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Tea time is great and tea puns and jokes are even better! This is the best time of the year for tea parties.

In fact, I have made some really great puns and jokes about tea during the tea season, here I have come up with it!

However, it can be hard sometimes to think of a funny tea pun that can go well with the mood or moment.

Therefore, I have made these amazing food puns that are funny tea jokes one of my
favorite tea joke to use today.

I have also included one liner tea jokes, pun names, riddles, and memes that include dirty, tea pick up lines, tea puns love, chai puns, and many more.

Have a look and pick the suitable puns on tea that you can today. Enjoy!

Amazing Tea Puns, Jokes, Riddles & Memes 2024

Here are the best tea jokes and puns to share with kids or adults to have a fun time. Pick suitable jokes about tea. Enjoy!

Amazing Tea Puns To Share

Why was the tea bag at the police station?
“She was mugged in broad daylight!”

What did the tea bag say when he didn’t get laid?
“She was such a teas”

What did one tea bag say to the other?
“This is the start of a brew-tea-ful friendship.”

What advice does every tea bag give their daughter?
“You’ve gotta stay one steep ahead of everyone else.”

What did the college tea say to his buddy?
“Cool story, brew.”

How does a tea coach inspire his pupils?
“Brew can do it!”

How does the tea bag daredevil warn his audience?
“Don’t chai this at home…”

What does a tea mama say to her kids?
“Goodnight, steep tight.”

Have we been to this café before?
“I’m getting déjà brew.”

Why did the tea couple move to town?
“They thought it was a lovely communi-tea.”

Why do paranoid people love tea?
“Tea offers safetea.”

Why are tea lovers always living on the edge?
“Because they often find themselves in hot water.”

How does Moses make his tea?
“Hebrews it.”

What compliment did the tea give?
“You’re tea-rrifc.”

Why do artists drink tea?
“It makes them creativitea.”

Extremely Dirty Tea Jokes 2024

Here are some of the best dirty tea jokes and puns that you can share with your friends and people with you can share dirty jokes. Enjoy!

What kind of tea do babies drink?
“Tit Tea.”

How does a vampire make tea?
“With a used tampon.”

When shouldn’t you drink a hot beverage?
“If it’s not your cup of tea.”

What’s the difference between England and a tea bag?
“The tea bag stays in the cup longer.”

What’s the opposite of Green Tea?

What drink breaks the ice?

What drink do you need to steal?

What do socially concious people drink?

What did Jen Selter drink when she was little?

What goes in dry and comes out wet. The longer I’m in, the stronger I get. What am I?
“A tea bag you dirty minded human…”

“I like recording myself drinking tea whilst having kinky s*x with a woman……I call the video “50 shades of Earl Grey”

Fantastic Jokes On Tea Lovers 2024

Jokes On Tea Lovers

“Call me the queen/king of nicotine.”

“I like big mugs and I cannot lie.”

“Mugs and kisses”

“I didn’t choose the mug life, the mug life chose me.”

“We’re a matcha made in heaven”

“Watch me sip, watch me nae nae”

“Hello, is it tea, you’re looking for?”

“Drinking tea, just gives me sereni-tea”

“Hello Beau-tea-ful”

“You’re my bes-tea”

“You’re so naugh-tea”

“You’re such a hot-tea”

“She’s so flir-tea”

“You’re tea-riffic!’

Funny & Clever One Liners For Tea Puns & Jokes 2024

These are the best tea jokes one liners for status and captions for Instagram pics or selfies with matching boba tea, coffee, and chai jokes on tea lovers. Enjoy!

Funny & Clever One Liner Tea Puns

She’s so feis-tea!

“Time to Par-tea!”

“Drinking tea, just gives me sereni-tea”

“Use your creativi-tea”

“You’re my bes-tea”

“Hones-tea is the best policy”

“You’re so naugh-tea”

“You’re such a hot-tea”

“She’s so flir-tea”

“You’re tea-riffic!”

“No need to be sal-tea”

“It’s for your own safe-tea”

“This is my proper-tea”

“This tea is so tas-tea”

“The best dinosaur is definitely the Tea-rex”

“You’re such a teas (tease)”

“This is so tea-dious”

“Steep Dreaming”

“One steep forward, two steeps back”

“Why the oolong face?”

Can’t we just all get oolong

“Can’t we just all get oolong?”

“Don’t chai this at home”

“Let me give this a chai”

“Say something, don’t be chai”

“This is an earl grey area”

“You’re so brew-tiful”

“Brew can do it!”

“I believe in brew!”

“I’m having deja brew!”

“Everything I brew, I brew it for you”

“Call me the queen of caffeine”

“I like big mugs and I cannot lie”

“Mugs and kisses”

“I didn’t choose the mug life, the mug life chose me.”

