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Are you looking for funny dolphin puns and dolphin jokes?

Here I have compiled the ultimate list of dolphin jokes that feature bad dolphin jokes, pick up lines, and Miami dolphin jokes for dolphin enthusiasts kids, and adults.

Moreover, you can find one-liners dolphin jokes, riddles, memes on birthdays, love, whale, catchy phrases, and play on words as well.

Funny Dolphin Puns, Jokes For Kids & Adults 2024

Here we have collected the funniest dolphin jokes and puns to share with kids and adults to go lol. Pick suitable funny dolphin puns and jokes and spread smiles in your surrounding. Enjoy!

Funny Dolphin Puns

Which country would dolphins live in if they could live on land?

When two dolphins really hit it off for the first time,
we say they just click.

Two female dolphins get into a fight, how should one turn the other over?

I once saw an argument between two dolphins, when the baby dolphin arrived home late for dinner.
The daddy dolphin completely flipped out!

In the dolphin Olympics, the athlete who wins the 100 metre sprint is the first to cross the dolphinish line.

When dolphins go star gazing they always want to see the big flipper.

Dolphins stay away from football because they are afraid of the net.

The impact of fishing on dolphins is net bad I’d say.

How do dolphins decide who gets to eat the biggest fish?
Flipper coin.

Dolphin Jokes

Dolphins are the best people to have round on pancake day because they have the best pancake flipper technique.

Why did the dolphin get fined for swimming in the ocean?
Because he didn’t yet have his diving license.

What did the dolphin say to his friend who kept telling tale after tale after tale?
Stop spouting nonsense would you!

Who do dolphins worship?
The Almighty Pod.

A dolphin that has no parents is known as a dorphan.

Dolphins are the same as humans when they catch a cold,
they just keep blowing all the bad stuff out.

If you think swimming with dolphins is expensive, swimming with sharks cost me an arm and a leg.

The best way to listen to the sounds a group of dolphins makes is by tuning into their podcast.

Why don’t male dolphins have any hair?
Because they have whale pattern balding.

Why don’t dolphins enjoy a funny dolphin pun?
Because they prefer finny ones.

Dolphin Puns birthday

A dolphin got lost while swimming about so stopped to ask for directions from a fisherman.
“Can you please be more pacific” the dolphin said.

What do dolphins say when they win a race?
Shell yeah!

Dolphins are very sociable creatures,
they don’t need much privasea.

Who do dolphins call when there has been an accident?
The emergensea services.

When dolphins go to the shop do they spend US dollars?
No they have their own currensea.

Do dolphins ever get tired of swimming?
No they’ve alwaves got energy for it.

Why do dolphins like French movies?
“Because it always says ‘fin’ at the end.

When two dolphins say goodbye they have to find different pathwaves.

Why can’t you speak to a dolphin at high tide?
Because they are all tide up with fishing.

What’s a dolphin’s favorite area of science to study?
Nuclear fishin.

Which fish do dolphins go to when they are unsure of their future?
“The fortuna teller.

What do dolphins sing at Christmas?
Tis the sea-son to be merry.

Dolphin Pick Up Lines 2024

“Hey, ever ridden a dolphin?”

“Hey babe, let’s do it dolphin style.”

“Do your dolphins do any tricks?”

“If I were a dolphin, I’d kiss💋👇🏻 you first.”

“Come back with me and I will show you how dolphin talks.”

“I can talk in a high pitched dolphin voice… EE ee eeee E.. E.. Eee E E Ee”

Bad Dolphin Jokes 2024

What was the dolphin’s favorite movie?
“A Dolphin Tale.”

What did the baby dolphin do when he didn’t get his way?
“She whale-d”

How do dolphin’s say the word “finish”?
“Fin.” ( means “finish” french)

Does a dolphin ever do something by accident?
“No, they do everything on porpoise!”

Why was the dolphin so grumpy?
“He ate too many crabs.”

Did you know that dolphins sometimes eat cephalopods like an octopus?
“Seriously, I’m not squidding.”

Did you know dolphins can squirt ink?
“Just squidding!”

How do dolphins make decisions?
“They flipper coin.”

What did people say when the dolphin walked on water?
“It’s just a fluke!” (Fluke = a dolphin’s tail.)

Where do dolphin races end?
“At dol-phinish line!
In their water beds!”

How do sick dolphins get to the underwater hospital?
“By clam-bulance.”

What is a dolphin’s favorite holiday?
“Fin-dependence Day!”

Dolphins are so smart that they can study in a library.
“The only problem is that it kills them.”

One Liner Dolphin Jokes And Dolphin Puns For Instagram 2024

Short funny dolphin captions to get you more likes with matching one liner jokes to post pics and selfies on Instagram and Facebook. Pick suitable dolphin puns for Instagram. Enjoy!

One Liner Dolphin Puns For Instagram

That’s not the fishue here though.

I didn’t do it on porpoise!

They porpoisefully moved toward me.

Is that a shark, or somefin else?

Nofin is better than swimming with dolphins.

Oh will you stop spouting your nonsense please.

We need to bottle all this juice by sundown.

“This relationship has really taken a dive lately.”

That’s a load of bull.

Yeah, he’s a bit of a bully.

Clever Dolphin Play On Words Puns & Jokes 2024

Here are dolphin play on words that suit any mood and situation. Take a look and pick suitable dolphin word puns. Enjoy!

Dolphin Puns Word Rhymes

Something/Somefin: Is that a shark, or somefin else?

Nothing/Nofin: I’ve got nofin left to give!

Poor person/Porpoise-on: That porpoise-on, just can’t stop making dolphin puns.

Defin/Dolphin: We dolphinitely need more time to finish the mission.

Issue/Fishue: That’s not the fishue here though.

Orchestra/Orcastra: It was a small orcastra, but it was nice.

Flip her/Flipper: Don’t you dare flipper off!

Heard this/Herd fish: I herd fish guy calling my name.

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