120 Pie Puns, Jokes & Riddles To Bake You Happy 2024

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If you wonder what pie puns could be made that are funny, clever, or just simple jokes on pie wordplay.

Here we have compiled the best pie jokes and puns to share with friends, family, and kids to have a fun time with them.

You can begin with pie jokes for Instagram or one line pie jokes.

Therefore, we have made these amazing food puns that are funny and clever pie jokes or puns to use today.

We have also included funny one liner pie puns for Instagram, dirty jokes and other common puns on apple pie, puns for friends, cherry pie, pie slogans, and many more.

Have a look and pick the suitable puns on the pie that you can use today. Enjoy!

Extremely Dirty Pie Jokes 2024

Dirty Pie Jokes
Dirty pie puns

Which Pie takes 9 months to Bake?
“A cream pie!!!”

Pie Jokes Dirty
pie puns for friends

You know what a baby is?
“It is just a fully baked cream pie”

Today I used an apple pie to m*sturbate
“Maybe I should’ve left the store before.”

Last night, I had s*x with a piece of pie.
“Guess it’s now a creampie”

Dad gets mom a cake for her birthday every year
“But for Mother’s Day he gives her a cream pie.”

Why did the apple pie turn red?
“Because it saw the salad dressing.”

What’s the best thing to put into a pie?
“Your teeth!”

Funny Pie Puns Riddles To Share 2024

Here we have collected the best pie jokes to share with kids or friends to have a fun time. Have a look and pick the suitable puns on the pie. Enjoy!

jokes about pies
lemon pie puns

Who took the pie to YouTube?

Funny Pie Puns Riddles

What do sharks eat for dessert?

Funny Pie Jokes Image
slice of pie puns

Why did the pie cross the road?
“Because it was meat & potato.”

My vegan meat pie recipe
“Step 1: Find yourself a fresh vegan…”

What can make mathematicians fight?
“The Pie.”

Chicken pot pie
“My three favourite things!”

What did mother pie say to baby pie?
“Stop bakering!”

What did the pie say to the soldiers?
“I come in piece.”

Where do you go to weigh a pie?
“Somewhere, over the rainbow.”

What’s the difference between cake and pie?
“πr², cakes are round”

Did Judy Garland ever figure out how much a pie weighs?
“Apparently, somewhere over the rainbow you can weigh a pie.”

Why does pirate likes to eat pie?
“Because PIE RATING is in their job description.”

What’s a Muslim’s favorite pie topping?
“Allah mode”

What is an Australian ghost’s favorite pie?
“Boo meringue”

What does a cannibal call his girlfriend?
“Cutie pie”

Did you hear about the sailor who turned into a pumpkin pie?
“He’s a squashbuckling pirate”

Why did the pie go to the dentist?
“Because it needed a filling”

What do you get when you eat 3.14 slices of cake?

What is a ghosts favorite kind of dessert?
“Boo-berry pie!”

What have I named the Pie section of my bakery menu?
“Treasure Hunter cus its full of Pie-Rates”

What’s an inbred family’s favorite thanksgiving dessert?
“Pump-kin pie.”

thanksgiving pie puns

What do you call a pie without 3.14?

What do you call an Apple pie that’s smoking a joint?
“A baked apple pie!”

What’s the problem eating too much pumpkin pie this time of year?
“You’ll get autumn’y ache.”

Why is my hand like lemon pie
“Cause it’s got meringue on it.”

How many pies can an explorer eat before they go deaf?
“Two: a pie an ear!”

Which fruit has a pie in the middle of it?
“Papaya (Puh—pie—yah)”

What did the Pie scientist use for their experiment?
“A peach tree dish.”

What’s really good on pie and really awful on people?

Clean Pie One Liner Jokes To Bake You Happy 2024

These are the best one line jokes about pies suitable for funny pics or selfies with matching apple pie puns, cherry pie slogans, key lime captions.

Slice Pie Puns
Slice Pie Puns

“I love pie. I could eat it 22/7.”

