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Here are some of the best holiday icebreaker questions for Christmas to start a conversation at the Christmas Eve dinner, party, get-together, etc.

These icebreaker questions on holiday will help you make connections to spread holiday cheer.

Moreover, these questions are suitable for playing games with your friends, family, co-workers, couples, etc. over Zoom, or at virtual holiday parties.

Take a look below and pick your favorite holiday icebreaker questions or trivia that suit the mood or situation. Enjoy!

Holiday Themed Icebreaker Questions 2024

Holiday Themed Icebreaker Questions

“If you had to live in a holiday movie, which one would you choose?”

“What was your biggest holiday cooking or baking fail?”

“What celebrity would be the most fun to spend the holidays with?”

“What is the most interesting holiday decoration you own?”

“What is your best holiday hack?”

“What holiday thing do you wish would last year long?”

“What is the coolest holiday decoration display you have ever seen?”

“What is one unique way your hometown celebrates the holidays?”

“What one word best describes the holidays for you?”

“What is your favorite holiday commercial of all time?”

“What is your favorite holiday flavor?”

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“In your opinion, what is the most underrated holiday film?”

“How do you get cozy during the holidays?”

Fun Holiday Questions Icebreaker 2024

Fun Holiday Icebreaker Questions

“Have you ever regifted a present?”

“Have you ever returned a present you did not like for store credit?”

“What song would you kill during Christmas karaoke?”

“What would your elf name be?”

“Describe what your ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future would look like.”

“What would be the strangest thing to see inside a snow globe?”

“What is your favorite holiday joke?”

“What is your favorite bad holiday movie?”

“What is your holiday guilty pleasure?”

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“Share one holiday “scrooge” moment you had.”

“What is your “never again” holiday story?”

“What would you be most offended to receive as a Christmas gift?”

Holiday Icebreaker Questions For Work 2024

Holiday Icebreaker Questions For Work

“What part of your work environment is your favorite?”

“What is one place you shop that might surprise people?”

“What kind of holiday shopper are you: Black Friday? Christmas Eve? Yearlong hoarder?”

“What is your least favorite holiday side dish?”

“What is the ugliest Christmas ornament you have ever seen?”

“If you could be a character in a holiday movie, who would you be and why?”

“What characteristic is most important to you in co-workers?”

“If you could have any job in the world for one day, what would it be?”

“What is a cherished family tradition from your childhood?”

“What was the strangest or worst holiday present you ever received?”

“What is your favorite holiday tradition?”

“Does your family have any unique or bizarre traditions?”

“What are your holiday plans?”

“What is your favorite holiday memory from childhood?”

“What is the best $5 gift to give someone?”

“What Christmas gift do you treasure the most?”

“Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Have you ever completed one?”

“Do you have a holiday playlist? Name one song off of it.”

“What is the coolest present you have ever received during a Secret Santa?”

Holiday Icebreaker Questions For Couples 2024

Holiday Icebreaker Questions For Couples

“What is one food item you hide from your spouse or kids during the holidays?”

“Finish this line, “It wouldn’t be Christmas without _____.”

“Share three things about yourself that you think no one here knows.”

“When was the last time you got the giggles at an inappropriate time?”

“What commercial from childhood can you say or sing from memory?”

“Finish this line: “My spouse has way too many _____.”

“Share something you have an irrational fear of that makes your spouse laugh.”

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“What has been the most helpful advice to your marriage?  The worst advice?”

“What are two things you don’t mind spending extra money on?”

“What is your favorite holiday road trip memory?”

Holiday Icebreaker For Friends 2024

Holiday Icebreaker For Friends

“If you could choose your age forever, what would it be and why?”

“What is your favorite bumper sticker of all time?  Or, create a new one.”

“Pick something out of your pocket or purse and share why it is important to you.”

“If you could spend the day in one store, what would it be?”

“What is one question you wish people would ask more often?”

“What was your fondest food memory from a holiday celebration?”

Name one place you could never live because of the winter weather.”

“What was the most memorable holiday celebration you had at school?”

“Which holiday would you add to the calendar and which holiday would you subtract?”

“What is the most bizarre experience you have ever had while shopping?”

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“What sport or hobby confuses you the most?”

“Who is most likely to give you a gift as an inside joke and what is the gift?”

Holiday This or That Questions Game 2024

Holiday This or That Questions

“Real tree or fake tree?”

“Star or angel?”

“Snowmen or snow angels?”

“Socks or sweaters?”

“Christmas or New Year?”

“Gift wrap or gift bags?”

“Finish shopping early or finish shopping last minute?”

“Cozy sweaters or pajamas?”

“Rudolph or Frosty?”

“Wreaths or stockings?”

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“Ugly sweater party or Christmas cocktail party?”

“Gift cards or cash?”

“Peppermint or gingerbread?”

“Candy canes or chocolates?”

“Ice skating or snowball fights?”

“Secret Santa or White Elephant Exchange?”

“Shop in-store or shop online?”

Holiday Party Icebreaker Questions

Holiday Party Icebreaker Questions

“What is good on the buffet table?”

“What is your favorite Christmas carol?”

“What is your family’s funniest holiday story?”

“What do you hope will be in your Christmas party swag bag?”

“Do you prefer to go out for New Years or stay in?”

“What is your least favorite thing about Christmas?”

“What would you be most excited to see at a Christmas party?”

“What is your favorite part of a Christmas party?”

“What is the best Christmas party you have ever been to?”

“Describe your perfect Christmas party?”

“What was the worst Christmas party you have ever been to?”

“Do you know everybody at this party?”

Christmas Holiday Icebreaker Questions

Christmas Holiday Icebreaker Questions

“Describe your ideal Christmas.”

“Do you send Christmas cards?”

“What gift would you love to unwrap?”

“What is your favorite Christmas story?”

“What is your favorite Christmas recipe?”

“Which holiday decoration goes up first?”

“Do you have a favorite Christmas ornament?”

“How early do you start Christmas shopping?”

“Have you ever celebrated Christmas in July?”

“Did you ever try to stay up and wait for Santa?”

Holiday Winter Icebreaker Questions

Holiday Winter Icebreaker Questions

Have you ever been on a winter holiday?

What is your favorite winter activity?

Would you rather have wet socks or a jacket without a hood?

What is your favorite snow memory?

What is your favorite hot beverage during winter?

Have you ever participated in any winter sports?

What is your go-to comfort meal during winter?

Would you rather build a snowman or have a snowball fight?

What is your favorite winter movie?

I hope these icebreaker questions on Christmas and New years holidays are a fun activity on Christmas Eve at work, with friends, family, etc.

moreover, check out these jokes, trivia, and riddles on food, animals, and love to get more ideas that suit different moods or situations.

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