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Halloween is here with its chills and thrills.

We love to get scared, with Ghost stories, not every time but at least at the time of the Halloween holiday.

After getting scared by the ghost stories, we have Ghost puns jokes, names, memes, and riddles for you to light your mind.

Here is a list of a few of the best naughty, dirty and scary Ghost puns, which I am definitely sure, you will love.

Pick suitable jokes about ghosts that fit your needs.

Happy Halloween…!!!

Ghost Pun Captions

Ghost Pun Captions

“Cause my body too bootylicious for ya babe.”

“Next to you, in Mali-boo.” 

“I’m just here for the boos.”

“If you’ve got it, haunt it.”

“There’s been some purranormal cativity.”

“I feel boo-tiful.”

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“I’ve got school spirit.”

“Came for the party, stayed for the boos.”

“Hi boo. Bye boo.”

“Won’t you be my boo?”

“This is boo sheet.”

“I’m bad and boo-gie.”

“Don’t make me ghost you.”

“Eat, drink, and be scary.”

“We’ve come to a dead end.”

“Hanging with my ghoulfriends.”

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“Ghouls just wanna have fun.”

“Haunting my exes.”

“I can see right through you.”

“I don’t know what I’m booing.”

“We’re at a dead end.” 

“Ghouls rule, boys drool.”

“I have no body to dance with.”

“All these ghosts, and I still can’t find a boo.”

“Demons are a ghoul’s best friend.” 

“Haunting my exes.”

“Don’t make me ghost you.”

“Putting the ‘boo’ in booty.”

Ghost One Liners Pun

Ghost Pun One Liners

“A local chap failed to pay the exorcist, and ended up getting repossessed.”

“I don’t like haunted houses, I’m afraid.”

“Ghosts are rubbish at lying. You can see right through them.”

Why don’t ghosts like parties?
“They have nobody to dance with.”

Where do ghosts buy their clothes?
“At a boo-tique!”

What’s a ghost with a broken leg called?
“A hoblin goblin.”

What’s a ghost’s favorite makeup to wear?

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“I’m reading a book about poltergeists. It’s a real page turner.”

Who did the ghost take to prom?
“A ghoul-friend!”

“I think the ghost in the chicken coop was a poultrygheist.”

How does a ghost unlock a door?
“With a spoo-key.”

Why do ghosts love elevators?
“It lifts their spirits.”

Where do ghosts go on vacation?
“The Boo-hamas.”

What position do ghosts play on the field?

Where do ghosts buy their food?
“At the ghost-ery store.”

What room does a ghost not need in a house?
“A living room.”

How do ghosts stay in shape?
“By exorcising.”

Where do ghosts go on vacation?
“The Boo-hamas.”

Ghost Love Puns

Ghost Pun Love

“When the ghost watched a sad movie he started boo-hooing.”

“Panda ghosts love to eat bam-boo.”

“When the ghost blew his nose, lots of boo-gers came out.”

“When the ghost saw his wife he said ‘you’re not just cute, you’re boo-tiful too!”

“If you see a ghost you should always say ‘how do you boo?”

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“When they want to relax, ghosts have a boo-ble bath.”

“When it’s time to wash their hair, ghosts always use sham-boo.”

“The pirate ghost was searching for boo-ty.”

“I feel like I have seen that ghost before…I must have deja boo.”

“When the ghost went to a fancy restaurant, he decided to wear a boo-tie.”

What’s a ghost’s favorite type of pie?

Where does a ghost go on vacation?

What is a ghost’s favorite carnival ride?
“The rollerghoster.”

Ghost Pun Names

Ghost Pun Names

#Greedy: The Dribbling Soul

Tricks: The Happy Child

#Nyx: The Joyful Boy

#Cloud: The Dribbling Doodler

#Fang: The Crying Soul

#Raggy: The Happy Girl

#Spirit: The Dribbling Boy

#Chupchip: The Chubby Child

#Jolly: The Chubby Boy

#Blinky: The Hungry Child

#Folo: The Hungry Girl

#Spirit: The Adorable Boy

#Luna: The Crying Baby

#Giggles: The Frightened Ghost

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#Bones: The Babbling Ghost

#Lumia: The Joyful Spirit

#Ooooky: The Messy Child

#Spooks: The Adorable Child

#Bliss: The Heartfelt Ghost

#Belu: The Playful Spirit

#Minnie: The Happy Youngster

#Lumia: The Hungry Ghost

#Casper: The Heartfelt Scribbler

#Sooty: The Frigtened Child

Boo Puns

“I’m here to lift your spirits.”

“My favorite day is Fright-day.”

“Are you a ghost? Because you look like my boo!”

“No time to be boo-ring.”

“Have you checked your horror-scope today?”

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“Whoooooo ghost there?”

“All these ghosts, and I still can’t find a boo.”

“Feeling un-boo-lievable.”

“This is how I exorcise.”

“I have no body to dance with.”

“You like my mas-scare-a?”

“The ghostess with the mostest.”

“Romeo and Ghouliet.”

“I go to the bars for boos.”

“Fasten your sheet-belts, it’s going to be a boo-mpy night.”

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“Ghosts are terrible liars because you can see right through them.”

“The most useless room in a ghost’s home is the living room.”

“Do you get deja-boo when she’s with you?”

“I’m like, literally dead.”

“Just keepin’ it transparent with you.”

“Hey ghoul hey!”

“Ah, that’s the spirit.”

“The spoo-key to happiness is hanging out with my boos.”

“Demons are a ghoul’s best friend.”

Short Ghost Puns

“I don’t trust pumpkins. They’re seedy.”

“Creep it real.”

“Hello, gourd-geous.”

“If the broom fits, fly it.”

“Resting witch face.”

“Witchful thinking.”

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“Witch and famous.”

“What’s up my witches?”

“You say witch like it’s a bad thing.”

“Eat, drink, and be scary.”

“Life is gourd.”

“Lift your spirits!”

“Mummy of the year.”

“The ghostess with the mostest.”

“Ghouls just want to have fun”

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“Why did the ghost cross the road?” “Because it was a poultry-geist.”

“I’m here for the boos.”

Dog ghost puns

“Too cute to spook.”

“Fall so hard mother pumpkins wanna spice me.”

“Hot date for the night.” (For a picture of you and your pet.)

“Haunt mess.”

“Hope our matching costumes aren’t too corgi.”

“Matching with my pup is the leashed I could do.”

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“Wake and slay.”

“Witch way to the treats?”

“I never met a pup-kin I didn’t like.”

“Ready for the house pawty.”

“Throw some glitter, make it rain.” 

“Let’s taco bout it.”

“Happy Pug-o-ween.”

“We look fetching.”

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“Let’s get this pawty started.”

“Clear winner of the costume contest.”

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