“Quit mean-muggin me”

You’re mug-nificent mug pun

“You’re mug-nificent”

“Kettle down everyone”

“Don’t kettle for second best”

“Don’t kettle in other people’s business”

“You’re safe! What a tea leaf!” (relief)

“Love you so matcha”

“Watch me sip, watch me nae nae”

“Sip Sip Hooray!”

“Sip happens”

“My darjeeling wife.”

“Hello Brew-TEA-Full!”

Short Tea Puns Captions For Selfies & Group Pics 2024

Tea Captions For Selfies & Group Pics

“It is time to get this par-TEA started! Right?”

“The only dinosaur who loved drinking tea was the TEA-REX.”

“People who drink a lot of tea each day tend to be on the chat-TEA side.”

“Are you even aware that four of the last five Presidents were all left-tea.”

“The reason Chinese tea is so good is because it takes a very oolong time to prepare.”

“If you decide to invite the Queen of England over for a drink, consider it to be royal-tea.”

“She tends to break the ice very easily because she is exceptionally flirt-TEA.”

“Hipsters will only drink their tea iced because ice was waterway before it was cool.”

“The Communists will only drink herbal tea because proper-TEA is considered theft.”

“Defense lawyers are only afraid of one particular type of tea, the GUILT-TEA!”

loft-TEA puns.
Loft-TEA puns.

“People who are full of ambition often have loft-TEA goals.”

“Astronauts prefer tea because they can appreciate the gravi-TEA of these beverages”

“People who are usually worried about everything will drink tea for the safe-TEA reasons.”

“Cat lovers will only drink their kit-tea.”

“Fight for your right to par-TEA!”

“It really is a serious problem if tea can’t fix it.”

“When I find myself in hot water, I have to bag it”

“If tea is the drink of love, then brew on!”

“Steeping too often in the bubble and the boil of the tea kettle clouds my inner eye.”

“According to Yada, “Brew or brew not. There is no steep.”

Funny Tea Pun Names For Tea Lovers 2024

If you are looking for funny tea names, especially for tea lovers then these are some of the best funny tea names.

Funny Tea Pun Names For Tea Lovers

“Barbara Chai-sand”

“Bet-tea Davis”

“Bruce Spring-steep”

“Cameron Tea-az”

“Chai-ning Tatum”

“Chris-tea-na Aguilera”

“Chrissy Tea-gan”


“Justin Tea-ber”

“Justin Tea-berlake”

“Ka-tea Perry”

“Meryl Steep”

“Morgan Tea-man”

“Mr Tea”

“Quentin Taren-tea-o”


“Tea-lor Swift”

“Tea-na Fey”

“Tea-na Turner”

“Tommy Tea Jones”

Unseen Green Tea Jokes, Puns, And Riddles 2024

If you looking for puns that rhyme with tea or tea-related wordplay jokes, or similar then these are perfect to be used. Have a look and pick the suitable word play tea joke and puns. Enjoy!

Unseen Word Play Tea Puns Ideas

Step/Steep: “Stay one steep ahead.”

Sleep/Steep: “It’s fine to steep together on the first date.”

Try/Chai: “Let me give this a chai…”

You/Brew: “Brew can do it!”

Bro/Brew: “What’s up, brew?”

To/Tea: “All dressed up and nowhere tea go”

Leave/Leaf: “Love them and leaf them.”

Love/Leaf: “Leaf is in the air.”

Bend/Blend: “You need to blend the rules a little.”

Cop/Cup: “When I grow up I wanna be a cup so I can fight crime.”

Sentimental/Sedimental: “This antique tea pot has a lot of sedimental value.”

Above her age/A beverage: “Her reading skills are a beverage”

Earn/Urn: “You’ve urned it.”

Mouldy/Malty: “Your tea puns are worse than malty sandwiches!”

Felt her/Filter: “I filter gaze fall on me.”

Filled her/Filter: “She has filter tea pun quota for today.”

Plunge/Plunger: “Take the plunger!”

Settle/Kettle: “Kettle down everyone.”

Ready/Red tea: “I was born red tea.”

Heard/Herb: “I herb it on the grape vine.”

Curb/Herb: “Herb your enthusiasm.”

Refuse/Infuse: “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t infuse.”

Confuse/Infuse: “I think you’ve infused me for someone else.”

Lip/Lipton: “This tea is hot! I just burned my Lipton on it.”

Lining/Twining: “Every cloud has a silver Twining.”

Darling/Darjeeling: “He is such a darjeeling!”

Tightly/Tetley: “Hold on Tetley!”

Deadly/Tetley: “The seven Tetley sins.”

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