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Are you looking for flirty dirty pumpkin pick up lines to impress him or her? if yes, then this is the right place!

Pumpkin pick up lines jokes can be fun to flirt with your love interest on Halloween that is full of excitement and suspense.

However, not just the kids will be having a good time but this holiday season adults will enjoy Halloween.

Pick the suitable pick up lines pumpkin on Halloween that includes a pumpkin patch, insult, toothpaste, chat up, dirty, etc for adults. Happy Halloween and share spooky jokes..!!


Pumpkin Pick Up Lines | Patch

Pumpkin Pick Up Lines

Here are pumpkin pickup lines to up your flirting game this holiday season.

“Are you the color orange like pumpkin pies? Because I can never have enough of you.”

“Damn girl, are you a pumpkin? Because you gourd it going on!”

“Girl are you a pumpkin? Because you vine as hell.”

“Hey pumpkin sweetheart – I bet I can put a smile on your face.”

“I don’t have any pumpkins this year. Wanna be mine?”

“I love pumpkin spice a latte.”

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“I love you pumpkin!”

“I’d say the first thing you need is … a pumpkin.”

“Put some pumpkin pie in your mouth, and then French kiss me.”

“When life gives you pumpkins, make pie.”

“You are like a pumpkin, you’re hard on the outside and soft on the inside.”

“You really struck a gourd with me.”

“You so hot I feel that I am gourd out of my mind”

“You wouldn’t need pumpkin pie if you invited me over for dinner.”

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“You’re the pumpkin spice to my latte.”

“I’d sit in a pumpkin patch with you any night.”

“Babe, are you ready to take my pumpkin?”

“Girl, you are pumpkin spice and everything nice.”

Pumpkin Puns That Are Wickedly Clever

Pumpkin Puns

“Beauty is in the pie of the beholder.”

“Go big or gourd home.”

“Have a gourd time on Halloween.”

“You’re pumpkin-dding me.”

“Oh my gourd. I love fall.”

“Let’s give ’em pumpkin to talk about.”

“Pumpkins are Fall of themselves”

“My PSL is a cutie pie.”

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“I only have pies for you for pumpkin spice.”

“I’ve fallen for this pumpkin spice.”

“Let’s spice things up.”

“It’s a frappe day when I have my pumpkin spice latte.”

“Life is gourd when you have a pumpkin spice to sip.”

“My PSL is gourdgeous.”

Dirty Pumpkin Jokes

Pumpkin Jokes Dirty

Here are some of the best pumpkin jokes dirty for adults to make things hot and heavy this Halloween season. Pick dirty pumpkin jokes from below that fit your need.

“Slipped on a pumpkin today. It caught me off gourd.”

“Orange you pumped for Halloween?”

Where do pumpkins hold meetings?
“In the gourdroom.”

What do hillbillys do during halloween?
“They Pumpkin”

“Only two days into October and now even COVID is pumpkin spiced.”

What do you call carving a pumpkin in September?
“Premature ejackolantern.”

Coffee is acidic. Until you add pumpkin and spices…
“Then it becomes basic.”

What’s the only vegetable you can inflate?
“A Pump-kin.”

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What did Cinderella say when her carriage suddenly turned into a pumpkin?
“Oh my gourd!”

Why were the two pumpkins so close?
“They had deep roots.”

Where do pumpkins like to live?
“In the seedy part of town.”

What did the pumpkin say to the jack-o-lantern?
“Got a light?”

Pumpkin Puns For Instagram

Pumpkin Puns For Instagram


“I Am the Pumpkin King.”

“Pumpkin spice and chill?”

“You’re gourdgeous.”

“Here’s me Squash-ing all hopes of a happy diet this Fall.”

“So… do you want the bad news or the gourd news?”

“Sorry if this photo looks weird, I was a little caught off gourd. “

“Puree and simple”

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“Better latte than never”

“Beauty is in the pie of the beholder”

“Pie one, get one free”

“A latte fuss over nothing”

“You’re under a-roast”

“The bigger the pumpkin is, the harder it will Fall”

“Carve out a niche”

“Ahead of the carve”

“I want to suc-seed”

Dirty Halloween Pick Up Lines

Dirty Halloween Pick Up Lines

“If I were a zombie, I’d eat you first.”

“I might not be a vampire, but I sure know how to suck.”

“Want to check my pants for a treat?”

“It’s scary how good you look.”

“Ooh, you look boo-tilicious!”

“I’ll get your scream louder than a haunted house.”

“Forget your broom, ride me instead?”

“Want to find out what I turn into at midnight?”

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“I bet I can make you scream tonight.”

Are you dressed up as a tree?
“Cause you’re giving me wood.”

“Call me a pirate and give me that b00ty”

“I’ll make you scream.”

“I wanna bob for yo’ apples.”

“Will you let me lick your Milky Way?”

“Nice pumpkins!”

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“I want a taste of your Milky Way.”

“I would totally carve your pumpkin.”

Dirty Pumpkin Pick Up Lines

Dirty Pumpkin Pick Up Lines

“Girl, I got a huge pumpkin in my pants. I’ll make you go ‘oh my gourd’ all night long.”

“Come to my place on October 31st. Pumpkins aren’t the only ones getting their insides rearranged this Halloween 😉”

“Forget about pumpkin, let’s get straight to hump king.”

“Say hollow to my little friend!”

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“Ready to have a gourd time with me tonight?”

“Nice pumpkins! And I like your b**bs, too.”

“I put the ‘pump’ in pumpkin pie.”

“Girl, I’m hollow inside until I met you.”

I hope these pumpkin pick up lines helped you impress your love interest (crush) this holiday season.

Moreover, there is a massive collection of dirty jokes, memes, and riddles on foodloveanimals, and many more to have even more fun this Halloween.

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