Clean Pie One Liner Jokes

“Slice, slice, baby.”

“Feast your pies on this.”

“Pie love you berry much.”

“I only have pies for you.”

“Give ’em pumpkin to talk about.”

“You are the apple of my pie.”

“You’re my sweetie pie.”

“Piece out.”

“Pie Felicia.”

“And world piece.”

Pie Love Puns
Pie Love Puns

“I have fillings for you.”

“Love at first bite.”

“Life of pie.”

“Pie love spending time with you.”

“You occu-pie my thoughts.”

“Have a hap-pie day!”

“Hello, pumpkin.”

“And they lived apple-y ever after.”

“Look at this gourdgeous pie.”

“What a cutie pie.”

“This pumpkin pie is so gourd.”

“Slice to meet you.”

“May the slice be with you.”

“I crust you. You can do it!”

“Remember the a la mode.”

“I’m pie-ning for you.”

“Pie think I love you.”

“Come to the nerd side, we have pi.”

“For goodness bakes.”

“This pie is squash goals.”

“You bake me happy.”

“Bake the world a better place.”

“Give piece a chance.”

“Piece on Earth.”

“Pie comes in piece.”

Baking Puns On Pie
Baking Puns On Pie

“The winner bakes it all.”

“All you knead is love, and pumpkin pie.”

“Baked to pie-fection.”

“Life is what you bake of it.”

“Bakers gonna bake.”

“Pie bakes me happy!”

“This pie has whisked me off my feet.”

“Pie’m all ears.”

“Well, pie never!”

“Beauty is in the pie of the beholder.”

“It caught my pie.”

“I’ve got my pie on you.”

“Keep your eye on the pies!”

“You have to keep an eye on the pies.”

“He has got his pie on you.”

“Finally, she caught her pie.”

“Keep talking. Pie’m all ears.”

“That pie whisked him off his feet.”

“You bake life, you get baked.”

“Love is all you knead.”

You need to give piece a chance.

“Bring the pie, for goodness bakes!”

“Pie think she hates you.”

“I am sure you can do it; I crust you.”

“That pumpkin pie was so gourd.”

Cutie Pie Puns
Cutie Pie Puns

“Look at this cutie pie.”

“You must be knowing by now that you occu-pie my thoughts.”

“The life of a pie is short.”

“It was absolutely love at first bite.”

“He is the apple of your pie.”

“She only has pies for you.”

“My uncle is a pie-lot.”

“That’s a pie-nosaur pun.”

“I was scared by a vam-pie-re.”

“I am mommy’s cutieepie.”

Des-pie-t the big pie, I only got a piece.

“He did not re-pie to any of my letters.”

“This pie was made in Bakeistan.”

“You have a bake-ini body.”

Look what you have bake-ome.

Unseen Pie Puns & Jokes 2024

If you looking for puns that rhyme with pie or pie-related wordplay jokes like apple pie, cherry pie, or similar then these are perfect to be used.

Pie Care Less Puns
Pie Care Less Puns

I/Pie: “Pie couldn’t care less.”

I’m/Pie’m: “Pie’m all ears”

Eye/Pie: “Beauty is in the pie of the beholder.”

Buy/Pie: “The best that money can pie”

Bye/Pie: “Goodpie, cruel world.”

By/Pie: “Bit pie bit”

Prize/Pies: “Keep your eyes on the pies”

Pause/Pies: “It was a tragedy that gave us all pies for thought.”

Pose/Pies: “Strike a pies”

Piece/Pies: “Pies of the action”

Pirate/Pierate: “Online pieracy”

Spy/Spie: “I spie with my little eye”

Pilates/Pie-lates: “There’s a big difference between yoga and pie-lates.”

Feeling/Filling: “I’ve got a bad filling about this…”

Desert/Dessert: “The Sahara dessert.”

Trust/Crust: “Crust me, I’m a doctor.”

Brake/Bake: “Hit the bakes.”

Back/Bake: “Bake in black”

Beck/Bake: “At my bake and call”

Bike/Bake: “On your bake!”

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