter was infectious”

Guess what made the sea monster such a successful comedian?
“He was always kraken everyone up.”

Stupid Guess What Jokes 2024

best guess what jokes 1

Guess what coat hangers do on the weekend?
“They hang out, of course!”

guess what jokes for your crush

The banana went to the doctor. Guess what happened?
“He was not peeling well.”

guess what jokes for him

Scientists experimented on a rabbit and a bug, guess what they get?
“A bugs bunny.”

guessing jokes for adults

Guess what?
“Good guess.”

who asked jokes

Some people play the sexist card; some people play the racist card. Guess what my wife plays?
“My credit card.”

Guess what you call a sleeping peice of paper?
“A napkin.”

I met a ghost at the supermarket, guess what she was buying?
“A scare spray.”

Two eggs went for a comedy gig, guess what one egg said to the other?
“Let’s get cracking.”

Guess what kind of hike I went on today?
“I hiked up my pants!”

The gym instructor broke up with his girlfriend, guess what happened?
“It did not work out.”

If you see two girls at a bar, guess what?
“The short one is single.”

Short Guess What Jokes For Your Crush 2024

These short gags are suitable for you if you are looking for guess what jokes for your crush guy or girl.

 Short Guess What Jokes for your crush

Guess what bands turbines love to listen to?
“Not sure, but they’re big heavy metal fans!”

flirty jokes to tell your crush

I won a wet t-shirt competition. Guess what I got?

jokes to tell your friends

Guess who woke up with 20 missed calls from his ex?
“My ex.”

Guess what you call an alligator wearing a vest?
“An investigator!”

If they used money in space, guess what it would be called?

I have a famous turtle. Guess what it’s called?

The military knocked on my door this morning. Guess what I did?

Met a cute guy at the bar, gave him my number and told him to text me when he got home.
“I guess he’s homeless.”

My wife told me I was immature and needed to grow up.
“Guess who’s not allowed in my tree house anymore.”

Guess who I bumped into on my way to the eye doctor!

If Daenerys from Game of Thrones married Khal Moro instead of Khal Drogo, guess what she would’ve named her biggest dragon?

Funny Guess What Jokes For Adults 2024

Here is the best collection of funny guess what jokes for adults that you can share with your crush girl, a guy as well as with your boyfriend and girlfriend.

guess what jokes for him

I sued the airport the other day because they didn’t want to give me my luggage
“Guess what, I lost the case”

Guess what smells bad living but smells good dead?
“A cow.”

I’m a guy who’s into Star Wars, Star Trek and Doctor Who. Can you guess what I’m not into right now?
“A woman.”

A depressed boy went to high five a tree guess what the tree did?
“The tree left him hanging”

Sky had to pay her bills, guess what she gave?
“A rain check.”

Guess how I got to Germany so fast?
“Because I was Russian!”

Guess why orphans can’t be g@y?
“Cause they have no one to call Daddy.”

I left Iran guess how.

Guess who I saw at school today?
“Everyone I looked at. loooooooool”

“I guess age is just a number but in your boyfriends case a personal preference.”

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I recently went to a restaurant, they poisoned my tiramisu. Guess what?
“I tiramisued them.”

What did the French Fry say to the Hamburger?
“I guess that’s a wrap!”

Have you heard the gossip about the butter?
“Oh I guess I better not spread it.”

I guess what happened to Gamora in Infinity War
“was definitely not a cliffhanger”

Guess what?
“I told my girlfriend she drew her eyebrows too high. She seemed surprised.”

I hope these guess what jokes fill your and your family’s holiday mood with joy and happiness.

Moreover, check out these memes and riddles on food, love, and animals to get more ideas for different moods and situations.

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