Best 100+ Bear-y Cute Panda Puns For Everyone 2024

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Are you looking for funny panda puns or just bear-y cute panda jokes?

Here we have compiled the best panda puns and jokes to have a fun time sharing over text or in person.

These jokes on pandas include birthday puns, panda puns names, bamboo puns, bear puns, etc for different moods and moments.

Have a look and pick the best panda pun that is suitable for you. Enjoy!

Funny Panda Puns And Panda Jokes For Instagram

Here are the funny panda jokes for captions for Instagram. These Panda puns (animal puns) can be suitable for sharing pics with friends for a fun time.

panda puns

“One panda asked another if they were friends. Just bearly, he answered.

“A panda bear’s favorite breakfast is panda-cakes.”

“If a panda gets sick, they should take some pandadol!”

“A large group of sick pandas? Don’t you mean a panda-mic?”

“If you ask a bear what his favorite part of the body is, he’ll say the panda-creas.”

“I hope you have a stu-panda-ous day today!”

“If you’ve ever wondered how pandas cook their dinner, they use a pan. Duhhh.”

“Pandas have fur coats because they’d look pretty stupid in leather jackets.”

“You only need two letters to spell panda. P, and, A.”

“The difference between a panda and a polar bear is about 1,000 miles.”

“The panda’s jokes were not good. In fact, they were pretty unbearable.”

“There was a panda with a slight stutter. It’s a story that bears repeating.”

panda puns

“That panda walks on his own a lot. She’s very inde-panda-nt!”

“One panda bear said to the other, “I’ve never met herbivore!”

“Pandas are so lazy, they only do the bear minimum.”

“I’ve got to pand it to you, you did a great job today!”

“Pandas like old movies because they’re in black and white.”

“If you ever see something that goes black-white-black-white-black-white-black – you’ve just witnessed a panda rolling down a hill.”

Unique Bamboo Panda Puns | Love Puns

Here are some of the best birthday puns featuring panda and bear to share with your friend.

panda puns

“The panda lost his dinner. He was totally bamboozled.”

“On Halloween, pandas scare each other by shouting bam-BOO!”

“Pandas are endangered because bamboo shoots.”

“Pandas get to the hospital in bamboo-lances.”

“Two pandas got into a fight. They’ve both got bambooboos!”

“That panda has a special nickname for his girlfriend. He calls her his bam-boo!”

Cute Panda Puns Trivia Questions | Red

These panda jokes include puns on bamboo, bear, birthday, breakfast, and names as well. Have a look and pick the ideal panda riddle puns. Enjoy!

A panda on roller skates

What’s black and white, has eight wheels, and travels very fast?
“A panda on roller skates.”

What’s black and white with red spots?
“A panda with the measles.”

What’s black and white, has four legs and a trunk?
“Two pandas on holiday.”

What’s black and white and bounces?
“A rubber panda.”

What’s black and white and yellow?
“A cowardly panda.”

What goes white black white black white black red?
“A panda that falls from a cliff.”

What did the panda say when he was forced out of his natural habitat?
“This is un-bear-able.”

How do you make a panda?
“Punch a polar bear in the eyes.”

What’s black and white and as hard as a rock?
“A panda that’s fallen in cement.”

What’s black and white and very noisy?
“A panda with a set of drums.”

What’s black and white and stands in the corner?
“A naughty panda.”

Did you hear about the party at the Chinese zoo?
“It was Panda-monium.”

What does a ghost panda eat?

pandamic puns

What do you call a large group of sick pandas?
“A Pandamic.”

What’s a Chinese bear’s favorite organ of the body?
“The panda-creas.”

What do Chinese bears eat for breakfast?

What do you give a panda when it is sick?

What does a panda use to cook his pancakes?
“A pan duhhhh!”

What’s black and white and goes round and round?
“A panda stuck in a revolving door.”

What’s black and white and goes up and down?
“A panda who’s stuck in a lift.”

Why do pandas have fur coats?
“Because they’d look stupid in denim jackets.”

Did you know that you only need two letters to spell Panda?
“You just need P and A.”

sunburnt panda puns

What’s black and white and red all over?
“A sunburned panda.”

What happened when they planted new bamboo trees at the zoo?
“It was pandamonium out there!”

Why was the little bear so spoiled?
“Because its mother panda’d to its every whim!”

What do you call a bear that jumps but never lands?
“Peter Panda.”

Why did the bear quit his job at the daycare center?
“It was panda-monium.”

Why do pandas love watching classic movies?
“Because they are in black and white.”

Best Panda Dad Puns | Jokes

These panda jokes include word rhymes and miss-spelled puns on pandas that are suitable for selfie captions.

pand-amic puns

Pandemic/Panda-emic: “This unassuming disease has caused a panda-emic.”

Pander/Panda: “The newspapers are pandaing to people’s baser instincts.”

Expendable/Ex-panda-ble: “It just feels like you think I’m ex-panda-ble.”

Expanded/Expandad: “Living in China for a few years expandad my world-view.”

Pan the/Panda: “Panda camera slowly to the left.”

Dependent/Depandant: “We’re depandant on our parents still.”

Independent/Indepandant: “I love the feeling of indepandance.”

Her before/Herbivore: “I’ve never met herbivore.”

Bare/Bear: “The landscape is bear.”

Barefoot/Bearfoot: “We’ll have to walk bearfoot.”

Barely/Bearly: “I can bearly stand another of your puns.”

Baron/Bearon: “The bearon will see you now.”

panda puns

Barricade/Bearicade: “We’ll need to bearicade these doors.”

Barrier/Bearier: “This industry has a high bearier-to-entry.”

Bury/Beary: “She was bearied in thought.”

Cadbury/Cadbeary: “Cadbeary should bring out a dairy-free line.”

Embarrass/Embearass: “Oh, I’m so embearassed!”

Very/Beary: “I saw it with my beary own eyes.”

Poor/Paw: “Oh you paw thing.”

Possible/Pawssible: “That’s simply not pawssible!”

Pose/Paws: “Strike a paws!”

Posh/Pawsh: “This party is too pawsh for me.”

Beard/Bear-d: “A very bushy bear-d!”

Because/Bear-claws: “I’m yawning bear-claws I’m tired.”

Pause/Paws: “Let’s paws and reflect.”

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