80+ Lobster Puns Jokes | Pick Up Lines | Dirty | Dad | Thermidor 2024

If you’re a fan of lobster and have ever experienced one of these lobster dinner parties, you know it’s not always fun.

We’re here to help by providing you with lobster puns and jokes that will erase those parties’ unfavorable associations.

Lobster puns are simply unforgettable, whether you are looking for upcoming holiday jokes or puns for Instagram captions.

Moreover, here we have included lobster pick up lines, and jokes on food during your party time.

Pick suitable puns from below from a collection of lobster dad jokes, lobster thermidor jokes, dirty lobster jokes, and a lot more. Have fun!

Lobster Pick Up Lines | Red | 2024

Lobster Pick Up Lines

“And I shell always love you.”

“Can I crab that @$$?”

Are you a blue lobster?
“‘Cause you’re one in two million!”

Do you like seafood?
“Because I’ve got crabs.”

“My shell or yours?”

“Caviar or caviaren’t you coming home with me tonight?”

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“I enjoy cocktails and midnight strolls along the beach… want to dig a giant breeding hole together?”

Lobster Captions For Instagram 2024

Lobster Captions For Instagram

“Lobsters are not fish! They are shellfish. #shellfish”

“Live long lobsters! #livelonglobsters”

“When life gives you lemons, order the lobster tail.”

“Seas the day! Order the lobster.”

“Shell yeah!”

“You’re the lobster of my life.”

“Shell we dance?”

“Engaged to my lobster! #notliterally”

“Join us at the park for some lobster rolls.”

“Party like a lobstar.”

“Feeling a little shellfish tonight.”

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“Come out of your shell, and face the world! #eatalobsterfirst”

“Gotta stay calm in a pinch.”

“What the shell?”

“This lobster’s my butter half.”

“Do not be shellfish. It’s just a lobster. #shellfish”

“Be a lobster and go seize the day!”

“Found myself a good catch.”

“Lobster is butter when we’re together.”

“Be like a lobster and go grab the opportunity! #grabtheopprotunity.”

Dirty Lobster Puns Jokes For Adults | Riddles 2024

Dirty Lobster Puns Jokes For Adults

How was your lobster last night?
“It was pretty rude, it kept imitating my accent.”

Where do lobsters wait for the bus?
“At the bustacean.”

What’s worse than lobsters on your piano?
“Crabs on your organ.”

Why was the ocean screaming?
“You would too if you had lobsters on your bottom!”

Where do crabs and lobsters park their public transport vehicles?
“At the bustacean.”

What’s the difference between a dirty bus stop and a lobster with br*ast implants?
“One is a crusty bus station, and the other is a busty crustacean”

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“A guy h00ks up with a $10 pr0s-titute and the next day he starts getting itchy and realizes the hooker gave him an $TD….anyway a couple of days later he sees her on the corner and yells “B*TCH YOU GAVE ME CRABS!..she yells back “WTF WERE YOU EXPECTING FOR TEN DOLLARS? A LOBSTER?”

Lobster Dad Jokes | Puns | Riddles 2024

Lobster Dad Jokes

Where does a lobster keep it’s clothes?
“In it’s claw-set!”

Where do crabs and lobsters catch their trains?
“Kings Crustation!”

Did you hear about the lobster that rode a sea mammal into battle?
“He did it on porpoise!”

What do you call an annoyed lobster?
“A frustacean!”

Why did the lobster giggle?
“Because the sea weed!”

How do lobsters answer the phone?

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“I’ve not seen my pet lobster in months… I’m afraid it’s a lost claws!”

What did the lobster cowboy say?

During the lobster wedding, the lobster groom referred to his new spouse as his “butter half.”

“A lobster left home due to pier pressure.”

“At a goodbye party, one lobster told his colleague that he was one shell of a guy.”

“The lobster blushed because the sea weed.”

Did you hear about the fight at Red Lobster?
“Four fish were battered!”

How much salt do lobsters use when cooking pasta?
“Just a pinch.”

How did the lobsters travel around the beach?
“By shell-I-copter.”

Why did the lobster go to the physical therapist?
“It pulled a mussel.”

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“The lobster was so huge, it was one shell of a creature.”

Did you hear about the fight at Red Lobster?
“Four fish were battered!”

What do you call a famous lobster?
“A shellebrity.”

What do you call a crab that throws things?
“A lobster.”

Why was the ocean screaming?
“You would too if you had lobsters on your bottom!”

Did you hear about the lobster that rode a sea mammal into battle?
“He did it on porpoise.”

Lobster Thermidor Jokes Puns 2024

Lobster Thermidor Jokes

What do 0ral s*x and Lobster Thermidor have in common?
“You can’t get either at home.”

WHY is a bj like Lobster Thermidor?
“They’re both very nice, but you don’t get either at home.”

“The crab said he wanted to be a prawnfessional chef.”

“A man walked into a seafood restaurant and asked for a lobster tail. The waitress smiled sweetly and said – “Once upon a time, there was this handsome lobster……”

“Lobster tail and beer.
My 3 favorite things.”

A guy asked a waiter “How do you prepare the lobster for thermidor?”
and the waiter said, “We just flat out tell them that this is the end of the line.”

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