75+ Best Turkey Dad Jokes | Bad | Thanksgiving | Day 2023

Regardless of whether your father has a sense of humor or not, it is likely, he has occasionally cracked a few dad jokes.

Especially on turkey when the occasion is a festival like Thanksgiving.

Their jokes are completely wholesome holiday jokes, with a hidden pun.

We have selected a list of Thanksgiving dad jokes on turkey, to make you laugh with cringe and cheesiness.

Pick suitable turkey dad jokes, memes, riddles, and trivia.

Take a look below and enjoy..!

Turkey Day Dad Jokes

Turkey Day Dad Jokes

How did the pilgrims travel to pursue higher studies?
On scholarships.”

What will you call a creature who came back bloated from the Thanksgiving feast?
A stuffed animal.”

What pop song do people play on Thanksgivings day?
“All about that baste.”

What dish on the table makes the worst jokes at a Thanksgiving dinner?
The corny bread.”

What did the pilgrim call his friends who came with him on Mayflower?

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Where can you find a turkey that doesn’t have legs?
On the Thanksgiving dinner table.”

What did the turkey say to the computer when it had to urgently search for something?
Google, google, google.”

What kind of music gadgets does turkey use at the Turkey day feast?

Why can’t a turkey eat anything on the last Thursday of November?
“Because it is always stuffed.”

Why was the turkey arrested by the police?
Because it was suspected of fowl play.”

What type of key can never open doors?
A tur-key.”

What will you call the ghost of a turkey?
“A poultry-geist.”

What type of dessert does a turkey have at the Turkey Day feast?
“Peach Gobbler.”

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What did the dad say when his family told him to stop making lame jokes about cold turkeys?
“I can’t quit cold turkey.”

If a large turkey is called a gobbler, what would you call a baby turkey?
A goblet.”

Thanksgiving Turkey Dad Jokes

Thanksgiving Turkey Dad Jokes

“I accidentally sat on potatoes, I guess we will serve mashed potatoes today.”

What do you call depressed cranberries?

What’s the best thing to put into pumpkin pie?
“Your teeth!”

Why did cranberries go red?
“They saw turkey dressing.”

Why did cranberries turn into blueberries?
“Someone was mean towards them.”

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What’s pumpkin’s favorite thing to do on their free time?

Who scared the cranberry?
“A Boo-berry.”

What happened to corn that got complimented at the dinner?

How long does it take to eat one slice of pumpkin pie?
“3,14 seconds.”

Why are pilgrims’’ pants always too loose?
“Because they always wear buckles on their hats.”

April showers bring May flowers, guess what May flowers bring?

What genre do pilgrims listen to?
“Plymouth Rock.”

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If pilgrims were alive today, what would be the most surprising thing about them?
“Their age.”

What would pilgrim wear for Thanksgiving dinner?
“A har-vest.”

Bad Dad Turkey Jokes

Bad Dad Turkey Jokes

Why turkey prefers android?
“Because he prefers say googlegoogle.”

How turkey got famous?
“He played in Harry Potter and the gobbler of fire”.

Why did turkey regret not studying spelling?
“He wrote gravy instead of grave in his testament.”

What happened when turkey messed with bad boys?
“They beat the stuffing out of him!”

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Which key is useless and have legs?

Why did turkey say no to dessert?
“He said he was already stuffed.”

Have u heard about turkey’s new phone ringtone?
“It’s WingWingWing!”

Why did turkey create a band?
“Because he already had drumsticks.”

Why did a concert get cancelled?
“Somebody ate the drumsticks!!”

What kind of music did the Pilgrims play on the first Thanksgiving day?
Plymouth rock.”

What will you serve at Thanksgiving dinner if you accidentally sit on the sweet potatoes?

What is Dracula’s favorite holiday of the year?
“It is Fangs-giving day.”

Why did the pilgrims’ pants always fall?
Because the pilgrims used to wear their buckles on their hats.”

What comes at the end of Thanksgiving?
“The letter ‘g.’”

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Why was the Thanksgiving feast extremely expensive?
“Because it had 24 carrots.”

What would the pilgrims be known for if they were still alive today?
Their age.”

What would happen if a cranberry became sad?
It would turn into a blueberry.”

How can you know the age of a pilgrim?
By asking them about pilgrim-age.”

Where did the Pilgrims first land?
On their feet.”

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What would you call it if someone presents you with a tofu-turkey?
“Pranks-giving Day.”

Best Turkey Dad Jokes

Best Turkey Dad Jokes

What did one turkey say to another before a feast?
“Do you believe in life after Thanksgiving?”

What happened to the turkey who fought with other chickens?
He got his stuffing knocked out of him.”

Can a turkey fly higher than the Empire State Building?
“Of course! After all, the building cannot fly.”

When does a turkey feel the most grateful?
“The day after Thanksgiving.”

Do you know why the turkey crossed the road back and forth?
“To prove that it is not a chicken.”

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What do you call the turkey that you see the day after Thanksgiving?

What does Frankenstein like to have on the fourth Thursday of November?
“Turkey with grave-y.”

What would you yell after seeing a turkey running on the dining table?
“Fast food on the table.”

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