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Here we have compiled the funny crab jokes that feature captions for Instagram, crab humor, lobster puns, hermit crab, quotes, and sayings.

This list of jokes and puns about crabs are compiled from the sea and clawsome jokes. So if you’re feeling a bit crabby and need some cheering up, have a scroll through our list of crab puns.

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Best Crab Puns & Jokes: Question & Answer

These are funny crab jokes and puns to share with your friends or you can share on Instagram as well. Have a look at these best crab puns and crab jokes for your next post on social media.

Best Crab Puns Question Answer

Why did the crab keep all of the seaweed to itself?
“Because it was shellfish!”

Did you hear about the crab that went to the gym?
“He pulled a mussel!”

What do you call a crab in self-isolation?
“A hermit crab!”

What is the best job for a crab?
“A crab driver!”

What does a hermit crab call its home?

What do you call a crab that throws things?
“A lobster!”

Why do crabs never give waiters a tip?
“Because they’re shellfish!”

Who brings Christmas presents to young crabs?
“Santa Claws!”

Why was the hermit crab embarrassed?
“Because the sea weed!”

Where do crabs and lobsters catch their trains?
“King’s Crustacean!”

Crab Jokes

How does a crab feel when it eats too much?

Where do crabs and lobsters save all of their money?
“In a sea bank!”

What would a crab do with a smartphone?
“Take lots of shellfies!”

How do crabs get around on land?
“They use the sidewalk!”

What kind of helmet does a hermit crab wear?
“A shell-met!”

What party game do crabs like to play?
“Salmon says!”

What do crabs do on their birthday?
“They shellabrate!”

What do crabs order when they go to a coffee shop?
“A cup of crab-uccino!”

How to crabs call their friends?
“On a shell phone!”

Why do crabs never give to charity?
“Because they’re shellfish!”

crab punny puns

Where do shellfish go to borrow money?
“To a prawn broker!”

Why didn’t the crab and lobster share their food with the octopus?
“Because they are shellfish!”

Why don’t crabs like basketball?
“Because they are afraid of the net!”

What do crabs need to stay healthy?
“Vitamin Sea!”

What is a crabs favourite fruit?
“Crab apples!”

How do you know when a crab has had too much fizzy drink?
“It starts to walk in a straight line!”

Why was the crustacean unhappy?
“Because his mum was being really crabby!”

Why is the sand so quiet?
“Because the waves keeping going ‘Ssshhhhhhh!'”

How much salt do hermit crabs like on their food?
“Just a pinch!”

What do you get if you cross an apple with a shellfish?
“A Crab!”

How could the crab afford to buy a new house?
“He prawned everything!”

Why did the crab get bad grades?
“Because it was below C level!”

Crab Puns

Why did the crab blush?
“Because it saw the ocean’s bottom!”

How does a crab go when it’s right?

Why did the crab cross the road?
“To get to the other tide!”

Where do crabs sleep?
“In water beds!”

What did the wandering crab say when it finally made its way back to the ocean?
“Long time no sea!”

What lives in the ocean, is grumpy and hates its neighbours?
“A hermit crab!”

What did the lobsterman say when his crate turned up empty?
“It-piers we have a problem!”

What does a lobster say when he’s confused?
“Can you please be more pacific?”

What does the crab say when she’s disagreeing with the lobster?
“I don’t quite sea it that way!”

How does the crab answer the phone?

What do you call a crab who is afraid of small spaces?

How do crabs leave the hospital?
“On crotches!”

Funny Crab Puns & Jokes For Instagram Captions

Here we have compiled the best one liners crab puns for Instagram you can use today. Short captions gets you more likes than longer one. Therefore we have made these one line crab puns captions for Instagram as well as on other social media.

One Liners Crab Puns For Instagram Captions

Have a look at these best crab puns and pick the suitable one with your friends and on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp as well. Enjoy!

“Christmas is here in the ocean. And Santa Claws is coming to town.”

