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Here are some funny Juneteenth jokes and puns that you can use on Juneteenth day to celebrate this holiday.

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Best Juneteenth Jokes | Puns | Memes

Best Juneteenth Jokes

Shouldn’t we need a day like Juneteenth for unpaid internships?
“Some say that unpaid internship is nothing like actual slavery. At least, slaves are given food and housing.”

Why do your grandpas and grandmas hit things when they don’t work?
“Because it worked with slavery.”

Have you heard about the Juneteenth sale?
“Everything will be 3/5 off!”

If Kenya Barris made a show about Juneteenth, what would it be called?

“A white man was teaching a bunch of bl*ck teenagers about Juneteenth and slavery. None of them liked the concept, but their grandparents were sold on the idea.”

Did you hear that last year Walmart apologized for selling Juneteenth ice cream?
“They should have known that this was a bad idea when they decided to name it “Hands Up, Don’t Scoop.””

“Roses are red,
Potato chips are savory,
The United States prison system is legalized slavery.”

What’s the difference between a cow and slavery?
“You can’t milk a cow for 200 years.”

Do you know most people don’t find Juneteenth jokes to be very funny?
“They give them 3 out of 5.”

Why was the June 19th history exam so easy?
“Because everything that happened on that day was freeing.”

What was the big deal with slavery?
“From the sounds of it, a lot of them were educated since so many of them had their Masters.”

Don’t you think that slavery is such an ugly word?
“Most prefer the term lifetime unpaid internship.”

Apart from bl*ck people, who all are celebrating Juneteenth?
“The younger siblings.”

How much does a slave cost?
“Got no idea, just know they aren’t free.”

June 19 is Father’s Day and also Juneteenth.
“At least bl*ck kids have one thing to celebrate.”

Have you heard of slave jokes from 1865?
“They don’t work anymore.”

What do you call a BOGO deal sale on Juneteenth?
“A pregnant slave, buy one get one free.”

What does a slave driver do with his slaves when he’s bored?
“He racism.”

Why did the slave go to college?
“So he could pickup his Master’s degree.”

Why don’t orphans support Juneteenth?
“Before 1865, they finally had an owner.”

What is similar to a woman converting to Islam?
“Like a bl*ck person converting to slavery.”

How is Curios George like slavery?
“It is about a white man in a suit owning a crazy monkey.”

Why did the book about Juneteenth become a bestseller?
“Because every page turn was a page-turner!”

Why did the chicken cross the road on Juneteenth?
“To get to the other side of slavery!”

What do you call a group of African Americans celebrating Juneteenth?
“A parade!”

Why did the slave cross the road on Juneteenth?
“To get to his freedom!”

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