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Are you looking for bird puns or related to bird jokes?

Here we have the best puns and jokes on birds to have a fun time sharing them with people.

You can begin with bird puns for Instagram or one liner bird jokes.

Whether you’re a bird lover, admirer or just looking for bird puns, below are the funniest bird puns to share.

These jokes about birds include pigeons, bird puns names, bluebird puns, hummingbird puns, and many more.

Have a look and pick suitable puns on a bird. Enjoy!

Hilarious Bird Puns, Jokes & Riddles 2024

Here are some of the best trivia bird puns that feature pigeons and other birds to have a quack uptime with kids.

Hilarious Bird Riddles

When should you buy a bird?
“When it’s going cheep!”

Did you hear the one about the crow and the telephone pole?
“He wanted to make a long distance caw.”

How does a bird with a broken wing manage to land safely?
“With its sparrowchute.”

Why did the little bird get in trouble at school?
“Because he was caught tweeting on a test.”

How do crows stick together in a flock?

What do you call a parrot that flew away?
“A polygon.”

What do you call a sad bird?
“A bluebird!”

What kind of math do Snowy Owls like?

What do you call a very rude bird?
“A mockingbird!”

Why couldn’t anyone see the bird?
“Because it was in da skies!”

What kind of birds do you usually find locked up?

How did the bird break into the house?
With a crow bar.”

Funny Bird Jokes & Riddles

What kind of bird runs the church?
“A cardinal!”

Why did the pelican get kicked out of the restaurant?
“Because he had a very big bill.”

What do you get when you kiss a diseased bird?

What does a bird like in his soup?

What bird movie won an Oscar?
“Lord of the Wings.”

What do you get if you cross a duck with a firework?
“A firequaker!”

What do you call a bird that kicks your butt?
“Steven Seagull.”

Why did Mozart sell his chickens?
“Because they kept saying bach bach!”

What kind of bird doesn’t need a comb?
“A bald eagle.”

Where does bird royalty live?
“Duckingham Palace.”

What kind of bird can carry the most weight?
“The crane.”

What books did the owl like?

Funny Bird Riddle

What robs you while you’re in the bathtub?
“A robber ducky.”

What bird can you buy at the grocery store?
“A kiwi.”

What bird is helpful at dinner?
“A swallow!”

What’s another name for a clever duck?
“A wise quacker!”

Which bird is always out of breath?
“A puffin!”

What soap do birds use?

Where do birds invest their money?
“In the stork market!”

What did the Eagle say when he was cold?

What do you call a duck on drugs?
“A quackhead.”

How many cans does it take to make a bird?
“Two cans.”

What do you call a sick eagle?

What did they call the canary that flew into the pastry dish?
“Tweetie Pie!”

Funny Bird Jokes

What birds spend all their time on their knees?
“Birds of prey!”

What does duck eat with his soup?

What do you get when you cross a bird with a comedian?
“Jay Leno.”

How do chickens get strong?

What do you call a chicken in the 1960’s?
“A funky chicken.”

What did the turkey say when he forgot to study for his test?
“I’ll just wing it.”

What does the turkey say when he’s using the computer?
“Google google!”

What side of a turkey has the most features?
“The outside.”

What do you call bird who wins Jeopardy?
“A know-it-owl”

What do you give a sick bird?
Medical tweetment.”

What do you call a rude turkey?
“A Jerk-ey”

What does the one-legged turkey say?
Wobble wobble!”

What do you call a Medieval bird?
“A Knight Owl”

Hilarious Bird Puns And Jokes

Who is the penguin’s favorite relative?
“Aunt Arctica”

What do you call an owl who’s all mixed up?

What do you get when you cross an owl and an oyster?
“Pearls of wisdom”

What did the turkey say to the hunter?
“Quack, quack, quack!”

What’s an owl’s favorite kind of book?

What’s a parrot’s favorite game?
“Hide and speak”

Why do humming birds hum?
“They don’t know the words.”

What do you call an over-caffeinated turkey?
“A perky turkey”

What do you call a turkey that’s bad at bowling?
“A gutter ball turkey”

My bird can predict the future.
“He’s an omen pigeon”

Best One Liner Bird Jokes For Instagram 2024

Here are handpicked one liner bird puns for Instagram mostly for posting funny pics or selfies with matching bird captions.

Talk birdy to me

“Talk birdy to me”

“Happy bird-day to you!”

