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Here are some of the best funny Christmas Carol jokes for carol movie lovers.

These are ideal clean and funny holiday jokes on Carol for sharing on Christmas Eve to spread the joy and magic of the holiday season.

Moreover, you can share these jokes about Christmas Carols with parents, kids, adults, friends, and carollers.

Take a look below and pick your favorite carol jokes, memes, and riddles on carol which can be a fun activity on Christmas or New Year.

Funny Christmas Carol Jokes 2024

Funny Christmas Carol Jokes

What do you give carollers when they sing for you?
“Some har-money.”

Which Christmas carollers are more noticeable on Christmas?
“The ones that have a presence.”

Why was the caroller arrested?
“She was in a big treble.”

Who was the most famous carolling vegetable?
“Elvis Parsley.”

What kind of songs did the elf carollers sing?

What do thirsty Christmas carollers sing?
“Mountain Dew You Hear What I Hear?”

What Christmas Carol do they always sing in the Amazon?
“Jungle Bells”

What did the father say when carollers came to sing?
“Christmas be my lucky day.”

What screams like Tarzan outside your front door on Christmas eve?
“Christmas Carol Burnett.”

What has forty feet and sings?
“Christmas Carollers.”

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Why did the girl sit on her dad’s shoulder to go carolling?
“So she could reach the high notes.”

What makes pirates such good Christmas Carollers?
“They’re used to hitting the high C”

What Christmas song do dogs like?
“Bark, The Herald Angels Sing.”

Why couldn’t the Christmas Caroller get inside his home?
“He could never find the keys.”

Who gets invited to the most holiday parties?
“Christmas Carol.”

Why was the group of Christmas carol singers arrested?
“They were found with hot chocolate (hot is slang for stolen).”

Which state has the most singers on Christmas eve?
“North Carol-lina.”

“I enjoyed reading “A Christmas carol” up until Scrooge turned into a nice guy.”

What’s a kidnapped child’s favorite Christmas Carol?
“Away with a stranger”

“I just watched A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart. What he’s doing around my house I don’t know.”

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What Christmas Carol is banned in the psychiatric ward?
“Do you hear what I hear?”

Just now, from my dad: Have you heard the new Christmas carol from India?
“We Vishnu a Merry Krishnas.”

What Christmas Carol do they sing in North Korea?
“We Three Kims”

What’s Donald Trumps’s favorite Christmas carol?
“White Christmas”

Muppet Christmas Carol Jokes 2024

Muppet Christmas Carol Jokes

Rizzo the Rat: Oh, what was that?
Gonzo: Two o’clock.
Rizzo the Rat: Is it too early for breakfast?
Gonzo: Yes.
Rizzo the Rat: Oh good, suppertime!”

Gonzo: I am here to tell the story.
Rizzo the Rat: And I am here for the food.”

“After all, there’s only one more sleep ’til Christmas.”

Ghost of Christmas Past: Let us see another Christmas at this place.
Ebenezer Scrooge: They were pretty much all the same. Nothing ever changed.
Ghost of Christmas Past: You changed.”

Rizzo the Rat: Light the lamp, not the rat. Light the lamp! Not the rat!”

Rizzo the Rat: Mother always taught me: never eat singing food.”

Ebenezer Scrooge: You’re a little absent-minded, spirit.
Ghost of Christmas Present: No, I am a large absent-minded spirit.”

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Ebenezer Scrooge: What business has brought you here?
Ghost of Christmas Past: Your welfare.
Ebenezer Scrooge: Heh, a night’s unbroken rest might aid my welfare.
Ghost of Christmas Past: Your salvation, then.”

Ebenezer Scrooge: What an employer he was. As hard and ruthless as a rose petal.”

Robert Marley: We were always heckling you.
Jacob Marley: It’s good to be heckling again.
Robert Marley: It’s good to be doing anything again.”

Sam the Eagle: Oh, you will love business. It is the American way.
Gonzo: Uh, Sam?
Sam the Eagle: Oh. It is the British way!”

Ebenezer Scrooge: I intend to raise your salary.
Miss Piggy: And I intend to raise you right off the pavement.”

Humbug Jokes 2024

“Well,I Decked the Halls today…
They kept coming over singing those damn Christmas carols. Bah humbug!”

What’s Scrooge’s favorite food?
“A humbug’er.”

Christmas Carol Puns 2024

Here are some of the best Christmas carol puns to have a fun time sharing with kids and adults.

christmas carol puns

“Your presents is requested.”

“Hold on for deer life.”

“Yule be sorry.”

“Oh, deer.”

“It’s lit.”

“Jingle smells, jingle smells”

“Joy to the Girls”

“Oh, Christmas tea. Oh, Christmas tea.”

“Oh Christmas treat. Oh Christmas treat”

“Fa La La La La, La La Los Angeles.”

“Fa La La La La, La La Las Vegas.”

“It’s the most Pun-derful time of the year”.

“Police Navidad”

“Slay belles ring… are you listening?

Office Christmas Party Carol Jokes 2024

“I can’t get to the chocolates in my advent calendar. Foiled again.”

How will Christmas dinner be different after Brexit?
“No Brussels.”

Why are Comet, Cupid, and Donner, and always wet? “Because they are rain deer.”

What kind of motorbike does Santa ride? “A Holly Davidson.”

What do elves learn in school? “The Elf-abet!”

Who is never hungry at Christmas?
“The turkey – he’s always stuffed!”

How do you scare a snowman?
“You get a hairdryer!”

“Mary and Joseph – now they had a stable relationship.”

What do you call an incomplete Christmas sentence? “A Santa clause.”

What do you call people who are afraid of Santa? “Claustrophobic.”

What nationality is Santa Claus? “North Polish.”

“Christmas is a baby shower that went totally overboard.”

What do you get if you cross Santa with a vampire?Frostbite.

What’s a lion’s favourite carol? “Jungle Bells.”

How can you tell when Santa’s close by? “You can sense his presents.”

I hope these funny Christmas carol jokes are a fun activity to share with friends and others who love carol.

Moreover, check out these jokes, memes, and riddles on food, animals, and love to get more ideas that suit different moods or situations.

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