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Though everyone agrees that Thanksgiving is a tonne of fun, occasionally you need a little something to get everyone going.

Just consider it: whoever is preparing dinner is likely feeling a little anxious as they plan the meal.

People have been busy traveling and preparing for the big day.

Here is a list of Thanksgiving turkey jokes that include funny, dirty turkey, cartoon jokes as well as dad jokes.

Pick suitable Thanksgiving jokes, memes, riddles, and trivia for different moods and situations.

Take a look and have fun. Happy Thanksgiving.

Turkey Jokes For Thanksgiving 2024

Turkey Jokes For Thanksgiving

What key won’t open a door?
“A turkey!”

What sound does a limping turkey make?
Wobble, wobble!”

What do turkeys do on Sunday?
Have a peck-nics.”

Why didn’t the turkey want dessert?
He was stuffed!”

Why do turkeys hate Thanksgiving tables?
They’re a fowl sight.”

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What’s the best song to play while cooking a turkey?
“All About That Baste.”

What do you call a turkey the day after Thanksgiving?

What sound does a turkey’s phone make?
“Wing wing wing!”

What was the turkey thankful for on Thanksgiving?

What do you call gossiping with a turkey at the table?
“A side dish.”

Who didn’t have any friends at Friendsgiving?
“The turkey!”

What do you get when you cross a turkey with a ghost?
“A poultrygeist!”

What does the turkey think about holidays?
They’re about family time, after that, it’s all gravy.”

Why are turkeys good at rebelling?
They love a coup.”

Why did the turkey run across the road?
It was time for dinner.”

Funny Thanksgiving Turkey Jokes 2024

Thanksgiving Turkey Jokes Funny

Can a turkey jump higher than a house?
Yes, because houses can’t jump!”

Why do turkeys love rainy days?
They love fowl weather.”

Why do turkeys gobble?
Because they never learned table manners.”

What’s a popular Thanksgiving dance?
The turkey trot.”

Why did the turkey cross the road?
He wanted people to think he was a chicken.”

What did the turkey say to the computer?
Google, google.”

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Who is not hungry at Thanksgiving?
The turkey, because he’s already stuffed!”

If you call a large turkey a gobbler, what do you call a small one?
“A goblet.”

What did the turkey say to the turkey hunter on Thanksgiving Day?
“Quack, quack!”

Why was the turkey arrested?
The police suspected fowl play.”

Dirty Thanksgiving Turkey Jokes 2024

Dirty Thanksgiving Turkey Jokes

“You put the “a$$” in casserole.”

“Glad I brought out the oven mitts, because you’re too hot to handle.”

“I’d rather have you butter my biscuits.”

“Do you want to hop on the gravy train? “

“Let me give you another reason to feel”

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“I’m going to need someone to help me get these pants off after this dinner….”

What are you going for tonight?
thighs or breasts?”

“Saving room for you for dessert.”

“Can you stuff me like a Thanksgiving turkey?”

“I’ve got something for you to gobble.”

“My entire family keeps asking why I’m still single. Want to help me change that?” 

“Let me give you another reason to feel thankful this year.”

“This dinner isn’t the only thing that’ll make you want to take off your pants.”

“Ready to ditch your dinner and come baste my turkey instead?”

Thanksgiving Turkey Dad Jokes | Dirty Cartoons 2024

Thanksgiving Turkey Dad Jokes

Why shouldn’t you sit next to a turkey at dinner?
“Because he will gobble it up!”

What type of glass does a turkey drink from?
“A goblet.”

What happened to the turkey that got in a fight?
“He got the stuffing knocked out of him!”

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Why do turkeys only star in R-rated movies?
“Because they use fowl language!”

When do you serve rubber turkey?

What do you call a running turkey?
“Fast food.”

Why did the turkey play the drums in his band?
Because he already had drumsticks!”

Thanksgiving Knock Knock Jokes Turkey 2024

Thanksgiving Knock Knock Jokes Turkey

Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Hank who?
Hanksgiving is here!

Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Harry who?
Harry up it’s time to feast!

Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Dewy who?
Dewey have to wait long to eat?

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Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Arthur who?
Arthur any leftovers?

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Tamara who?
Tamara we’ll eat all the leftovers!

Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Norma Lee.
Norma Lee who?
Norma Lee I don’t eat this much!

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Annie who?
Annie body seen the turkey?

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Don who?
Don eat all the gravy, I want some more.

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Olive who?
Olive the turkey stuffing!

Weird Thanksgiving Turkey 2024

How does a turkey travel?
“By gravy train.”

What did the turkey say to the computer?
“Google, google.”

What did the turkey say to his real estate agent?
“Turn-key only.”

What key has legs and can’t open a door?
“A tur-key.”

What do you call a running turkey?
“Fast food.”

“Let’s get basted.”

What’s blue and covered in feathers?
“A turkey holding its breath.”

“I yam what I yam.”

What did the leftover turkey say?
“Make me a sandwich!”

I hope you have fun reading these funny dirty Thanksgiving turkey jokes, if you want more holiday jokes, go through our other articles too.

Moreover, check out these jokes, riddles, trivia, and memes on food, love, animals, and holidays to get more ideas to suit different moods and situations.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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