“Like feather, like son”

“Bird on the street is you like bird puns”

“I bird(heard) you the first time”

“You have to learn the bird-nacular”

“Bird puns fly right over my head”

“Toucan play at the game”

“Toucan do it!”

“Toucan’t touch this”

Funny Bird Puns One Liners

“Here’s a toucan of my appreciation”

He’s gone quackers

“This is hawkward”

“I’m over quail-ified for this job”

“No egrets”

“He is im-peck-ablely (impeccably) dressed”

“Fowl on the play!”

“I suspect fowl play”

“It’s cocktiel hour”

“I think you’re dove-ly”

Bird Puns For Instagram

“I speak portugeese”

“If you need more money, invest in the stork market”

“You’re a stud puffin”

“Happy birthday, mother puffer!”

“Hi Tweetie Pie”

“You’re so tweet”

“Season’s Tweetings”

“Hello, Nice to tweet you”

“You are so emu-sing”

“I’m feeling emu-tional”

Punny Bird Captions

“What the flock?”

“Flock off”


“He beaked in high school”

“A-parrot-ly, it’s your birthday!”

“Crow away and leave me alone”

“You are owlsome”

“Owl you need is love”

“Hoo cares?”

“Have a flamingood birthday!”

Punny Bird Jokes | Puns2024

If you looking for bird puns that rhyme with bird or bird-related words then these are perfect to use.

Punny Bird Jokes

Fry/Fly: “Bigger fish to fly”

Father/Feather: “The founding feathers”

Further/Feather: “Without feather ado”

Peek/Beak: “Beak-a-boo”

Peak/Beak: “Beak performance”

Wringer/Winger: “Put through the winger.”

Win/Wing: “Can’t wing for losing”

Whinge/Winge: “Having a winge.”

Ring/Wing: “Alarm bells began to wing”

Tale/Tail: “Dead men tell no tails”

Next/Nest: “Nest minute …”

Fell/Fowl: “In one fowl swoop”

Fall/Fowl: “A fowling out”

Vowel/Fowl: “The owl without a fowl.”

I will/Owl: “Owl not give up.”

Punny Bird Puns

All/Owl: “Free-for-owl”

Who’d/Hoot: “Hoot have thought it would be so easy?”

Fastened/Pheasant: I’m ready to go.”

Robbing/Robbin’: “They were robbin’ a bank.”

Cower/Quail: “He quailed and trembled but tried to remain still.”

Her own/Heron: “She’s moved into heron place now.”

More/Moa: “All the moa reason”

Stalk/Stork: “To stork one’s prey”

When/Wren: “Wren push comes to shove”

Chuck/Chick: “Chick a sickie”

Trick/Chick: “Bag of chicks”

Thick/Chick: “As chick as thieves”

Flick/Flock: “Chick flock”

Fluke/Flock: “A lucky flock.”

Clever Bird Puns Names For Pet Or Friends2024

“Ace Hentura”

“Albatross Geller”

“Albatross Perot”

“Albert Ross”

“Arianna Puffington”

“Baquack Obama”

“Bluejay Edgar Hoover”

“Buzzard Aldrin”

“Chandler Wing”

“Chick Jagger”

“Colin Fowl”

“Crow DiMaggio”

“Crowy Deschanel”

“Dame Judi Finch”

“Drew Canary”

“Duck Norris”

“Duck Vadar”

“Duckleberry Finn”

“Dwayne, The Flock, Johnson”

“Edgar Allan Crow”

“Feather Graham”

“Finchton Churchill”

“Flaptain Morgan”

“Flight Schrute”

“Flight D. Eisenhower”

“George Hoo-ney”

“Goose Springsteen”

“Heather Flocklear”

“Henona Ryder”

“Henzel Washington”

“Hillary Puff”

“Jimmy Talon”

“Johnny Cage”

“Julia Louis-Flyfus”

“Kanye Nest”

“Katey Seagull”

“Lark Ruffalo”

“Lark Wahlberg”

“Lord of the Wings”

“Mark Duckerberg”

“Marty McFly”

“Meryl Cheep”

“Monicaw Gellar”

“Parrot Hilton”

“Ryan Gosling”

“Quack Morris”

“Quackness Everdean”

“Quill Smith”

“Quillery Clinton”

“Robird DeNiro”

“Steven Seagull”

“Stephen Squawking”

“Swan Weasley”

“The Godfeather”

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