150+ Best Thanksgiving Memes | Funny, Dirty, Clean, Thankful | 2023

We all love the holiday season, but preparing for Thanksgiving can be exhausting.

Therefore, some funny jokes and memes are the perfect de-stress for Thanksgiving.

This holiday is an exciting and relaxing day as you meet and share meals with your family, kids, and friends.

It’s always nice to see family when you get all your loved ones eating together.

Moreover, you can share these funny Thanksgiving memes prior to November 24th, laugh, and giggle to keep the Thanksgiving spirits high in 2023.

Or, save these funny thanksgiving memes on your phone in anticipation of Turkey Day to make everyone laugh instantly.

Pick suitable thanksgiving memes, jokes, riddles, and trivia that are clean, dirty, happy, thankful, and many more.

Funny Thanksgiving Memes 2023

Funny Thanksgiving Meme

“I’m With Delicious”

Thanksgiving Feelings meme

“Thanksgiving Feelings”

Fried Turkey Meme

“Fried Turkey”

Grateful Thanksgiving Meme

“Grateful Thanksgiving”

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Meme

“Let’s give ’em pumpkin’ to talk about.”

Plymouth Rock Meme on Thanksgiving

“Put on some Plymouth Rock and roll!”

Thanksgiving Meme On Talk

“Can’t nobody tell me stuffin…”

Stuffing Meme On Thanksgiving

“Go stuff yourself”

Thanksgiving Meme Jokes

“Don’t make Thanksgiving a cluster-pluck”

Similing Thanksgiving Meme

“Go pluck yourself”

Thanksgiving Pie Meme

“You could say I’m a Pi-fan.”

Pumpkin Thanksgiving Memes

“They’re my pumpkins.”

I Love Fall Meme For Thanksgiving

“Oh my gourd, I love fall.”

Lived Happy Ever After Meme On Thanksgiving

“And they lived apple-y ever after.”

Funny Thanksgiving Jokes 2023

Funny Thanksgiving Jokes

Where’d you find this recipe?
“Google, Google?”

Thanksgiving Meme On Christmas Tree

“The poul-tree comes before the Christmas tree.”

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“Sorry my Thanksgiving puns are so corny.”

Eating Turkey On Thanksgiving Meme

“Stuffing is the tur-key to my heart.”

Turkey Meme On Thanksgiving

“If you give the turkey coffee, it’ll be a perky!”

“There was no fowl play involved in the carving of this turkey.”

Best Thanksgiving Jokes Puns

“I’m riding the gravy train to being stuffed.”

Holiday Thanksgiving Jokes

“Don’t let the holidays gobble up your sanity.”

Funny Turkey Jokes On Thanksgiving

“If our turkey was in a band, he’d play the drumsticks.”

Thanksgiving Butter Jokes Images

“It doesn’t get any butter than this.”

Thanksgiving Jokes On Green Beans

“Look at you eat! You are on a green bean casse-roll”

Thanksgiving Memes Jokes On Wishbone

“Getting the longer part of the wishbone is a snap.”

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Thanksgiving Snap jokes

“That wishbone was all “oh, snap!”

Thanksgiving Wishbone jokes

“Winning the wishbone is a snap!”

Funny Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Thanksgiving 2023

Source: Daily Humor

Funny Thanksgiving Quotes 2023

Funny Thanksgiving Quotes Meme

“Merry Black Friday Eve!”

Funny Thanksgiving Quotes

“Bring on the Turkey Coma”

Thanksgiving Fall Jokes

“Oh my gourdness, I plucking love fall.”

Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving Jokes

“Pumpkin pie really bakes my day.”

Holiday Thanksgiving Meme

“My little sweet potato.”

Yam Jokes On Thanksgiving

“I yam who I yam.”

Jam Puns Image

“They’re totally my jam.”

Thanksgiving Party Jokes

“The party don’t stop till I’ve tried everything.”

Crust Puns For Holiday

“I have a crust on you!”

Happy Thanksgiving Memes 2023

Happy Thanksgiving Memes

“Hap-pie Thanksgiving!”

Happy Thanksgiving Memes Jokes

“Happy Fall, Y’all!”

Best Happy Thanksgiving Memes

“Pie really love you.”

Funny Happy Thanksgiving Memes

“I’m all about that baste.”

Happy Thanksgiving Jokes Memes

“Let’s get basted!”

“You can’t quit reading these Thanksgiving puns cold turkey.”

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“Leftovers are for quitters”

“Get in my belly”

“Pie am so grateful for dessert.”

Clean Funny Thanksgiving Memes 2023

Funny Thanksgiving Memes Clean

“Get your fat pants ready”

Clean Thanksgiving Memes

Is something burning?
“It smells fowl!”

Clean Thanksgiving Jokes Memes

You think Thanksgiving dinner is done?
“You ain’t seen stuffing yet.”

Thanksgiving Memes Clean

“You are the pumpkin pie of my eye.”

