55+ Best Turkey Jokes For Adults | One Liners | Hunting 2024

Here are some of the best turkey jokes for adults to make things hot and heavy for spicy moments this holiday season.

Moreover, these turkey jokes include short one liners, dirty, clean jokes, and riddles for Thanksgiving.

Pick suitable turkey jokes for adults that fit your requirements.

Happy Thanksgiving…!!!

One Liners Turkey Jokes For Adults

Turkey Jokes For Adults One Liners

“I shot my first-ever turkey for Thanksgiving this year. Sure scared everyone in the grocery store, though.”

“Why did the turkey cross the road twice? To prove he wasn’t a chicken.”

“What are turkeys thankful for on Thanksgiving? Vegans.”

“What do you call a turkey’s evil twin? A Gobblegänger.”

“Why didn’t the cook season the turkey? There was no thyme!”

“Why did the turkey bring a microphone to dinner? He was ready for a roast.”

“What was the turkey suspected of? Fowl play.”

“What’s a running turkey called? Fast food.”

“What’s a turkey’s favorite dessert? Apple gobbler.”

“What sound does a turkey’s phone make? “Wing, wing.”

“Why did the turkey refuse dessert? He was already stuffed.”

“Why was the turkey asked to join a band? He could bring his own drumsticks.”

“What’s blue and covered in feathers? A turkey holding its breath.”

Dirty Turkey Jokes For Adults

Dirty Turkey Jokes For Adults

“I hope that Turkey’s not the only thing about to get stuffed.”

“What did the confused turkey say? Mooooooo!”

“Let’s make like mac ‘n cheese and melt together.”

“Can you stuff me like a Thanksgiving turkey?”

“You make my turkey timer pop.”

“You can mash my potatoes anytime.”

“There’s only one cavity I want to stuff tonight.”

“I’ve got something for you to GOBBLE”

“They say tying the legs together keeps everything moist.”

“You put the “ass” in casserole.”

“Baby, you’re like a turkey dinner: I’ll eat you with (cranberry) relish.”

“I’ll have my slice with [insert a dirty word]”

“Hey, bb, I heard you got a wishbone for me.”

“Better save room for dessert, because the best flavor of pie is me.”

“I need only 30 seconds to make you meat thermometer pop.”

“I love it when you watch me baste my bird.”

“Talk Turkey to me”

Clean Turkey Jokes For Adults

“What would a turkey be called if it turned into a ghost? Poultrygeist.”

“What kind of turkey requires ID? Wild Turkey.”

“How does a turkey travel? By gravy train.”

“What do you call a turkey the day after Thanksgiving? Lucky!”

“What sound does a turkey’s phone make? Wing-wing-wing.”

“Why did the farmer have to separate the chicken and the turkey? He sensed fowl play.”

“What key has legs and can’t open a door? A tur-key.”

“Why did they let the turkey join the band? Because he had his own drumsticks.”

“What happened to the turkey that got in a fight? He got the stuffing knocked out of him!”

Short Turkey Jokes For Adults

“What’s blue and covered in feathers? A turkey holding its breath.”

“Why don’t side dishes tell jokes? They’re too corny.”

“What’s the best song to play while cooking a turkey? All about that baste.”

“What is a turkey’s favorite dessert? Peach gobbler!”

“Why did the turkey cross the road? He wanted people to think he was a chicken.”

“Why was the turkey put in jail? The police suspected fowl play.”

“What do you call gossiping with a turkey at the table? A side dish.”

“What did the turkey say to the computer? Google, google.”

“What did the leftover turkey say? Make me a sandwich!”

“Who didn’t have any friends at Friendsgiving? The turkey!”

Turkey Hunting Jokes For Adults

“I went turkey hunting recently with my new shotgun… scared the hell out of everyone in the frozen foods section.”

“What did the Turkey say to the turkey hunter on Thanksgiving Day? Quack, quack!”

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