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Here are some of the best weather jokes and puns to have a fun time sharing jokes in hot, cold, and rainy weather.

Moreover, you can use these funny weather jokes for Instagram selfies and posts.

These weather puns include jokes for kids and adults as well as winter, rain, cold weather, hot weather, thunderstorm, good and bad weather, etc.

Take a look and pick your favorite jokes for kids and adults for a fun activity by asking riddles over text. Enjoy!

Funny Weather Jokes For Adults | Riddles 2024

Here are funny jokes about the weather, including puns on rain, bad weather, good weather, weathering, etc.

Weather Jokes For Adults

How do you prevent a summer cold?
“Catch it in the winter.”

dad jokes about rain

What does a cloud wear under his raincoat?

How do hurricanes see?
“With one eye!”

What type of lightning likes to play sports?
“Ball lightning.”

What did one lightning bolt say to the other?
“You’re shocking!”

What did one thermometer say to the other thermometer?
“You make my temperature rise.”

What happens when the fog lifts in California?

What did one hurricane say to the other?
“I have my eye on you.”

How do you find out the weather when you’re on vacation?
“Go outside and look up.”

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When are your eyes not eyes?
“When the cold wind makes them water!”

What did one volcano say to the other?
“I lava you.”

What does everyone listen to, but no one believes?
“The weather reporter.”

Why is the sun so smart?
“It has over 5,000 degrees.”

What do you call it when it’s pouring ducks and geese?
“Fowl weather!”

What is the best day to go to the beach?
“Sun-day, of course.”

What does a weatherman wear under his trousers?

Did you hear about the woman who wore sunglasses?
“She took a very dim view of things.”

Why do bananas have to put on sunscreen before they go to the beach?
“They peel!”

Why did the lightning get into trouble?
“It didn’t know how to conduct itself.”

What do you eat when you’re stuck in cold weather and angry about it?
“A brr-grr.”

What is a king’s favorite kind of precipitation?

Why does Snoop Dogg need an umbrella?
“Fo’ drizzle.”

What do you call a bear that got caught in a storm?
“A drizzly bear.”

What is a queen’s favorite kind of precipitation?

Where do lightning bolts go on dates?
“To cloud nine.”

Where do snowmen keep their money?
“In a snow bank.”

What cloud is so lazy that it never gets up?

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What’s the difference between a horse and the weather?
“One is reined up and the other rains down.”

What do you call a kidney doctor who can also predict the weather?
“A meaty-urologist.”

How did my cat know about tomorrow’s weather?
“He looked at the fur-cast.”

Best Dad Jokes About Weather | One Liners | Puns 2024

Here are some of the best jokes about the weather that feature weather dad jokes and related gags.

Weather Jokes One Liners

“Local weather reports say there won’t be any rain for a year, but I drought it.”

dad jokes about weather

“When it rains chickens and ducks, you could say it’s fowl weather.”

thunderstorm jokes

“It was so cold, one man fell out of bed and broke his pyjamas!”

dad jokes about storms

“The weather forecast was for freezing cold hail, and sure enough, it was an ice day.”

“It only rains twice a year in London: August through April and May through July.”

“It was so cold outside that hitchhikers were holding up pictures of thumbs!”

“You need to try meditating during a storm. It’s a really in-lightening experience.”

“If you think raining cats and dogs is bad, you should see hailing taxis!”

“Never mind cats and dogs, it was raining chickens and ducks yesterday. Fowl weather.”

“As raindrops say, two’s a company, three’s a cloud.”

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“I’m saving for a rainy day. So far, I have an anorak, a couple of macs, and a dinghy.”

“You never see owls being amorous in the rain.  It’s too wet to woo.”

“The weather forecast says it won’t rain for three months, but I drought it.”

“A friend of mine did his pilot’s exam just after a storm and flew through a rainbow.  He passed with flying colors.”

“Where’s the best place to store your rain?  In a cloud bank.”

Best Jokes About Weather For Kids 2024

Weather Jokes For Kids

What did the tornado say to the sports car?
“Want to go for a spin!”

dad weather jokes

What’s a tornado’s favorite game?

storm dad jokes

What bow can’t be tied?
“A rainbow!”

funny weather puns

What falls but never hits the ground?
“The temperature!”

puns about weather

What did the cloud say to the lightning bolt?
“You’re shocking!”

short weather puns

How hot is it?
“It’s so hot, when I turned on my lawn sprinkler, all I got was steam!”

What is the opposite of a cold front?
“A warm back”

Why did the woman open her purse in the park?
“She expected some change in the weather.”

Why did the hurricane wear a monocle?
“It only had one eye!”

How does the rain tie its shoes?
“With a rainbow!”

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What did one raindrop say to the other?
“Two’s company. Three’s a cloud!”

What happens when it rains cats and dogs?
“You might step in a poodle!”

What goes up when the rain comes down?
“An umbrella!”

Why was the lightning bolt in the news?
“Are you sure you want to know… it’s shocking!”

What did the tornado say to the washing machine?
“Want to go for a spin?”

Why should you avoid tornado chasers?
“They’re always passing wind.”

Why shouldn’t you fight with a cloud?
“He’ll storm out on you!”

Thunderstorm Jokes & Riddles 2024

Thunderstorm Jokes
Thunderstorm Jokes

“I saw a turtle during a thunderstorm, You could say he was shellshocked.”

“I went out in a thunderstorm carrying a metal pipe, What happened next shocked me.”

What did the thunderstorm say to the lightning rod?
“You’ll never catch me copper!”

What is big and black and gets you wet?
“A thunderstorm”

What’s the difference between your @$$ and a thunderstorm?
“Only one of them is getting clapped tonight”

“We had a Bill Cosby thunderstorm recently, The kind that comes while you’re asleep”

Corny Weather Puns 2024

Weather Puns

“The hottest day of the week is Sun-day.”

“Coming up with weather-related puns is a breeze.”

“Lightning storms can be very striking.”

“I tried to catch some fog, but I mist.”

“Winter puns are snow jokes!”

“You don’t like my puns? How cold!”

“Rain doesn’t fall…it raindrops!”

Warm | Hot Weather Puns | Jokes 2024

Here are some of the best hot weather jokes one liners that go well with summers.

Hot Weather Puns

“I received a message from the sun. After reading it, I was enlightened.”

“Humpty Dumpty had a terrible summer, but he sure had a great fall.”

“The brightest days of the months are the sun-days.”

“I’m going to discuss global warming on Sunday at a debate. It’s a very heated topic.”

“It’s so hot outside everyone is wearing sweat pants.”

“It’s so hot that when I saw a heatwave, I waved back.”

“I spent 60 seconds in this 90-degree weather. It’s been a hot minute.”

I hope these weather jokes and puns are a fun activity to share with kids and adults as well as suitable Instagram captions on the weather.

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