40+ Best Thanksgiving Puns Dirty | One Liners | Adults | Pick Up Lines | Turkey 2024

Here are some of the best Thanksgiving puns dirty edition for naughty moments to make them spicy this festive season.

Moreover, these dirty Thanksgiving puns feature turkey jokes for adults, one-liners, and pick up lines.

Pick suitable dirty Thanksgiving puns and jokes that fit your requirements.

Happy Thanksgiving…!!!

Thanksgiving Puns Dirty One Liners

Thanksgiving Puns Dirty One Liners

“You can mash my potatoes anytime.”

“Let’s make like mac ‘n cheese and melt together.”

“I’ve got something for you to GOBBLE”

“I’ll have my slice with [insert a dirty word]”

“Hey, bb, I heard you got a wishbone for me.”

“I need only 30 seconds to make you meat thermometer pop.”

“Better save room for dessert, because the best flavor of pie is me.”

“The table’s not the only thing that needs to get laid.”

“What do you call a happy ending in November? Wanksgiving”

Thanksgiving Puns Dirty For Adults

Thanksgiving Puns Dirty For Adults

“I’m going to need someone to help me get these pants off after this dinner….”

“Those juicy breasts are making me hungry!”

“I have a thing for butterballs.”

“I’d love to get you in my gravy boat.”

“Saving room for you for dessert.”

“What are you going for tonight: thighs or breasts?”

“What’s the difference between Turkey and your mom? I can’t stand eating Turkey two days in a row.”

“What do chronic master-bators have for dessert on Thanksgiving? Fapple Pie”

“What did the confused turkey say? Mooooooo!”

“Baby, you’re like a turkey dinner: I’ll eat you with (cranberry) relish.”

“And, of course, this piece of cinematic brilliance, courtesy of Gigli:”

Short Thanksgiving Puns Dirty Edition

Short Thanksgiving Puns Dirty

“Talk Turkey to me”

“The best part of Thanksgiving is the stuffing.”

“I wanna see your horn of plenty.”

“Gobble gobble, I love watching you wobble.”

“I wanna play with your butterballs.”

“I’m ready to ride your Mayflower.”

“Want to candy my yams?”

“You put the “ass” in casserole.”

“I’d rather be feasting on you tonight.”

“I’ve got something for you to gobble.”

“Do you want to hop on my gravy train?”

“Wow, that’s one fantastic spread

“Damn, girl, you’ve got some fine yams.’

Dirty Thanksgiving Pick Up Lines

Thanksgiving Pick Up Lines Dirty

“Yes, you can butter my biscuit.”

“There’s only one cavity I want to stuff tonight.”

“Glad I brought out the oven mitts, because you’re too hot to handle.”

“You’re sweeter than a hot marshmallow on a candied yam.”

“Hello Gourd-geous”

“Would you like to try some of this dark meat?”

“I’d love to stuff your turkey, sweetheart.”

“Let’s go make my Plymouth rock.”

“Gosh, I dunno if I can fit this drumstick onto my plate.”

“This stuffing is the tur-key to my heart.”

Dirty Turkey Jokes

Dirty Turkey Jokes

“I hope that Turkey’s not the only thing about to get stuffed.”

“Can you stuff me like a Thanksgiving turkey?”

“You make my turkey timer pop.”

“Baby, you’re like a turkey dinner: I’ll eat you with (cranberry) relish.”

“They say tying the legs together keeps everything moist.”

“I love it when you watch me baste my bird.”

“The turkey isn’t the only thing on this table that needs basting.”

“(with Turkey Breasts) “Stop staring at my br*asts”

“Better save room for dessert, because the best flavor of pie is me.”

“Can you help me out? I need something big for my centerpiece.”

“This turkey looks great. So are you a breast man or a thigh man?”

“What do Turkeys and b00bs have in common? They both have something that pops up when they’re ready.”

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