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As the holidays approach and the hungover begins to set in, a great way to cheer up the festivities is to serve up some Lemon puns & jokes!

Whether serving as an after dinner treat or in a holiday recipe section, you can never go wrong with jokes about lemons.

When the going gets tough between family, friends, coworkers, and relatives, this is one thing that will help to lighten the mood, and it’s also healthy too!

Serve up some Lemon jokes and you are helping your guests have a great time without taking away their food: who knows, they might start eating the candies, instead.

We have also included lemon pick up lines, juicy fruit puns, bad, flirty, dirty, one liners, and many more.

Have a look and pick the suitable lemon jokes that can also be used for Instagram captions, lemon puns pick up lines, and many more. Enjoy!

Amazing Lemon Jokes Riddles 2024

Here we have collected the best lemons jokes to share with kids or friends to have a fun time. Also, ideal to use on birthdays and lemon love puns. Enjoy!

lemon puns love
Lemon Puns Love

What happens to Germans when they eat too many lemons?
“They become sour krauts.”

What’s the difference between a bipolar person and a loft full of lemons?
“One’s a bit erratic and the other’s a bitter attic.”

What do you call an attractive, Jewish lemon with no worldly possessions?
“An aesthetic ascetic acidic Hasidic.”

What do you get if you cross a lemon with a dinosaur?
“Tyrannosourest Rex.”

What did the pickle say to the lemon?
“I relish our time together”

Divorce Puns And Jokes
Divorce Puns And Jokes

Did you hear that the Lemon and the Orange divorced?
“The Lemon was very bitter.”

Did you hear about the lemons that got sick?
“They got lime disease.”

Did you hear about the lemons that got sick?
“They got lime disease.”

What do you call a musical lime?
“John Lemon.”

Have you heard the one about the lemon cat?
“It was a real sour puss.”

Polite German Lemon Jokes Puns
Polite German Lemon Jokes & Puns

How do you describe a polite german lemon?

Why did the lemon fail its driving test?
“Because it kept peeling out”

What do you call an evil lemon?
“Sour On”

What did the orange say to the lemon?

When you finish the lemons that life gives you;

Why are lemons safer than limes?
“There’s no such thing as lemon’s disease.”

What does a lemon pie and my wife have in common?
“They both have meringue on them.”

What did Apple say to the lemon & lime when he found out they were correct?
“Yeah, I guess you’re Sprite”

Why is it better to smell roses and lemons than a pile of poop?
“It’s just plain common scents.”

What do you give to a sick lemon?

Lemon Tomato Squeeze Puns & Jokes
Lemon Tomato Squeeze Puns & Jokes

What did the lemon in the salad say to the tomato?
“Give me a squeeze.”

Why did the lemon cross the road?
“He wanted to play squash.”

Why did the lemon stop when he was crossing the road?
“He ran out of juice.”

Which citrus fruit is bitter and green?
“A lemon in a green jumper.”

How do you make a lemon drop?
“Hold it high and let go.”

Why was the lemon by himself?
“Because the banana split”

How do you make a lemon puff?
“Chase it round the garden?”

What’s yellow and goes bzzzzz?
“An electric lemon.”

Do you know dino-saurs?
“They used to dominate this planet in the early citrus era.”

What should you do when you meet an injured lemon?
“Give it lemon aid.”

Lemons Fight Jokes & Puns
Lemons Fight Jokes & Puns

Do you know that limes and lemons often fight with each other?
“They are actually bitter components.”

What is the most common health problem in lemons?
“Sour stomach.”

What do we get when we cross a lemon and a cat?
“A sour puss”

Which type of lemon often to social works?
“Lemon Aid”

Who would like to hang out and date a sour grape?
“Perhaps Liz Lemon.”

How can we make lemons drop?
“Hold them high and then just let go.”

Why does the lemon do everything himself?
“It is because the banana has split.”

Why does the lemon stop when it is crossing the street?
“Because it runs out of juice.”

Which type of citrus fruit is green and bitter?
“It is a lemon on a green jumper.”

How can we make a lemon puff?
“Just chase the lemon round a garden.”

Funny Lemon Jokes One Liners Pick Up Lines 2024

Here are puns about lemons that go well for one line lemon puns for Instagram captions to post funny pics or selfies with matching juicy, citrus, lemonade, and lime captions.

One Line Lemon Puns For Instagram Captions

“You’re simply the zest!”

“One lemon met another and the zest is history.”

“A cowboy lemon runs through the wild zest.”

“The lemon is feeling said she just lost her zest.”

“One lemon said to the other lemon, we are zest friends forever!”

“The lemon lawyer declared, I zest my case!”

“The lemon visited the doctor because it was not peeling well.”

“Lemons always apply sun lotion because they peel all the time.”

“The lemon failed its driving test because it kept peeling out.”

“I ate the lemon because it looked so a-peeling.”

Funny Lemon Love Puns
Funny Lemon Love Puns

“When a lemon falls in love it catches peelings.”

“They were really sour about it”


“You’re so appealing!”

“People keep tripping acid”

“One more Limeeeeeee”

“Stairway to Lemon”

“V8 Lemon”

“Happy Lemon”

Flirty Dirty Lemon Jokes Pick Up Lines 2024

Are you a lemon pie?
“Because I want to pour some cream fillings inside you.”

Are you a lemon?
“Because I want to keep on using you.”

“If you were a lemon, I would pound on you until lemonade comes out.”

“Let’s be lemons together, time to get down until I run out of juice.”

Want to squeeze my lemons?
“I promise they’re delicious.”

“We must be lemons because when we met, the zest is history.”

Why couldn’t the lemon and lime have s*x?
“Because they were cousins and that would be inzest.”

When life hands you lemons, do not have s*x with them.
“That’s how you get LemonAIDS.”

Unseen Lemon Puns | Jokes | Riddles | Memes | 2024

If you looking for riddles and memes on the lemon that rhyme with lemon, lime, lemonade, citrus, or similar fruit then these are perfect to be used. Pick the suitable lemon joke and puns. Enjoy!

Beauty Captions For Instagram
Beauty Captions For Instagram

Beauty/Fruity: “A thing of fruity is a joy forever”

Goose/Juice: “Loose as a juice.”

Loose/Juice: “All hell broke juice”

Use/Juice: “Be careful how you juice it!”

Pill/Peel: “A bitter peel to swallow”

Deal/Peel: “A big peel”

Feel/Peel: “Can you peel the love tonight?”

Meal/Peel: “Make a peel of it”

Real/Peel: “All I peely want to do”

Seal/Peel: “Keep your lips peeled”

Palpable/Pulpable: “A pulpable feeling.”

Squeeze Jokes
Squeeze Jokes

Bees/Squeeze: “The birds and the squeeze”

Ease/Squeeze: “Squeeze up”

Please/Squeeze: “Squeeze don’t go!”

Seas/Squeeze: “On the high squeeze.”

Best/Zest: “All the zest”

Crest/Zest: “On the zest of a wave.”

Chest/Zest: “Get it off your zest”

Guest/Zest: “Be my zest”

Better/Bitter: “I’ve got a bitter idea”

Round/Rind: “All year rind”

Test/Zest: “Put to the zest”

Hopefully, these lemon puns & jokes are juicy and sour, however, for more funny joke ideas, you try these orange puns, fruit puns, animal puns.

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