Funny Thanksgiving Memes Clean

“Pumpkin pie love you”

“Let’s give them pumpkin to talk about”

“Don’t be a jerky, eat some turkey”

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“Pour some gravy on me.”

“Gobble til you wobble”

“This turkey is thankful for vegetarians.”

Thanksgiving Memes About Family 2023

Thanksgiving Memes About Family

“No fowl language is allowed at dinner.”

Family Thanksgiving Memes

“Stop, drop, and pass the rolls!”

Funny Thanksgiving Memes About Family

“Nobody puts gravy in a corner.”

Thanksgiving Family Memes

Will I eat leftovers for a week?
“I cran, and I will”

Clean Thanksgiving Memes About Family Images

“Stuffing compares to you.”

Family Thanksgiving Memes Clean

“Wine not have another glass?”

Best Thanksgiving Family Memes

“Fowl on the play. Not saying grace before dinner.”

Family Memes On Thanksgiving Images

“Poul-tree on Thursday, Christmas Tree on Friday.”

“(with family) “Thankful AF” (thankful always forever or thankful as a family)”

“WTF = Wine, Thanksgiving, and Family”

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“The dad jokes are plucking hilarious today.”

“Being with family makes everything butter.”

Dirty Thanksgiving Memes 2023

Dirty Thanksgiving Memes

“The turkey isn’t the only thing on this table that needs basting.”

“Yes, you can butter my biscuit.”

“Baby, you’re like a turkey dinner: I’ll eat you with (cranberry) relish.”

“They say tying the legs together keeps everything moist.”

“Better save room for dessert, because the best flavor of pie is me.”

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“Talk Turkey to me”

“(with Turkey Breasts) “Stop staring at my breasts”

“Hello Gourd-geous”

Nice Thanksgiving Memes 2023

Nice Thanksgiving Memes

“Thanksgiving is plucking awesome”

“Total Feast Mode”

“Feast your eyes on this”

“50 shades of gravy”

“Oh my gourd, I’m stuffed.”

“I’m on a dinner roll.”

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“Eat, drink, and cranberry!”

“I’m filling pretty full!”

Best Thanksgiving Memes 2023

Best Thanksgiving Memes

“Turkey and wine and I’m feeling fine”

“It’s Turkey Time!”

“Thanksgiving is about Butterball and Football”

“Leggings, leaves, and lattes”

“If a turkey runs away, does that make it a chicken?”

“Thinner before Thanksgiving dinner”

“(with Turkey Leg) I’m working on leg day”

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“(with Turkey Thighs) Thick thighs save lives”

“(with Turkey Bones) Bone to be wild”

“(With Pecan Pie) Yes we pecan”

“(With sweet potatoes) Life is sweet”

“(With rolls) This is how I roll”

“(with pumpkins or squash) #squashgoals”

“(with Corn) Not to be corny, but I’m feeling thankful”

Thanksgiving Memes For Friends 2023

Thanksgiving Memes Friends

“Feast your eyes on this meal!”

“Feast mode: activated.”

“You’re the apple of my pie.”

“I only have pies for you.”

“You want a piece of me?”

“Sorry, I’m occu-pied.”

“No more Mr. Nice Pie!”

“You bake the world a better place.”

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“In pie we crust.”

“Piece out.”

Whip, whip—hooray!

“More rolls? You butter believe it!”

“Don’t be bitter, have more butter”

Funny Thanksgiving Memes In Spanish With Meaning 2023

Funny Thanksgiving Memes In Spanish

Spanish: Estoy con delicioso
English: I’m With Delicious

Spanish: Sentimientos de Acción de Gracias
English: Thanksgiving Feelings

Spanish: Pavo frito
English: Fried Turkey

Spanish: Agradecido Acción de gracias
English: Grateful Thanksgiving

Spanish: Son mis calabazas.
English: They’re my pumpkins.

Spanish: Modo de fiesta total
English: Total Feast Mode

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Spanish: Dleita tus ojos con esto
English: Feast your eyes on this

Spanish: 50 tonos de salsa
English: 50 shades of gravy

Spanish: Estoy en un rollo de cena.
English: I’m on a dinner roll.

Spanish: ¡Come, bebe y arándano!
English: Eat, drink, and cranberry!

Spanish: ¡Me estoy llenando bastante!
English: I’m filling pretty full!

Spanish: Prepara tus pantalones gordos
English: Get your fat pants ready

Spanish: ¿Crees que la cena de Acción de Gracias está lista?
English: You think Thanksgiving dinner is done?

Spanish: No seas un charco, come un poco de pavo
English: Don’t be a jerky, eat some turkey

Spanish: Vierta un poco de salsa sobre mí.
English: Pour some gravy on me.

Spanish: Este pavo está agradecido por los vegetarianos.
English: This turkey is thankful for vegetarians.

I hope you have found these funny thanksgiving memes, jokes, and quotes to help lighten up the atmosphere and make everyone laugh.

Moreover, you can check out these jokes and puns on food, love, animals, and holiday for more ideas that suit different situations and moods.

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