60+ Best Laundry Puns Jokes | One Liners | Funny | Dirty | Adults 2024

Laundry day, is a day that we all have to face but we all hate it, don’t we?

So, let’s make your laundry memories, a bit funny and enjoyable.

These are the best one-liners jokes, memes, and riddles that feature funny, dirty laundry puns, and a lot more knock-knock jokes.

Let’s take a moment to explore some excellent laundry puns, jokes and one liners for adults.

Funny Laundry One Liners Jokes & Puns 2024

laundry puns

“I don’t have washboard abs. If I did, I’d do my laundry regularly.”

washing machine puns

What do you call a president that has tons of laundry to do?

laundry puns

How do people wash their laundry in Bangkok?
“With Thai Pods.”

What is the laundry capital of the USA?
“It’s Washington DC.”

What would you call an automatic washing machine that washes nun’s clothing?

What kind of exercise do washing machines love?
“The Spin Cycle.”

How do network routers fix their shaking washing machine?
“By load balancing.”

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What do sailors do their laundry with?
“Tied pods.”

Why are goalkeepers good at doing laundry?
“Because they love clean sheets.”

What would you call a dancing clothes dryer?
“A linty-hop.”

Why wasn’t the washing machine starting?
“Because its door wasn’t clothesed.”

What detergent did the mermaid use?

What would you call Tide Pods that prevent wars?
“Nuclear detergents.”

What would you call a dapper bouncer at the laundromat?
“A Deter Gent.”

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How do network routers fix their shaking washing machine?
“By load balancing.”

Dirty Laundry Puns Riddles 2024

Dirty Laundry Jokes Puns
Dirty Laundry Jokes

What kind of jokes do laundry like?
“Wet Humor”

I saw my wife walk past me with her s#xiest underwear on, which can only mean one thing.
“Today is laundry day.”

I’m surprised stores are out of toilet paper and not laundry detergent..
“The whole world has been s!tting themselves for weeks..”

The cops in my town are looking for a crazy man. He was last seen having s#x with a laundry machine.
“Nut screws washer and bolts.”

Did you hear about the male p0rnstar who accidentally put explosives in with his laundry?
“He blew his load everywhere!”

Doing laundry is a lot like master-bating
“The longer I wait the larger my load”

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Why do Klu Klux Klan members love doing laundry?
“It’s the only time they’re able to separate whites from colors without getting any shit for it!”

I wish laundry could m@sturbate
“Then it could just do itself.”

What does a young white female p0rnstar and my laundry have in common?
“We’re both doing a load of blacks”

I’m going to dress up as laundry next Halloween
“B!tches love doing laundry.”

My grandpa used to say that dating was like doing laundry.
“Never mix the whites with the colors.”

Folding Laundry Puns Jokes 2024

Folding Laundry Puns

“My brother promised he would be on top of our laundry. My mother came and told him to fold it as he had promised and not lie on it while he watched TV.”

“In a particular version of a poker game, the players have to put away their laundry loads before play. It’s named ‘Texas Fold’ em’.”

“I just saw my wife trip and fall, while carrying a laundry basket full of ironed clothes. I watched it all unfold.”

“Folding laundry with a toddler is like trying to straighten a desk full of papers while a fan blows on it.”

Why are poker players good at doing laundry?
“Because they know how to fold.”

“After washing all the clothes, my mom accidentally dropped all the laundry. I witnessed all of it unfold.”

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“My wife and I had a huge argument as to whose turn it was to do laundry. Eventually, I folded.”

“I prefer having poker players do my laundry. They know when to fold.”

“I love doing laundry! Except for putting it in the dryer, taking it out and folding it, and then putting it away.”

Laundry Knock Knock Jokes 2024

Laundry Knock Knock Jokes

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Pretty Clothes.
Pretty Clothes who?
Pretty Clothes but no cigar.

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Spin! Spin who?
You Spin too much money on clothes.

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Costa Rica!
Costa Rica who?
Your Costa Rica (coat reeks of) marijuana.

Clean Laundry Jokes & Puns 2024

Clean Laundry Jokes

What happened to the leopard that fell into the washing machine?
“He came out spotless.”

“Sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel. But you know what that means… more laundry!”

“I built a car out of my used and broken washing machine. I’ll take it out for a spin later.”

“The Beatles wrote one song about laundry detergent and chocolate. It’s called Twix and Shout”

“I went to the laundromat yesterday with some money. I needed some fresh clothes for a change.”

Why’d the Eskimo do his laundry inside with tide pods?
“It was way too cold out tide.”

What would you call it if you almost forgot to wash your laundry?
“It’d be a clothes call.”

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What would you call a day without some laundry money?
“It’d be called a quarter-life crisis.”

What would happen if a wolf fell into the washing machine?
“He’d become a wash and werewolf.”

What did the detergent say to the other after an excellent game?
“It said, “good scour.”

What would you call Tide Pods that prevent wars?
“Nuclear detergents.”

Why was Mr. Miyagi allowed to do his laundry at Cobra Kai dojo?
“Because he’s Anti-Kreese.”

Why did the lemon go to school wearing a red shirt?
“That’s because his blue shirt was dirty and in the laundry.”

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Why shouldn’t someone yell loudly in a laundromat?
“Washing powders are supposed to be concentrated.”

How did the accident patient get a clean bill of health?
“She left her hospital bill in her laundry by mistake.”

These were all laundry puns from our side. We hope you loved them.

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