100+ Best Horse Puns & Jokes From The Horse’s Mouth 2023

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Funny Horse Puns & Jokes: Question and Answer

Here we have collected the best question answer horse puns that you can share with kids or friends to have a fun time. Also, these horse puns are perfect jokes to use for tinder horse puns or neigh puns. Have a look and pick the suitable puns for horse. Enjoy!

horse with money

What do you call a horse with money in the bank? 
“Financially stable!”

How do you calm down an impatient jockey? 
“Tell him to hold his horses!”

Why did the man stand behind the horse? 
“He was hoping to get a kick out of it!”

Why could the pony gallop really fast? 
“It had a strong horsepower engine!”

What do you call a horse that’s been all around the world? 
“A globe-trotter!”

When does a horse talk? 
“Whinney wants to!”

What does a horse buy from a bakery? 

What is the horse’s favorite TV show? 

What do you give a horse with a sore throat? 
“Cough stirrup!”

What is the difference between a horse and a duck? 
“One goes quick and the other goes quack!”

What do racehorses eat?
“Fast food!”

Who helps ponies possessed by demons? 
“An ex-horse-ist!”

What is a horse’s favorite Queen song? 
“Crazy Little Thing Colt Love!”

What is another name for an assistant stable cleaner? 
“A co-pile-it!”

jockey communicate with the horse

How did the jockey communicate with the horse? 
“He laid his cards on the stable!”

Why was the racehorse named Bad News? 
“Because Bad News travels fast!”

Why was the pony a great journalist? 
“Because she always found things out straight from the horse’s mouth!”

Why was the bronco asked to leave the bar? 
“Because he only had one buck!”

Why is it hard to talk to a race horse? 
“They don’t stand around furlong!”

Which side of the horse has the most hair? 
“The outside!”

What do you call a noisy horse? 
“A herd animal!”

Why did the horse wake up crying? 
“She had a night-mare!”

Why did the horse run away from the wedding chapel? 
“He got colt feet!”

What did the horse say when it fell down? 
“Help, I can’t giddyup!”

What is a horse’s favorite sport? 
“Stable tennis!”

What do you call a horse with no clothes? 

Did you find my horse well-behaved?
“When we came to the fence, he let me over first!”

What is a thespian pony? 
“A little horse play!”

Best One Liner Horse Puns And Jokes For Captions Ons Instagram

These are the best one line horse puns for Instagram captions to post funny pics or selfies with matching horse captions. Moreover, you can share these puns on the horse with friends and family over text or use them directly with them. Have a look and pick the matching horse puns for Instagram captions on birthday, horse pun for instagram captions, tinder horse puns, neigh puns, etc. Enjoy!

He was a stud!

He was a stud!


“She’s a dark horse!”

“Lightning colts!”

“You name the horse Radish!”

“Pony up!”


“He kept bale-ing on everyone!”

“Hay fever!”

“The band Foals has got a colt following.”

“Maybe she’s barn with it.”

“Maybe it’s neighbelline!”

“Foals rush in where angels fear to tread.”

“Running late again? Better hoof it!”

Unseen Word Rhymes & Miss Spelled Horse Puns Ideas

If you looking for horse puns that rhyme with horse, or horse-related words then these are perfect to use. Have a look and pick the suitable wordplay horse joke and puns. Enjoy!

“C’mon, quit foaling around, will you”

Fool/Foal: “C’mon, quit foaling around, will you?”

Full/Foal: “I think he’s foal of it.”

Feel/Foal: “I foal as though you don’t care about me.”

Hoarse/Horse: “I’m a little horse today – still getting over a cold.”

Prominent/Pruminant: “She’s a pruminant member of our group.”

Walk/Hoof it: “We missed the bus and had to hoof it home.”

Go to sleep/Hit the hay: “It’s late. I better hit the hay.”

Her before/Herbivore: “I’ve never met herbivore.”

Could/Cud: “Cud you stop it please?”

Heard/Herd: “I overherd them speaking about …”

Hey/Hay: “Hay, what’s up?”

Who’ve/Hoof: “Hoof you spoken to so far?”

Half/Hoof: “Is the glass hoof full or hoof empty?”

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