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How familiar are you with NFL teams?

If you are looking to have a fun time with friends and family members then these NFL trivia questions are a great way to do it.

Moreover, there are interesting facts and entertaining information on NFL for everyone.

Take a look below and pick suitable questions on NFL, or try these riddles and trivia for different moods and situations.

Have fun.!!

Hard NFL Trivia Questions

NFL Trivia Questions Hard

Since 2002, after the NFL expanded to 32 teams, how have regular season schedules been determined?


“A team plays 12 others in its own conference and four from the other conference.”

Who was the first player in NFL history to throw for 4,000 yards in one season?


“Joe Namath “

After graduating from Syracuse, Jim Brown went on to play nine seasons in the NFL. Despite his dominance, he only led the league in rushing five times during his career (1957 to 1965). He won a championship with the Cleveland Browns in 1964.


“He led the league in rushing 8 times “

What was the combined score of the game between Georgia Tech and Cumberland College played on Oct 7, 1916?



In 1984, what Boston College quarterback threw a 48-yard touchdown pass to win the game 47-45 over Miami Hurricanes?


“Doug Flutie“

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Who was this former Green Bay Packer offensive tackle, who later took the Bengals as a head coach to a Super Bowl?


“Forrest Gregg “

After 13 seasons with the Giants and Rams, defensive end Bubba Smith left the NFL in 1981 to pursue an acting career. It didn’t take long for him to gain a starring role in the television series, “Hunter”. Where’s the error?


“The player/actor was Fred Dryer “

How many teams were there in 2003, which had some sort of ‘animal’ in their names?



What souvenir did New York Giant linebacker Lawrence Taylor request from a referee after he played his last game in January 1994?


“The referee’s yellow flag”

In which city did the ‘Pros’ play during the 1920s?



What Heisman Trophy winner joined the New Jersey Generals in 1982?


“Herchel Walker”

The Detroit Lions won two games in the 2001 season. One was against the Cowboys in Week 17. Who did they defeat in Week 14 for their first win of the season?


“Minnesota Vikings “

How many teams are in the National Football Conference?



Multiple Choice NFL Trivia Questions And Answers

NFL Trivia Questions And Answers Multiple Choice

Who has the most wins as a head coach in the NFL?   
George Halas
Curly Lambeau
Tom Landry
Don Shula         


Don Shula

Which NFL team features a helmet decal only on one side of the helmet? 
Houston Texans
Jacksonville Jaguars
Pittsburgh Steelers
Tennessee Titans


Pittsburgh Steelers

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Who is the last non-quarterback to win NFL MVP?
Ray Lewis
Adrian Peterson
LaDainian Tomlinson      


Adrian Peterson

Easy NFL Trivia Questions And Answers

NFL Trivia Easy

How many coaching jobs did John Heisman have in his career?



In which year did the NFL first have an official team on the West Coast?



Alabama Crimson Tide wide receiver Tyrone Prothro caught an amazing touchdown catch in a 2005 game over the head of a defender from what school?


“Southern Miss” 

Which non-quarterback was the first to throw more than 10 touchdown passes in his career?


“Frank Gifford”

Lou Groza is known as one of the greatest placekickers in history. What many people don’t know is that he was also a star at which position?


“Offensive tackle” 

What was the Atlanta Falcons’ record in 1995?


“9 wins 7 losses”

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How many teams were there in the 2003 season?



Walter Payton had a brother who played in the NFL. He played as a running back for the Lions and the Vikings in the late 70’s and early 80’s. What was his name?



In 2002, Gramatica was still recovering for a couple of games with an injury towards the end of the 2001 season. How did he get this injury?


“He hurt his leg while celebrating a field goal”

As of 2001, who was the only player on a losing Super Bowl team to win the MVP (most valuable player) award?


“Chuck Howley”

Which tight end was the winner of the 1992 National Cutting Horse Association-NFL super cutting event?


“Jay Novacek”

When was the NFL founded?



John Heisman never coached a Heisman trophy winner, but how many winners of his namesake award have come from schools where he coached?



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Nathan Vasher for the Chicago Bears returned a missed field goal for a touchdown during a game in 2005. It was the longest play in NFL history. How long was the return and who was the other team?


“108 yards, 49ers “

Which NFL team was the first to go win-less in an entire season while losing at least 10 games?


“Detroit Lions

Who was the last team to win the Super Bowl before the 1970 merger?


“Kansas City Chiefs” 

Which was the only 2003 team to only have one primary color on their helmet, with no symbols or images?


“Cleveland Browns” 

What was Emmitt Smith’s jersey number, when we was in High-School playing for the Escambia Gators?



Who did QB Doug Williams start over and become Super Bowl MVP in Super Bowl XXII?


“Jay Schroeder”

We hope these NFL trivia questions can make your fun time interesting as well, toddlers!

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