Here is a few sentences in the famous song written by a crab musician:
“Here’s a little song I wrote
You might want to sing it note for note
Don’t worry, be crabby”

“Crabs are always drunk because they never walk in a straight line.”

“A great crab pun can be very hard to crack.”

“The crab will never share its food with other people because it has been known to be very shellfish.”

“An interesting fact about crabs: They are vegan and love eating crab-bage.”

“The crab needs to have a day off work because it pulls a mussel.”

Short crab captions

A crab walks into a bar. The waiter asks: “Hi sir, how can I help you? You look so confused?”
The crab replies: “I am actually finding a sand bar.”

“In each meal, the crab always adds a pinch of salt on its foods.”

“The crab and shrimp never leave a tip for the waiter. They are so shellfish!”

“A great piece of advice from a hermit crab: “It is okay to come out of your shell and think outside the box.”

“The crab is telling his jokes, but nobody laughs because these are all crabby jokes.”

“The crab director is fired because he cannot move the business forwards.”

“The hermit crab refuses to go in its shell because it is claw – strophobic.”

Crab Captions

“The crab with irritable bowel syndrome nests under bakeries because it is probably the simplest place to pinch a loaf.”

“The star sign of my friend is cancer, and yesterday he was diagnosed with crabs.”

“The doctor suggests the overweight crab to start a low-crab diet to improve his health.”

“Tinker is quite like the ocean. Sometimes we can catch fish, and sometimes we can catch crabs.”

“Avoid having sex in the Arctic with an Eskimo because you would get sexually transmitted diseases.”

“You should never make a friend with crabs because all of them are just crabby.”

“Crabs are bad at learning a new language because they never care about the vocrabulary.”

“Holy crab! This is the first time I see a crab walking straight.”

“Thank you for inviting me to the dinner. Your crab dishes are just clawsome!”

“I do not know why these crabs become angry quickly and leave the restaurant when I say: “You are just crabs!”

Word Rhyme Crab Puns And Jokes That Are Worth Using

This list of rhymes and missing word puns and jokes feature lobster, prawn puns, and many more related crab jokes. Have a look at them pick the suitable crab jokes to share with your friends as well on social media.

Crab rhymes

Captivating/Crabtivating: “That was an incredibly crabtivating speech.”

Cab/Crab: “I think the crab-driver was drunk.”

Capable/Crab-apple: “I am completely crab-apple of completing this task ma’am.”

Carbohydrates/Crabohydrates: “Low-crabohydrate diets are just an unhealthy fad.”

Carbon/Crabon: “We need more bicrabonate soda.”

Cry/Cray: “These puns are making me cray.”

Crave/Crayve: “I’m crayving some tofu right now.”

Grab/Crab: “Can you crab me a glass of water while you’re up please?”

Grabbing/Crabbing: “I’m just crabbing a drink before we go.”

Nap/Nip: “If you’re drowsy, have a nip.”

Law/Claw: “We need to abide by the claw.”

Lost her/Lobster: “My kid’ll be so angry that I lobster favourite teddy.”

Sure/Shore: “Are you shore?” and “She shore is strong!”

Whatever/Waterever: “Waterever, I don’t care.”

What do/Water: “Water you think about this?”

Sell/Shell: “How many do we have left to shell?”

Shall/Shell: “Shell I compare thee to a summer’s day?”

crab love puns

Seizure/Seazure: “If I read one more ocean pun I’m going to have a seazure.”

Title/Tidal: “I like it, but I’m not sure on the tidal.”

Tied/Tide: “I’m tide up at the moment, can someone else help?”

Tidy/Tidey: “After the party we need to tidey the beach.”

Crazy/Cray-sea: “He is so craysea!”

I hope you have found the suitable punny crab captions for your beach picture or photos to post in social media with your friends. These crab puns can be useful for posting pun battle with your friends or cute crab pun on Insatgram selfies or any other social media post.

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