90+ Best Hiking Puns Jokes | Funny | Dirty | Trail | Mountain 2024

You love to go on hiking trips and fall in love with nature.

It not just helps you to connect with nature but helps you in making new friends, and is a healthy activity to lower your stress and blood pressure.

Therefore, to make your holiday hiking memories more fun and loving, here is a list of hiking puns and jokes.

Moreover, these hiking jokes include captions, dirty one liners, knock knock jokes, and dirty hiking puns for couples.

Take a look and pick suitable hiking jokes and puns from below. Have fun sharing!


Dirty Hiking Jokes 2024

Here are dirty jokes about hiking you can share while hiking or trekking with friends.

Dirty Hiking Jokes

“See that rock over there? Want to go behind it and get a little boulder?”

hiking puns

“The first time I saw your hiking boots, I knew we were sole-mates.”

hiking jokes

“I went on a hike yesterday…It peaked for the most part, but started to go downhill from there.”

jokes about hiking

“Do you want to be in a belaytionship with me? Or do I have to rope you into it?”

funny hiking jokes

What do you do when it rains?
“I get wet.”

dirty hiking memes

“Hey, are you a dehydrated meal? ‘Cause all I can think about is getting you wet tonight.”

Have you ever had s*x while camping?
“I hear it’s f#cking in-tents.”

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“One look at you is enough to erect my tent.”

One Liner Trail Puns 2024

These are one liners if you are looking for hiking pick up lines that feature mountain, trekking, etc.

hiking jokes one-liners

“These views are unbe-leaf-able!”

funny hiking captions

“I love camping — it’s in-tents.”

“I’m trying to mount-ain my distance.”

“I love hiking — I don’t take it for granite.”

“I fernly believe in the quality of my hiking puns!”

“Don’t be a pine in the ass!”

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“These boots were made for hikin’.”

“Two’s companies, trees a crowd.”

“I went for a hike, now I’m feel oak-ay.”

“May the forest be with you.”

“When my favorite song came on while hiking, I felt like I was ready for a trail remix.”

Mountain Puns Jokes & Riddles | Hiking 2024

backpacking jokes

“A little more altitude, a little less attitude.”

mountain puns

How do mountains hear?
“Thanks to mountaineers, duuh.”

What do fashionable mountains wear when it’s cold?
“An ice cap.”

“Mountains aren’t just funny. They’re hill areas.”

What do you call a giant hill made of kittens?
“A meow-tain”

Why are mountains always sleepy?
“Because they n-Everest.”

What do you call an amazing day up a mountain?
“A ‘peak’ experience.”

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“Never forget how beautiful the mountains are. You don’t want to take them for granite.”

“If this mountain was a novel it’d be called ‘Climb and Punishment’.”

“I want to hike that mountain. It really peaked my interest.”

“Mountains listen by using mountaineers.”

“I asked my dad, “Can’t we take a break from hiking for a few minutes?” He said, “I never Ever rest.”

Funny Hiking Captions For Instagram 2024

If you are looking for something interesting related to trekking or hiking on Instagram then you can take a look at these funny hiking captions.

Funny Hiking Captions For Instagram

“These boots were made for hikin’”

“Hiking hair, don’t care.”

“This hike really peaked my interest.”

“DEET is nature’s cologne”

“There’s no such thing as ‘too much fresh air’”

“See those rocks? Don’t take ’em all for granite”

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“Speechless (and breathless!)”

“Needed a change of altitude.”

“There! Right there is where I lost my damn mind!”

“I feel big until I get to the mountains”

Awesome Dog Hiking Puns 2024

Dog Hiking Puns

“This hike is pretty pawfect.”

“This pup and I had a pretty pawsome day.”

“Whenever I felt like giving up on this hike, this pup right here made me feel like I could do anything.”

“The puggle is real.”

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“When we got to the top of the hike, we said, ‘Pup, pup, hooray!'”

“Clearly having the most pawsome day ever… be jealous.”

Best One Liner Hiking Jokes 2024

One Liner Hiking Jokes

“If someone asks for my plans for today’s hike, I’ll summit up nicely.”

“No need to worry about the volcano – it’s not very active.”

“Mountains aren’t just funny, they’re hill areas.”

“When going to the bathroom in the woods, you’re going to go use the facilitrees.”

“We were determined to carry on our hike around the lake, come hill or high water.”

“The difference between hill and hell is just a fine line.”

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“These mountain jokes give me a Rushmore than others.”

“I don’t get it, the trail looked so flat on the map.”

“Wood you believe that I’m actually on a hike right now?”

“When you are sitting on a rock, you know a lot of people take these things for granite.”

Finest Hiking Puns For Couples 2024

Hiking Puns For Couples

Hey, are you a bear cub?
“Because you’re un-bear-ably adorable.”

Hey, have you seen Firefall?
“Cause I’m waterfallin’ for you.”

Hey, are you a campfire?
“‘Cause you’re super hot and I want s’more.”

Are you a mosquito?
“‘Cause I’m a sucker for you.”

Are you a mountain climber?
“‘Cause you really peaked my interest.”

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Hey, are you a GPS?
“‘Cause with you, all my dreams are In Reach.”

Are you a headnet?
“‘Cause I’m buggin’ over how cute you are!”

Hey, are you a Gossamer Gear tent?
“‘Cause I think you might be The One.”

Are you a can of bear spray?
“‘Cause you really spice things up around here.”

Epic Knock Knock Hiking Jokes 2024

Knock Knock Hiking Jokes

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Noah who?
Noah good joke about hiking?

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Knock Knock
Who’s there?
June who?
June know how to tell a good hiking knock-knock joke?

hike who joke

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Hike who?
Warm midnight falling. Stars shining, dancing brightly. Peaceful all at once.

We have selected a few of the best hiking puns, you can find.

Hopefully, you loved them. Have fun and share this with your friends and family also.

Moreover, check out these jokes, riddles and memes on food, love, animals and holiday to get more ideas to suit different moods and situations.

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